OcToBer 20 Very Likely

I’m going for it! I have fully decided today that I am going for it. After an 0 for 2 weekend my only hope for a twenty-wearing month of October would rest on the final week of the month.

On Saturday I did go out but I felt like wearing some skinny jeans. I did that knowing that perhaps I would go out on Sunday, but I also knew perhaps I wouldn’t. And if I didn’t I knew that my potential record of twenty was in true jeopardy because the place I would have to go on Monday was not a place I wanted to wear disco pants to. But I did it anyway.

On Monday I wore what I now consider to be one of my more ‘conservative’ pairs of spandex disco jeans. It was the very first pair of proper-fitting, vintage disco pants I bought—the black Bojeangles size four. Yes, that is now a conservative pair in terms of my disco pants and a pair I feel pretty comfortable and confident in almost any scenario.

So I went to this place wearing these vintage disco pants and it was a really cool move. I don’t know if anyone noticed but it doesn’t matter. Not only that but I went to four other places that day. Unfortunately, going to the cleaners to pick up my newly modded cranberry red AA disco pants was not one of them. Those pants won’t be ready until late Tuesday so I will not be picking them up until Wednesday. That means the earliest I’ll be able to wear them will be Halloween so it’s looking like that is what I will wear on that glorious day!

Basically, the rest of this final days of October 2019 look like this:

  • Tuesday: probably go to Walmart followed by a Ross store located nearby (will wear disco pants)
  • Wednesday: perhaps laundromat (will wear disco pants); if not, then another Ross store (will wear disco pants)
  • Thursday: local thrift store since something else is going on Friday (will wear disco pants)

So it’s pretty much looking like it’s in the bag. I’d like to wear my imperial purple pair on Tuesday but since I have to go to Walmart I’m not too keen on it. You know, that whole thing with ‘Walmart people.’ But I may just run in there to pick up the thing I need and swiftly head on over to Ross. So it’s a good possibility for the purple pants.

On Wednesday there’s a chance of going to the laundromat. If that’s the case I will wear disco pants but it will be that looser pair of large, midnight navy altered AA ones. If no laundromat then Ross will be more likely and I will wear the charcoal medium.

On Thursday which for this week will be thrift store day and also Halloween, I will wear the cranberry red. However, if I am feeling particularly adventurous I may opt for something more out there being Halloween and all. But we’ll see.

I finally got a new pair of vintage disco jeans on Monday. You may remember that at one time some years ago I had a pair of silver-lilac Le’Gambi disco pants. I parted with this pair because I figured I would never wear them. What a foolish reason, huh? And if I remember correctly the main reason was that they were too tight on me! Too tight on me!! I don’t know what I was thinking. Regardless, I came into a pair which is a lilac color, even moreso than that Le’Gambi. The Le’Gambi seemed to have just a hint of lilac to it. It was clearly  more silver. But the pair I just received is fully lilac and it is really shiny. It is a Palm brand and makes for the second pair of that brand I now have.

I was concerned that this pair was going to be a bit too short for me like others I have recently bought. I believe the inseam was stated as thirty inches and that is just about two inches too short. And when I pulled it out of the package and unfolded it, again it looked like it was going to be ever so short. I tried them on and they just reach my ankles so they will be best worn with Dr. Martens boots, Converse high tops or my new Toms high tops. I think they would go perfect with those Dr. Martens Zaniel boots I thought I was getting. Did I mention what happened with those? Well, I got an email from Shoes.com stating they no longer had the size I ordered so they sent me a thirty percent off coupon for my next order. Dangit! I was really looking forward to getting those boots. I can buy them from Amazon but everyone is trying to get $135 for them and I had a nice discount on them with Shoes.com. So I don’t know what to do about. I still really want those.

But getting back to my new pants—the fit is incredible and the shine is quite high. Not Chinese disco pants level but they’re probably some of the shiniest of the vintage style disco pants. They fit skintight everywhere they need to fit skintight and they are in super great condition. I was definitely thrilled to get add these to my stash. Will I ever wear this color in public? Hmm, perhaps on a Halloween!


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