Less Active Disco Pant Week

After an amazing week of disco pant wearings last week, this one is not going to be nearly as good. Now when I say good I mean in terms of numbers. The truth is, if I only wear disco pants once this week to me the feeling is greater than knowing I wore them five days in a row last week. Because this is now and that was then. So anytime I’m actually inside a pair of skintight shiny disco pants, the feeling is better than any past records or memories I set in them.

But as I was saying, this week will not be nearly as numerous in terms of wearings. On Monday I went somewhere that I chose not to wear disco pants to. Without going into to much detail, it would have felt weird to go to this place in spandex disco jeans. In retrospect, I could have gotten away with it without any issue. Oh well. This is a place I only go to once a year or so; thus, it really doesn’t matter too much. Maybe next year.

Tuesday features a doctor’s appointment. I’ve worn disco pants to this doctor’s office before but I’m just not wild about the idea. Still I’m leaving a door open for the possibility. The appointment is not for me so that does make it a more attractive chance to do so. And even though these appointment are never very long and usually followed by an excursion to some store or something, I never turn back home to change into disco pants if I’m not already wearing them. That would be weird.

On Wednesday there will be another doctor’s appointment—this one for me. It’s not set in stone yet. It could be Wednesday or Thursday. But whichever the day I will definitely not wear disco pants to this doctor’s office. The waiting room is way too small and too crowded with bug-eyed people who gawk at you as though you’re from another galaxy. Furthermore, there’s a whole slew of young doctors there meant to get all the patients’ gripes before the main doctor comes into the room. I’m talking seven to ten doctors. When you open the door to escape the sardine can waiting room into the office area, there are literally that many doctors all standing there as if to start their own clinic. I wore Nudie skinny jeans there once and felt like they stared at me for that. But that was probably all in my mind. Regardless, I won’t be wearing disco pants nor even any skinny jeans when I go there. Especially since I’m going there due to some stomach ailments. I certainly don’t need to hear them tell me it’s my choice in tight trousers that is causing my problem! I know that it isn’t!!

Beyond that period the week is all mine and I’m free to sport disco pants as much as I want. Not only that but it is forecast to get really chilly by week’s end. We’re looking at high temps in the low 50s. That is my kind of weather. Though only scheduled starting Friday it appears it will remain through the forecast period. That is really exciting. Perfect time to experiment with different jackets. I may finally try the disco pant and pleather jacket pairing as well as disco pant & denim jacket. Only thing with the denim jacket is that the current light blue one I have is a bit tight on me so I have to wear it open. That will make for an interesting choice of what to wear under them. But all this begins on Friday which isn’t too bad in terms of timing since Monday through Thursday may prove to be inopportune times to wear spandex disco jeans.

This week sometime I shall take the cranberry red pair to get altered. Really looking forward to getting that color in the rotation. It’s another perfect color for fall.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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