Red AA Disco Pants Back For Sale!

Once again I have submitted one of my best, most favorite photos of myself in AA disco pants to American Apparel. Let’s see if they’ll use it this time. It has been a couple of days already and I haven’t seen it yet. I’m pretty sure they will not use it. I don’t know what their reasons are. I would love to know what they really think. The only reason I can come up with is that they are afraid a picture of a guy wearing disco pants will turn off the women from wanting to buy and wear them. I think that’s absolute nonsense. Are women really that shallow that they will not wear something specifically made for them if a guy is seen wearing it? Probably some are but I can’t imagine most would be. Anyway that’s more of a broad-based reason. A more specific one would be that I’m not up to par in terms of the overall looks they’re seeking for in order to wear their clothing and as a result they don’t feel I flatter their disco pant. That may be a less viable reason since if they wanted to promote these pants as unisex, they could easily have any number of their male models do photo shoots in them. So perhaps I shouldn’t take it so personal that it’s just me they don’t want to promote wearing disco pants; it’s all males in general. Whatever the scenario, I couldn’t be persuaded to give up the wearing of these fine pants.

Oh well. I gave them a great photo. It shows their disco pants in full display with a great-looking outfit to go with it. I don’t know what else they could want. No one has ever accused me of having model-good-looks but if you look at some of the photos they have on there of women wearing disco pants, not all of them are all that attractive either. And some of them are downright scantily clad in terms of the tops they’re wearing. Others aren’t even providing a good view of the pants.


This is one of the current photos they have for their red disco pants. Oh, did I mention that they have red for sale again? I think I forgot. But yes, they do! Although currently only in size XS. I don’t know how long they’ve had red available again but since I learned about it a few days ago they’ve only had the XS. I hope they get more in because I want to get a small and a medium in this newer Mexican made version.

Anyway, I love the outfit this girl is wearing. She is not scantily clad. She is not unnecessarily revealing things she doesn’t have to. Yes, the pants are skintight but hey, many of us, both male and female, wear skintight pants. But that’s totally a perfect outfit for a date, for the job, for church, for school, for shopping, family get-togethers or just about anything really. It’s absolutely perfect. She could even tone it down a bit by substituting those heels for sneakers or flats. And even though I wouldn’t change anything else, she could go even a bit more casual by swapping the sweater for a sweatshirt.

My main point of the photo is that disco pants fit her ideally. You can see she has no ‘muffin top.’ I would love to have them look like that on me. But I have the dreaded muffin top and anytime I wear pants that are tight in the waist it just exacerbates the effect on me. That’s why I cannot tuck in any tops into disco jeans and have a perfectly smooth look as she does.


Look at the side view. There seems to be even a small gap between the waist of the pants and her sweater. Now that’s an ideal fit! But how many of us are that flat-stomached that any tight pants would look similar on us? I’m not and I’m pretty sure I will not ever be. And my problem isn’t that I’m eating too much. I’m not lately. I even stopped eating late at night. It’s that ‘sedentary’ lifestyle they keep referring to. I’m not very active. I don’t stick to any exercise programs. I don’t look too bad but I’m sure many people would tell me I have no business wearing disco pants nor skinny jeans.

Enough of that. So red disco pants are back! What do you think of that? I’m hoping it means they bring back more colors. I really thought disco pants were sure to go away perhaps this year or no later than next. But the fact they brought back red tells me that the popularity of these pants is still high. And if you look at the reviews of these pants on the AA website you will not find a single negative one. I’m hoping they bring back forest green. Gosh how I hope they bring back that color. And I am open to any other color they want to bring back or debut.

Continuing to speak on red disco pants, I was considering wearing red disco pants for a holiday get-together (or plural) that will surely be taking place in the next six weeks or so. I mentioned wearing a red Palm pair I have with a black sweater or even a red sweater. I tried this outfit on the other day and while I loved it, I was concerned that the Palm pants felt a bit too tight on my waist. And considering that I would be eating a big meal while in them, I deduced they might be even more uncomfortable on my waist. Of course, I could eat less and have everyone believe I’m on a diet but I don’t know how much that would alleviate the discomfort. I don’t want to be in a position where I can’t wait to get the pants off or even where I feel like unbuttoning the button.

Thus, the red Palm pants are out. Most likely I will go with my very first pair of black Bojeangles. But I am considering my brand new red Le’Gambi pair which I still have not worn after purchasing several years ago. Six years ago actually. Wow! Can’t believe it’s been six years already. Monday was its six year anniversary with me. And I still haven’t worn them! I will have to try on this pair and see how it fits on my waist. I may just go with this one. Whether I choose a black sweater or a red one remains to be determined.

It is looking as though this may be an outfit for consideration on Thanksgiving Day itself. That is as early as next week already. And it’s quite possible that that particular outing may be the only one for the holidays that I partake in. So it’s going to be that or nothing in terms of wearing disco pants for holiday festivities. And this event will be with my last closest relative who has not yet seen me in disco pants. I think it’s time! I don’t think this individual will care much about it, but I am expecting to hear a comment or two from the spouse. The spouse is one who has shown no restraint in making comments about my hairstyle and my weight in the past. So we’ll see. I only know that red disco pants would be quite the color to make a debut in to those whom have never seen me in any disco pants yet.

In this regard it is so much easier to be a woman, isn’t it? I could pick out a pair of freesia or cranberry red or rich purple or deep peacock or pink disco pants for that occasion without batting an eye and not having to analyze what anyone else will think of it. That is a kind of freedom guys don’t enjoy. Anything that strays from the range endpoints of t-shirt, jeans, running sneakers & baseball cap to dress shirt, tie, suit and plain dress shoes is labelled in a derogatory way. Our fight is against those attitudes, and we really need do nothing else but to continue wearing what we like. Once we stop we lose, and no one is going to come to our side and be an ally in changing minds. No one. So you might as well keep on because we’re on our own here.



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