A Very Late Friday Wearing

On Friday I wore disco pants for the first time this week. That is the latest time in the week that I have donned a pair of these lovely pants in fourteen weeks! Going back to June actually!!

I knew this week would be different from last. Last week was fun and games and it was the perfect chance to wear them five weekdays in a row. But this week with doctors’ appointments and other things I knew it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. I did expect that on Thursday I would have returned to wearing disco pants but it didn’t happen. Unfortunately I had to make a second trip to the doctor for something on that day so I didn’t wear any. And on Friday I had to return (due to an oversight on my part) to the place I went on Monday. However, that was not going to stop me from finally wearing some spandex disco jeans. At worst I would have postponed returning to that place until next week. At best I would have gone regardless of what I was wearing, and that is what I ultimately chose. It actually felt good to do that. Not only is there no parking in front of the busy street on which this place resides due to construction, any parking you do find is a bit far and requires some walking. Additionally, only women work at this place so I thought it may be interesting to go there in disco pants.

And before I forget, I wore my short-ish H&M nylon rain jacket on Friday. This jacket DOES NOT completely cover up the crotch and bum areas and it felt exciting to wear it with disco pants. This was the first time I wore this combo. It is a lot chillier today and from here on out it will be in the 50s and jacket weather looks to have finally arrived full-time.

As I wrote, parking is not near so I had to walk down this busy street with cars stopped at the traffic light nearby. I felt a bit nervous walking with the cars all stopped there. It was not sunny so the pants were not gleaming but still somewhat noticeable. And then three schoolkids passed me by on the sidewalk but they didn’t even appear to take notice. When I went inside this place I’m sure some of the women there saw my pants and probably wondered what I was wearing. Mind you, they’re not all young ladies nor were all of them in the best of shape but I’m sure they take notice of things like that, especially on a guy. I had to wait there a few minutes to get something that was misplaced on Monday when I was there. After I walked out of the building there was no traffic on the street so that was good. But it was rather fun walking down the street in disco pants wearing a short jacket. I wouldn’t mind doing more of that and I’m sure my body could benefit from that as well.

That was pretty much it. So I have five wearings in eleven days and I still maintain that this will be my best month ever. If I go out this weekend I will wear disco pants both on Saturday and Sunday to make up for this bland (in terms of wearings) week. I won’t necessarily keep wearing the short jacket with them as I have a nice variety of jackets for this weather. But I do see this coming week as presenting opportunities for me to wear my ASOS denim jacket and perhaps even the leather one. Also I will see about getting a darker blue jean jacket this week.

There will be another doctor’s appointment next week—not for me—and I am pretty sure I’ll wear a pair of my altered AA pants there. This is one of the offices I have frequently worn disco pants to in the past so I’m pretty at east with wearing them again. I’ll probably go with charcoal or midnight navy.

Next week will also be when I take my cranberry red pair to get altered. This time though I’m not going to leave my black pair with them. I’ll take the brown. Or the purple. Main thing is I want them made a full two inches longer than I have been requesting. It’s too bad it would be too much work to have the previous ones re-altered to a longer length. So I may consider getting at least another pair of black, charcoal and midnight navy to have done. I still have extra material from the previous jobs so that wouldn’t be an issue, nor would getting extra pairs in those colors since those are still widely available. Plus, black and midnight are still being sold albeit in a slight different look and feel to the material. I would stick with the original ones for altering.

But it got really chilly here now. It’s 42°F as I type this. That is perfect disco pants weather. Just pop on a sweater, sweatshirt, jean or leather jacket and you will feel fine. You might feel the chill a bit through the nylon & spandex on your legs but you’ll still be super comfortable and you’ll look great. What is better than being comfortable and looking great? I’ll tell you, though, I don’t mind sacrificing some comfort in order to look great. I’ve done plenty of that in my time and plan to do much, much more. As much as I say that disco pants are comfy as heck, I don’t mind pushing the limits on how small a pair I can fit into, and in those cases I can actually feel some discomfort but it is well worth it.

