2nd Comment On My Disco Pants

Guess what? On Tuesday I did wear disco pants as planned and it was the charcoal medium as I intended. So which jacket did I wear with them? At first I put on the navy blue H&M rain jacket and I was set on going with it. I was fixing my hair in front of the mirror and looking at how the jacket allowed a great deal of my disco pants to be seen. Other than last Friday when I wore this jacket for the first time with disco pants, this is probably the most my disco pants would have been exposed to the public. But I decided not to go with this jacket.

I chose the shiny new black bomber jacket I just got on Saturday. It’s also short and shows a great deal of my disco pants. I felt daring and adventurous and nothing was going to stop me. It was a great looking combination which I definitely intend to explore further with the other colors of disco jeans I have.

Also on Tuesday a second person noticed my pants and commented about them. It was the eye doctor herself who said something like, “Look at those fancy pants you’re wearing!” Strangely enough this is not the first time she saw me in disco pants but it was the first time she made a comment. I just responded by saying they’re comfortable and that was that. I wonder what she thought of them. I should have asked her if she liked them, but I know that putting someone on the spot with a question like that usually results in them responding with a “yes” just to be nice. But it was interesting. She is the second person and woman at that to comment about my disco pants. It seems that it’s the people who know you even if it’s just at a level of familiarity that beckons them to say something. The other person is that woman who works at a local Walgreens. I don’t mind the comments as long as they’re not negative but even if they are I’m too mature at this point to care.

On Wednesday I visited another Ross and decided to wear my very first pair of vintage Le’Gambi small-label, black spandex disco pants. I really wanted to wear the Reeboks again and I felt they look better with the wider-legged vintage disco pants. Plus since the altered AA pairs are all a bit short I figured they would not sit over the Reeboks as I wished once I’d repeatedly sit and stand in them. And I don’t care to keep making adjustments every time I get out of the car. So I wore the vintage Le’Gambi pants, Reeboks and my navy blue Levi’s denim jacket. Found some really great things there.

On Thursday I visited yet another Ross store—this is one I had never gone to before. It turned out to be another treasure trove of cool items. More importantly, I wore my altered midnight navy AA disco pants in medium with white Converse high tops and the same Levi’s jacket. Finally found me a cool dark denim jacket from Levi’s. That’s what I had been looking for the last several days. I had seen plenty of these the last few weeks before it got chilly. Now they had become scarce. But I got one today so I’m pretty excited about it. It features the traditional short-cut-fit, unlike the one I had worn the last few days. This one will allow for a good portion of any disco pants I wear to be seen. Very cool.

I keep finding an endless supply of these new types of what I like to call ‘hybrid’ sneaker shoes. Their tops look like dress shoes—the oxfords we’re all used to seeing—but the soles are flat—no heel—with a sporty, athletic look to them. I didn’t like them at first but I have come to really appreciated and love their look now. I think they go great with disco pants! So now I have two pairs in tan and one pair in black. And I keep looking for any other interesting ones. They’re only in the twenties and thirties of dollars. Some of the brands include Parker & Sky, Aldo and others. Absolutely pairs up with an already semi-casual disco pants outfit or one even more on the formal side.

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2 Responses to 2nd Comment On My Disco Pants

  1. Bob says:

    I wore my black disco pants to work yesterday as it was ‘casual Friday’. That was the most embarrassing experience I’ve had in many years. When I came in, everybody was looking at me and the pants and boy did I get a lot of comments and chuckles. Things like “why are you wearing ladies slacks today?”…”It isn’t Halloween yet”… “how do you even sit in those?” I explained they’re actually quite comfortable. but that only drew more questions. I didn’t want to do a “Q and A” about my pants all day, so I left the office early, at 1pm. I couldn’t take it anymore. I learned my lesson. Some people are just not ready for guys in disco pants.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Bob,
      I’m glad you gave it a try! That’s one of the hardest and most important things to do when it comes to wearing disco pants in public. You tested the waters and that’s great! Don’t look at it as an embarrassing experience but as a growing experience. I don’t want you to walk away from this feeling defeated. This was a victory of sorts for you because you did something you wanted to do even though the immediate world around you wasn’t ready for it.

      I dealt with the very same comments and reactions my first few times of wearing disco pants. But here I am 7 years later and still wearing them.

      Obviously it is totally up to you whether you wear them again to your workplace. But here’s the thing: you wore them once so the people who saw you will be expecting to see you in disco pants again eventually. And actually the sooner the better. You’ve made your mark. There’s only so much chuckling and commenting and asking of silly questions that can go on before people get used to it, over it and bored. Eventually, (let’s say you wear them every Friday) it would become second nature to everyone and they would expect to see you in disco pants and wouldn’t even care anymore.

      As far as people calling them ladies’ slacks I would respond either by saying they’re unisex or gender-free or with a good one I heard from someone else: “Well, I’m wearing them so they’re men’s now.”

      Yes, it’s true that some people are not ready for guys in disco pants. And I don’t know where you live so that might have something to do with it as well. But there’s a lot of things some people aren’t ready for including CFC light bulbs, the world being round and women wearing pants. The key is to be yourself and not be bothered with those who are one-dimensional.

      You know what? Come Monday, the questions are probably still going to come. You may end up getting some positive feedback. And that might just make you crave for Friday to come lightning fast so you can wear your disco pants again!

      Don’t give up and thanks for sharing your experience.

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