Slow November

So after a huge October in terms of disco pants wearings I have had only one in this month of November. That’s why I have not written much. And while initially my reason for not wearing them as much was to give myself a bit of a break after setting a record, lately my reason has been the early cold spell that has taken over since Halloween. We should still be in the 50s around here this time of the year but we’ve been in the teens to the 40s with very few 50s in between.

Monday looks to be right around freezing with snow in the forecast. And I am eager to wear disco pants again. I may do so tomorrow because the rest of the week does not look any warmer—-some days will be colder in fact— and there will be other things to which aren’t necessarily ideal for disco pants. Thus Monday may be the best day for disco pants.

I’m at ninety wearings for the year. Only ten more to go. Had I not gotten the twenty wearings in October there would be cause for concern about reaching a hundred. But with only ten more needed and fifty days to go for the year that means I only need to wear disco pants once every five days from here on out. Of course, I’m not going to follow that schedule since the weather is not cooperating this early, and who knows how much worse it will get by December. Of course, December may turn out to be mild. October was below normal, I believe, and November is turning out the same way so far. So December may make up the deficit.

In reality though I am looking at two definite wearings this week which is fine. I really love my black and charcoal altered AA disco pants in particular so whenever I get the chance I try to wear those. But if I do wear any on Monday I think it will be the two-tone which I haven’t worn in a while.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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