Plus, this is the kind of weather where you can feel equally comfortable wearing sneakers or boots. I know I’ll start seeing the ladies wear their Uggs tomorrow. And it’s fine even for wearing those types of boots. This is really the most ideal weather for going out in the coolest items from your wardrobe. I am so excited to be able to wear all my disco pants now (and skinny jeans) with my favorite long-sleeve tops and jackets. Fall can supply such beautiful weather around these parts. While most other folks would say 70° or 80° and sunny skies would make for a perfect fall day, I say 55° with cloudy or partly sunny skies makes for a perfect one. And I love the wind, too but sometimes it can do a number on my hair. The worst is when I’ve got my hairspray on and the wind just mangles it anyway. But when it’s really blowing the cool thing is that my disco pants legs aren’t flapping around like other men’s boring, loose pants are.

As of my writing this right now I am pretty sure I’ll be going out tomorrow. I need to pick up some tea and since I didn’t frequent my fave stores Ross & Burlington this week I may check one out tomorrow or even Sunday. Truthfully, I have gotten used to not going out on Sundays and just prefer staying in. However, in order to make this October a really spectacular disco pants month, I am will to go out every Sunday this month in them.

Speaking of Ross & Burlington, during my many recent trips there recently I have picked up some really nice shoes. In case you don’t already know, besides my disco pants and skinny jeans obsessions I also have a sneaker & shoe one. It used to be just sneakers but I’ve expanded to boots and more dress-type shoes. The shoe prices at Ross & Burlington are really unbeatable. Don’t go there expecting to find Air Jordans and Nike Cortez and New Balance 996 and Vans Authentics. You won’t find those there but you will find plenty of other sneakers that will serve one purpose or another. I myself don’t indulge in their sneakers other than some solid black canvas (and leather) Levi’s I found. I have mostly been buying some hybrid dress sneakers that I think would go great with disco pants, and some dressier ankle boots as well. Plus I found some cool leather slip-ons recently.

Plus I’ve picked up a few other pairs of shoes in recent days. Back when I was a young teen the Reebok 4600 high top basketball shoes were the in-vogue sneakers and I had to have me a pair. And while I got mine about a year after they were the coolest thing around, I still managed to wear mine for two solid school years. For the second year I was certainly the only kid still wearing 4600s but I didn’t care. I had even concocted a plan to get a new pair of them (from no less than Herman’s sporting goods store) and wear them after one year of wearing my first one. And then I would alternate them and end up with probably a solid four years total of wear from both. Well, I didn’t end up getting that second pair because of money issues and due to their really being on the wane by this point. Might not have been a good idea anyway because I started with a size eight and would have needed a size nine two years later. But also, who wears the very same kind of sneakers all throughout high school? So I retired mine after ninth grade at which point I had fallen in love with the Nike Air Jordan 4 model. But it wasn’t just that sneaker it was also the Air Flight 89 and later the Air Jordan 8. Nike’s sneakers had now taken the place of Reeboks in my heart.

But I never fully got over the Reebok 4600. It was a simple yet uber cool sneaker and over the years I wanted to have them again and couldn’t understand why Reebok, unlike Nike, would not re-issue this popular icon of a shoe. It was only after eBay that I started buying up some pairs, but I never found that one fleeting, brand new pair in white & royal blue that was just like the originals. Even now I have a brand new pair which I have worn over the years but this one didn’t have the logo emblem on the instep side of the shoes. So it’s always looked a bit incomplete to me. But it has that same soft leather I had on my original pair. And although it was brand new, it being so old it started breaking down rather quickly with use. So now it sits under my bed as a relic.

Over the years Reebok has re-issued the 4600 but in weird color schemes such as gray suede, green suede and white leather with yellow highlights. I bought a few pairs of some of them but they never felt right. I wore them a bit but ended up selling each one. Then some years ago I found a pair in white and red, just like the originals, and I purchased it from an online store in France! Yes, in France. I didn’t understand why I had to buy this classic sneaker from France but I went ahead and ordered it. And I kept it too for several years and never wore it. I think it was last year that I finally parted with it as well. It was a model that was made to look like old-stock, so it was purposely made with some yellowing on the midsoles. For whatever reason I just never got into them.

Fast-forward to September 2019. I do a random Google search for Reebok 4600 and there it is—the white and red classic sneaker with a release date just days away. The only difference with these sneakers and the originals is that they lowered the ‘high top’ part of the shoe slightly so they look more modern and more like a mid-top sneaker. That’s fine with me because everything else about these shoes is virtually the exact same. A minor exception being the soles of the originals were red and white while these new ones are solid red. But I still await the white/royal blue and hope they release those again. These are the sneakers that really got me into being a shoe ‘addict’ and the first pair of cool and pretty pricey ones that I ever had. So long live the Reebok 4600!



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