Disco Pants Weather Slowly Returning

Monday’s snowfall meant having to clean up some and thus no going anywhere. The temperature was decent for wearing disco pants but it just didn’t happen. Problem is that Tuesday and Wednesday were forecast to feature sub-freezing temperatures so wearing disco pants was pretty much out of the question. The slow start to the month of November continued on.

On Thursday two good things happened. First the temperature was forecast to be right around the freezing mark which is my lower limit for wearing spandex disco jeans. So I was looking forward to going out in some disco pants and my two-tone AA altered pair was the one I had in mind. The second bit of good news is that my brand, shiny new pair of Dr. Martens boots came in early in the day so I was able to pair them with the disco pants and the look was absolutely amazing. The only thing is they left my white socks stained rather heavily in black. I do hope those stains come out.

These days when it’s been sub-freezing I have been wearing my Brooks shiny black spandex vintage 1980s (or 1990s) tights which I purchased from a thrift store a couple of months ago. And even though Thusday was going to be right around the freezing mark I thought it may be a good idea to keep them on underneath disco pants. However, as I wrote in the past about wearing spandex tights or Under Armor underneath disco pants, they can tend to leave seam lines visible through the disco pants, especially on the outside legs. I had not noticed that on these Brooks tights there are no seams on the outside legs (unlike my Eastbay tights). Perfect! I kept them on and put my AA two-tone disco pants over them and had no issues with unsightly seam lines on the outside legs. So I might have found a way to actually keep wearing disco pants even when it’s only in the twenties outside, but I don’t think I would go any colder than that. Even with the disco pants and tights around the 32° mark on Thursday I still felt some chill on the legs. Additionally, when I was sitting in a restaurant waiting on a takeout order I felt a very chilly draft cutting right through both layers on my legs. And this was inside! I have no idea where that cool air was coming from.

But I’m glad I got my second wearing of the month on Thursday. On Friday I plan to get my third and it looks like the temps around here will be slowly rising to the forties in the coming days. That is good news because now with these awesome new boots I got I want to be wearing them with my other colors of disco pants. Not to mention my Emu boots as well, but those are more for when it’s super cold out there and there is snow/ice/slush.

I used to not be a boot guy. I was all about sneakers. Before I got into disco pants and skinny jeans during that horrid era of baggy & bulky everything, I wore some pretty unpleasant-looking sneakers retrospectively. But I also wore some Tommy Hilfiger dress/casual shoes which I became fond of. I still have my favorite pair after about twenty years. I wore that pair a lot. And it is still a nice looking shoe but in comparison to today’s fashion it looks quite dated with its chunky sole. You may have noticed today’s dress shoes mostly all have very thin soles.

When I wasn’t wearing those Tommys I’d be wearing some rather unremarkable sneakers such as Nike Xccelerator and Skechers among others. None of those shoes would look quite right with any kind of skinny or super skinny jeans or pants. But I also indulged in some sneakers with timeless looks such as the Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan IV, Vans Wally, Nike Cortez and Saucony Jazz. Not all of these would look all that great with skinny pants either but they were better looking nonetheless. Boot however were something I just kept for winter wear or shoveling snow. It was only after I got into American Apparel disco pants and vintage disco jeans that my footwear world expanded to include boots, casual and dress shoes.

As someone who was not into boots I now really like the four pairs of Dr. Martens I have along with the three pairs of Emu and Ugg boots in my wardrobe (not to mention the various pairs of dressier ankle boots). For the most part I do not make use of these boots during summer or any kind of warm weather. But come the chillier temps associated with fall and the messy weather of winter, I almost exclusively wear those boots. The reasons include wanting to keep my sneakers clean and protected and also a matter of keeping my feet warm. I have found that sneakers don’t do a good job of keeping feet warm in cold weather, and since I am completely free to wear whatever footwear I choose at any time, I go with what is optimal for me. At this point in November I would be wearing my Reebok 4600 and New Balance 420 and perhaps even my various pairs of white Converse. But as already mentioned, the unique weather on display for this November has forced me to go deep quite deep and too early into the far caverns of my closet.

Thank goodness that all these cold-weather boots go great with disco pants! The Dr. Martens I have are probably not considered cold-weather gear since they don’t really have any fur lining and are not advertised as such but they do work well with some of those thick winter socks.

Ever notice how at the first sign of the slightest of cool weather women break out their various winter boots? They don’t wait. You don’t see many of them continue to wear sneakers during late fall and winter. Guys on the other hand keep wearing sneakers throughout the year. Those who don’t usually are seen wearing those boring beige or tan colored Timberland boots which I despise. I used to wear sneakers all year round, too. Women seem to have some sense of wisdom regarding this and I’m glad I’ve caught on now.

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