12 For September

I ended the month of September with a final, twelfth wearing of disco pants. That number was two shy of August’s record number of wearings for any month. I’m not troubled by that because this October will finally feature an ultimate record for number of wearings in a month. Yes, twenty is a very real possibility. All I really need though is fifteen to set a new record but I’m going for much more since October is my favorite month and I am just so into wearing disco pants lately.

Today (Monday) was a much different day from the last few. It was quite summery with very warm air and a strong sun beating down. Not exactly as warm as the day I felt the heat transferring onto my legs from the ‘plastic pants.’ But warm enough that jackets were out of the question and I had to sport my crossbody bag once again. It was cool though and I felt really good being in a pair of altered AA disco pants.

I wore my midnight navy medium pair today with my red Puma sneakers. They look so great together. The Pumas are such a low-cut, low-profile sneaker that I experience the same malady that I do when I wear my low-top Converse with these altered disco pants. The pants don’t reach low enough to cover the tops of the shoes. When I first put the pants on I have them sit on my waist. I don’t pull them all the way up to where they’re intended. For one because I cannot, for another because I don’t think it’s necessary. For a  third because I know they will fit even shorter on me. Hence I set them where I do. For a little while there is virtually no gap between the hems and the tops of the sneakers. But after sitting in the car and getting out, the pants do creep up a bit and the hems become visibly higher up and all of a sudden there’s a noticeable gap between the hems and the sneakers. It’s not major, especially in this day and age of shorter or ‘cropped’ pants being in. So I’m not bothered by this but I still wish I had them made a little longer. Truth is, the only low top shoes I wear with these pants are the Converse, the Pumas and the New Balance 420. Most of the rest of the time I wear high top Converse or Dr. Martens boots. Or Emu or Ugg boots. But by the time I’m wearing the Emus and Uggs it’s too cold to wear disco pants. But I am going to see about wearing Uggs and Emus with disco pants this winter.

Tuesday is forecast to be just as warm and humid as Monday was. Since it will be the first of October I plan on wearing disco pants. Need to get off to a solid start. The better news is that after Tuesday the weather will cool down again and there was even a mention of 50s for Friday. That is perfect!

This may just be the week that I wear disco pants every weekday for five in a row. I really think it’s possible. And what another great way to start October!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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