5 in a Row in the Books

Well, I did it! I wore disco pants on five straight week days!! Monday through Friday. A different pair each day. And not only that but each one was an altered American Apparel pair! Here are the colors I wore on each day:

Monday: midnight navy
Tuesday: black
Wednesday: charcoal
Thursday: imperial purple
Friday: brown

If felt really awesome to do this. I got so used to wear disco pants everyday that it felt completely normal to just grab a pair to put on each day I went out. Especially when I got to Thursday’s purple and Friday’s brown I didn’t even care who saw me or whatnot.

It was a good week do do it though. Not every week would work. For example, this coming week is not a good week to try that again. I’ve got some places to go where I don’t feel comfortable wearing disco pants or even any pair of really tight jeans. But I can still get about three wearings anytime between Monday and Friday. And of course I shall. The weeks after next may find me repeating my feat and perhaps even with a new color: cranberry red.

On Friday I was really pushing the idea of wearing a short jacket with my brown disco pants. I had seen a photo on social media of a young guy who was clearly overweight—moreso than I am—and he was wearing a skintight pair of jeans fully revealing his rear. And he didn’t seem troubled by it nor did he look like he was trying to cover that up. Not that he could cover it up since his top was a shorter type hoodie.

But that photo really inspired me. I thought, “here’s a guy who is clearly fat and he’s wearing skintight jeans and not hiding the crotch and butt areas of his jeans.” And while I too am overweight I don’t even come close to him. I’ve written many times that I am top-heavy. All my excess weight goes to my upper body while my lower half is slim and perhaps even athletic-looking. But he was heavy on top and on his lower half as well. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying this guy was morbidly obese, but the tight clothing definitely exacerbated his weight issues. He looked more like he could have played American football (or what I like to call ‘tackleball’). He was just a more noticeably chubby guy.

So there he is with his skintight jeans fully in view from waist to hem and apparently not worried about what anyone would think or say. That’s how I’ve always wanted to wear my skintight jeans and now my disco pants. But I’ve never really had the moxie to do so. But on Friday I was actually going to wear my shiny nylon black American Apparel jacket with the brown disco pants. Or my light blue denim jacket with them. Or even my pleather jacket. Ultimately I didn’t choose any of those and went instead with a new Levi’s jacket I bought recently that is a little longer than all those other ones. Yeah, I became a little timid. But I figured I will start with a plainer looking rain jacket I bought from ASOS or H&M not too long ago which has a nice elastic waistband and is not long at all. And I figured I’ll start with black disco pants. Everything starts with black disco pants.

This jacket is dark blue in color and has a more snug fit than some of my others. And as I mentioned it’s not a long one so when I wear it with disco pants or any tight jeans the crotch and butt areas get a lot of exposure. And let me just say this again: I am not into showing off my parts or figure to anyone. I like the look of skintight jeans or disco pants from waist to hem (or at least to the knees) on anyone, especially myself. I don’t like to feel I have to cover up certain parts even though I am already fully & legally clothed and even though women don’t have to feel that way. I like to look in mirrors in stores or at reflections on windows and see my skintight pants fully on display starting from the waist or at least very near the waist. Unfortunately, I cannot make it so that only I see this and everyone else can’t. That would be incredibly great if I could. So when I actually dress this way you’ll have to live with it and, as they say, if you don’t like what comes on your TV, change the channel or turn it off. You don’t have to keep looking my way after you’ve noticed I’m wearing skintight pants of any kind with the crotch and butt areas not covered up by a long top. If you do that is a result of your own morbid curiosity. There is a law against going around in public naked, but no law against going around with a crotch or butt fully on display and clad in skintight denim, spandex, nylon, polyester, leather or other material. 

That being said, my ultimate goal is to wear my skintight jeans and disco pants with the crotch and butt areas not covered by anything else other than the denim or nylon material. Does this make sense? I used to wear my skintight jeans in high school this way. I would tuck my t-shirt into them and go around like this. And I didn’t think anything of it. It was only after I started hearing comments that all of a sudden it was like I became aware of something I didn’t know. Kind of like Adam & Eve didn’t realize they were naked until they sinned! It was only after that that I started wearing my t-shirt outside those jeans, that is, when I even wore them at all beyond that point. I was getting a decent amount of wearings of those jeans when I started—about once a week, a fair amount considering I had about three other good pairs of jeans at that time that I could have rotated endlessly. But those weren’t tight and they didn’t make life interesting for me at that time. However, it was after those comments/incidents that the wearings really dropped off and there were only four more wearings during the last eight months of that school year.

But that’s how I want to wear my disco pants. And I’d be doing this already if I didn’t have the muffin-top issue. I have found a better way to deal with this though. What I do is take the very edge of the shirt and tuck it into the pants so I have basically only the hem of the shirt in the pants while the excess hangs over. With that look you can’t really tell if it’s the shirt that is bulging out or the muffin-top. This is especially true if the shirt bulge hangs low enough to cover up just the very waistband of the pants. So there are workarounds but of course the best is to just lose weight and get in shape a little.

The majority of photos I take of myself modelling disco pants feature tucked in tops or at the very least I fold up the hem of the top to allow full view of the pants. And I think it looks great. So this coming week sometime I plan to wear some disco pants with my dark blue nylon jacket from ASOS and it will make for a nice view for myself. Once I get used to that look I can start experimenting with some of my edgier jackets such as the denim H&M, the pleather and the nylon AA. I will also look into getting a dark blue Levi’s denim jacket. I’ve seen plenty at Ross stores and most are no more than $39.99. Will see about that this coming week.

Actually when I went out yesterday, I wore a black tee tucked into my brown disco pants. But I had the slightly longer Levi’s jacket over it which I kept closed so there was nothing really to see. But that’s one of my next exciting goals to achieve.

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