Nasty Weather Gone, Disco Pants Weather Arrives

I am thrilled to say that the hot & humid weather of the earlier part of this week is gone and there is no return in sight. Sure I love the growing season and the general peace that comes with warmer weather, but I also feel uncomfortable in it and I now prefer cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not into the brutal cold of winter. I could well do without that season. Let’s just go from fall back to spring again. That way we could extend each of the remaining three seasons by a month. Or at the very least let’s have mild winters that never go below freezing and snowstorms are limited to flurries with a max of two-inch snowfalls.

That’s my wishful thinking. I realized I could probably find that kind of scenario somewhere else in the country. Perhaps Washington state or Oregon. I fantasize about New England but their winters are just as bad as here, and their summers can be equally hot and humid. Still I wouldn’t mind living there.

Anyway as I was saying, we’re coming up on a stretch of cooler weather now. Wednesday was pretty nice, though raining/drizzling a bit. That’s fine with me though because if it weren’t for the rain and cloud cover it would have been sunny and thus hotter. Fifties and sixties with cloudy skies is comfortable weather for me.

I am also glad to say that I am in the middle of my potential five-in-a-row in terms of wearing AA disco pants on a Monday through Friday period. So far I’ve worn midnight navy on Monday, black on Tuesday, charcoal on Wednesday and on Thursday I’m planning on either brown, imperial purple or the two-tone. It looks like I’m really gonna do this!

Lately I’ve been noticing more people taking glances at my disco pants. I see their eyes dart down to my legs and then quickly back up to my face. Some don’t try to hide their glances as much as others and I can see them taking long looks even as I look into their faces. It’s rather funny. I can only imagine what they’re thinking. Wishful thinking would dictate that they’re asking themselves, “Why can’t I have the courage to wear such awesome pants?” A more realistic approach would be, “What the hell is he wearing and does he think he looks good in that?” LOL. Obviously I don’t care and my confidence is soaring on a daily basis.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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