20 Wearings in October: Accomplished!

Well! I guess writing some controversial stuff is what finally gets some comments on this blog, huh? My ire was directed towards that one person alone, not anyone else.

So to Ms. Walmart worker: I know you’ll never apologize for your burst of unprofessional laughter. It’s OK. I’ll try to forget about it. You’re not someone I need to see or be around everyday. I just hope your bosses keep you busy enough so you don’t have time to observe what the customers are wearing from head to toe. Perhaps place you in a different department since more than one greeter at a doorway is rather superfluous. Oh, and that other Walmart greeter who was working beside you that day—she’s older than you, very friendly and respectful. Maybe you could learn to be more like her.

I’m done talking about her.

On Wednesday I decided to wear my vintage navy blue Jonden spandex jeans. I returned to the now infamous Walmart and I picked up what I needed. However I did enter and exit through the other doors mainly due to the fact that I was going to patronize another store on that side of the mall. The Ross store.

The parking lot was rather full once again. What’s going on? Is it Christmas shopping season already? Anyway I did found an agreeable spot and headed to the Ross store. Found a lot of nice items there. This is one of my favorite if not my favorite Ross store. I like the location, I like the inside and I never fail to find something interesting. Also this is one of two unique Ross stores in that the location of the men’s clothing is on the right side of the store. The other unique one has a second floor. But all the others have the same setup—the men’s clothing is on the left side right near the start. But yes, I really do like this one best.

I went to a few other places afterwards and that was it or Wednesday. Wearing #19 was in the books.

On Thursday which was Halloween and the final day of October I wore my newly altered cranberry red AA disco pants as I went to my regular thrift store. That was it! My twentieth wearing for the month of October! Mission accomplished!! Now only eleven wearings remain in order to get one hundred for this year.

The cranberry red is certainly the loudest color I’ve ever worn in recent history. (I have worn gold and red and bright blue many years ago). I would argue they are louder than the imperial purple due to the darkness of the purple. So I did feel a bit more visible. I kinda felt like they may be better suited for more formal events not so much for casual use. I think I may stick with using mostly black, charcoal, midnight navy and brown when I go out and about.

Our normal temperature for this time of the year is in the fifties. Yet we have been experiencing thirties and low forties. This is still good disco pants weather but what happened to the fifties? That’s my ideal temp for wearing disco pants but it lasted for about two weeks and is gone! I’m just hoping this is not a harbinger of things to come and that November will be colder than it should be. That could affect my getting the remaining eleven wearings I need for the record.

Two days into November and I have not worn disco pants yet. I will be taking it slower this month. No need for non-stop wearings. I’ll get back into it during the first full week of the month with about two wearings or so. At that rate I could finish the month with about eight wearings and then will only need to get three in December. I’m confident I can get at least three in December. I certainly hope it doesn’t get sub-freezing and stay there that month.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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