Cranberry Red Disco Pants in the Works

On Saturday I wore my new Reebok 4600 along with my large altered AA disco pants in charcoal. They made for a pretty nice-looking combo. I think the large pairs of my altered AA pants will look better with these sneakers than the mediums. But I may experiment some more! Oh, and I found another cool nylon jacket while shopping at Burlington. It’s shiny black with an elastic waistband but slightly thicker material than my AA shiny black nylon jacket. Length-wise it’s pretty short so a good portion of the crotch and bum areas of any pants will be exposed—in my opinion, just enough to give a great, attractive and edgy look.

On Sunday I did not go out so no disco pants. I did wear my two-tone altered pair on Monday and on Tuesday I’m leaning towards the charcoal medium. Heck, I may be looking at another five weekday in a row type scenario, though this time it probably won’t be all my AA pants.

On Monday I took the cranberry red to get altered. Unfortunately it’s going to be at least two weeks before I get them back due to the owners going on vacation later this week and all of next week. I guess I don’t mind that too much but I was concerned about not having my brown pair for that long as well. So we made an arrangement for me to get the brown on Thursday just before they close shop. That’s good because I look forward to wearing that color especially in this season of browns, oranges, reds & yellows. And this time I requested the pants to be made a whole two inches longer. I’m expecting that will make these pants finally fit ideally on me.

Tuesday is that doctor’s appointment I mentioned before. It’s not for me, though so it makes wearing disco pants a lot more enticing. And I’m not even considering it anymore—I have fully decided to wear a pair there. As I wrote earlier I’m leaning towards the charcoal but I may go with the midnight navy. The charcoal is really a favorite of mine and I waited so long to have a wearable pair in that color that I just love being in them. So most likely I will wear my charcoal medium pair, and if I’m feeling particularly adventurous I may even wear my new shiny black bomber jacket with them. That would make for a really nice look and I’m sure the young women who work at this doctor’s office may even be taken aback. I guarantee you they don’t see any other guys wearing skintight shiny disco pants. (In case you don’t remember, this is the office that had a receptionist girl that I was a bit interested in. I have since gotten over her).

The reason I’m pretty laid back about wearing disco pants to this place is because I’ve done so many other times before. First I wore my disco pant cutoff shorts there two times in a row. Then I wore disco pants the last three times I’ve gone there. First time was my black Jonden, second time was the black Chinese altered pair and the most recent time earlier this year was the charcoal medium. So they will get to see me in the same charcoal pants once again. I just have to figure out which shoes to wear with them. Can never go wrong with my white Chuck Taylors, either high top or low. But I’m also into my navy blue New Balance 420 at the moment. I don’t think my new Reebok 4600 will work with these pants but the jury is still out on that.

At the moment I have seven wearings in fourteen days of the month. That’s fifty percent. If I am to get twenty wearings this month I have to wear disco pants at least thirteen more days out of the remaining seventeen. That means I would have to wear disco pants on every weekday until the month’s end. That sounds like a lot! I’m not sure that is probable. Last week was really bad with all that stuff I had to do. I could have been at ten wearings by now. Technically I could do it but things come up unexpectedly at times which just completely throw you off. Well, Tuesday is for sure and so is Friday. I will try for Wednesday and Thursday as well. As long as the weather stays as cool as it now is I think I can pull it off. We’ll see.

Regarding the Tuesday doctor’s appointment: even I should become timid about wearing my new shiny bomber jacket with my skintight shiny charcoal disco pants, I can choose my black puffer jacket instead. And of course there’s still the denim jacket and the pleather one, but those would be really pushing the envelope, especially in a setting like this. But what I like about this doctor’s office is that it’s so large. The waiting room is so spacious so no one’s really sitting on top of you, and the receptionist staff is situated pretty far away from the waiting patients. And this is an eye doctor so even if the appointment were for me I don’t think I’d be bothered by wearing disco pants since the doctor’s area of expertise has nothing to do with wearing skintight pants!

So we’ll see what I end up wearing (in terms of a jacket). At the moment I am really not sure. Tuesday is supposed to be a bit warmer than Monday, but we’re talking upper fifties vs. lower sixties. I wore the black puffer jacket on Monday and felt just a bit warm because of the sun pounding down. Tuesday is forecast to be much more cloudy so even though there may be a higher temp it may not necessarily feel warmer.

Here’s the rundown of my jacket choices:

  1. The new shiny black bomber jacket: It’s shiny, the disco pants are shiny. Would that make my overall look too shiny? Or would the jacket take away some of the shine of the pants? Also it’s cut pretty short and with an elastic waistband so it will absolutely not cover up the entire crotch or butt areas of the disco pants. I do like the idea of that because that’s how disco pants should be worn. If you’ve got to hide certain parts of your body when you’re wearing disco pants, what’s the point of wearing them? Finally, it’s also a bit snug-fitting. I purchased a size large because ti looked pretty bit. When I put it on it was a bit tight but not overbearing. But will I look like I’m wearing clothing too small for me?
  2. The AA shiny black charmeuse satin night jacket: It’s shiny, the disco pants are shiny. Would that make……you know the drill. It’s also cut pretty short with a snug fit. Really the only difference between this jacket and the aforementioned one is that this one is lighter weight and ideal for temps in the sixties while the other is ideal for temps in the fifties.
  3. The ASOS denim jacket: I’ve never worn this jacket out yet. I bought an x-large but it’s still tight on me even though it’s stretch. If I wear it buttoned I have to keep my stomach sucked in. So the only option is to wear it open. And based on the temp it wouldn’t be bad to wear it open. It’s also short-ish like jean jackets tend to be, but no elastic waistband. If I wear it and keep it open I won’t be able to wear whichever shirt I choose tucked into the disco pants. Not that I can’t but I don’t want to expose that much of my disco pants crotch quite yet. I have to do this in steps. Plus with my weight issues it’s best not to go around with shirts tucked in and fully visible to everyone.
  4. The pleather jacket: This is a jacket I bought at Walmart many years ago. In fact a little of the lining inside is ripped. I never wore this jacket much. Wore it to my job a few times in the past till a coworker noticed it and commented that it looked good. After that I decided it was too nice to wear there. And it’s been pretty much just sitting in my closet and used solely for taking pics with disco pants. It also does not have an elastic waistband as this type of leather-style jacket absolutely should not. At least I can wear it closed though. Leather jacket and disco pants is a combination that I really love the look of.
  5. The Black puffer jacket: This is a great jacket for layering and thus, useful for a wide array of temperatures. It’s not very long so it doesn’t cover up too much of the disco pants. It doesn’t have an elastic waistband but it does have that drawstring that you can pull out and tighten to fit flush against your body. That is a great feature.
  6. The H&M navy blue rain jacket: It has an elastic waistband and is on the short side  and a little snug-fitting. Perfect for wearing with disco pants. It’s not shiny and very low-key.

So those are my choices. At the moment I’m heavily favoring number six. I think it will balance out the shininess of the disco pants without totally hiding some of their best parts. Plus it may not be chilly enough to justify a puffer jacket even though it’s very versatile. Sometimes I make last minute decisions so it remains to be seen what I ultimately will choose. I will report back on it though.

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