1st Wearing of Imperial Purple AA Disco Pants

Today I wore my newly altered imperial purple AA disco pants. It was another one of those “let me just try these on but I’m not going to wear them” type deal. I really wasn’t set on wearing them today. I had written before that it was going to be a great color for fall. It technically is autumn now but still too warm to feel like it. I was thinking more like October would be the ideal time to wear these. But once I put them on and admired how they looked on me there was no turning around for another pair, such as the charcoal which I would have otherwise worn.

So it was interesting to wear purple disco pants today. It might just be the first time I’ve ever worn ANY purple pants, much less spandex disco jeans. The fit is great tight-wise but once again I could have used a bit of extra length. Probably just another half inch or so. From this point on any additional pairs of AA size medium disco pants I have altered will be instructed to have a full two inches sewn onto the hems. They’re not bad as they are but I really think they look better with my Converse high tops and Dr. Martens boots. But I don’t always want to wear a high top shoe. A lot of times I want to wear my low top Cons or my Puma Rio Speed or New Balance 420. But whenever I wear any of those sneakers with these altered AA pairs I can tell by looking down at them that they’re not optimally long enough. And then when I’m inside a store and I look at a mirror some distance away I can see that the pants don’t reach low enough to cover the tops of those low profile sneakers. But as I said I can live with it.

The black pair I had altered recently came out superb. OK, perhaps they could have benefited as well from an extra half-inch of length. I thought these imperial purple ones were going to turn out just like the black ones but they did not. They resemble more all the previous once I’ve had done (the midnight navy, charcoal, brown).

But I am ready to have my next pair done. I have everything ready to go on the cranberry red color so it will be my next one. And just in time for fall as well. I’m starting to get really bold with the colors now. Of course, I cannot declare anything until I actually go out in that color but the fact that I wore purple ones today is a big step. I will not have the cranberry red at least for another two weeks so it will be sometime in October which I think is perfect timing. But on this cranberry red pair I am going to ask for a full two inches of length added.

In certain angles the imperial purple is hard to decipher from the midnight navy. But in the bright sunshine we had today it was clearly a hue of violet. No question there. And I wasn’t at all bothered by wearing purple disco pants today. What bothers me actually is the fact I’m a bit overweight and I don’t look as great in disco pants as I know I would were I about twenty-five to thirty pounds lighter. Of course I say this right after having eaten two hot dogs and some Pringles potato chips. But this purple pair will get plenty of use though in the next two months especially. It’s funny because this pair was the very last one I ever bought from the original AA store online. It got absolutely no use as-was. Not that they’re altered they are getting use. Thus, sometimes you have to modify something to make it more useful to you. Naturally, I have a backup pair in its original fit in case someday I do decide to start wearing super skinny or ‘leggings’ fit disco pants.

In terms of spandex disco pants wearings I am four away from my 200th total and at sixty-seven for the year. That means I will most likely reach the 200 mark in October. And it means I need another thirty-three wearings in order to reach 100 for this year. That translates to about eleven wearings each month for the next three months. But I am aiming to get the majority of those needed wearings in October and November because December is just to uncertain weather-wise. Regardless of that I’ve been intending to make October a month of record wearings for a few years now. It has never panned out. This year I believe it will. I think a feasible record number of wearings for me in a good-weather month is eighteen to twenty. More than that would be hard to accomplish. Not only that but sometimes I really just want to wear some other pants or skinny jeans. I know I said it many times before—I would love to live in disco pants. In a perfect world there wouldn’t need to be any other pants for me. I would live, eat and sleep in them. But it’s not a perfect world and disco pants are expensive and becoming difficult to replace in certain colors. And sometimes my mood is just not right to wear them or I’m going someplace where I don’t want to be checked out in them. Or the weather isn’t ideal. So there are legitimate reasons for not wearing disco pants exclusively. If they were all I had, OK. But I have dozens of other cool pants—jeans especially—which I enjoy wearing. And since tight-fitting jeans have become normalized for guys once again it is really easy to wear them and blend in with the environment. Not that my ultimate goal is to blend in but sometimes that’s what needs to be done and it’s the best option in some circumstances.

Friday looks to be a rainy day. Not just drizzle but heavy rain. I don’t think that will keep me from wearing AA charcoal disco pants, though. It’s thrift store day and I’m hoping to find some really cool stuff be it disco pants, awesome tight jeans or records/CDs.



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