More November Wearings & Some Dr. Denims Too

I’m up to seven wearings for this lovely yet cold month of November. Entering the final week I can see another two or three wearings for a total of nine or ten. That is a good number of wearings for any month in my opinion. Let’s face it—October was an anomaly. I was going for a record and a several I did achieve. But for the most part I don’t see any repeat of that. That was pretty ‘out there’ even for me. However, I’m glad I did it.

Nine to twelve disco pant wearings per month is a very reasonable and achievable goal. That easily gives over a hundred wearings for the year. The key is to stay consistent every month. Understandably, more wearings during cooler weather and less during hot will serve to balance each other out. I can’t well expect to get as many as nine to twelve wearings during July or August which are typically the hottest months here, or during January & February which are the most frigid. I also shouldn’t expect only that amount during March, April, October & November which tend to be the most disco pants friendly weather. Plus there will be spells of not wanting to wear them—madness, I know! But there will also be spells of wanting to wear them all the time. When the latter spells combines with a spell of ideal weather, that’s when I have to wear disco pants as frequently as possible.

Going back a few days, here’s how this week shaped up:

On Wednesday I wore my AA charcoal disco pants in medium as I went to a Ross store. I may have worn that short, tight BMW sweatshirt again but I don’t remember for sure. The weather was a little more mild so I eschewed the puffer jacket for one of my Levi’s denim jackets. (This is the one that’s a little longer than the traditional jean jacket. I still have yet to wear the short, traditional kind with disco pants). I also wore my Dr. Martens Zaniel boots which are a pretty amazing pair of boots. I love these a lot! My altered disco pants work so well with them. I also have to try on these boots with a pair of normal unaltered AA disco pants to see how they go together. I imagine it will look pretty good, but probably a lot better on a woman since her feet would be smaller. By the way, these are unisex boots, just as AA disco pants should be. Anyway I happened to pick up an second pair of these boots and one also in white. I had a thirty percent off coupon so why not? When these boots recently ran out in my size everywhere I was concerned that I’d never get a pair. Thankfully, I’m good to go now.

So Wednesday was the 95th wearing of the year. On Thursday I went to the laundromat and decided not to wear disco pants but rather a pair of jeans that I have deemed my ‘laundry jeans.’ It’s just a pre-worn pair of Gap slim jeans that I bought at my local thrift store some months ago. Originally I thought they might make for a nice pair of used tight jeans. Now I see they’re rather boring so I can use them for anything.

Had I worn a pair of disco pants to the laundromat it would have been the AA midnight navy size large which I went ahead and wore on Friday. Wasn’t feeling 100% on Friday so I didn’t want to wear anything too tight on the waist. Had experienced some discomfort in the stomach overnight and whenever that happens I end up feeling sore a while after. So in those situations I try to wear something looser like the black Jonden or this particular AA pair I had altered. I have stayed away from wearing this pair due to what I consider to be its rather boringly loose fit. It still fits like a pair of disco pants should fit on me, but you  know I prefer the skintight fit. Another thing about this pair is that the shine seems to be lacking somewhat. I gotta have my disco pants absolutely skintight and very shiny! Nonetheless I shall make very good use of this one.

On Saturday I ruled out disco pants. At this point, going out on the weekends annoys me due to the extra foot traffic everywhere and lately street traffic on weekends is resembling Friday rush hour traffic. I despise that kind of driving. I think the only thing that could make that dreadful type of transporting is if I could do it while behind the wheel of a 1973 Chrysler Newport or Plymouth Gran Fury. Regardless of that, I went with a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in quite some time. Not quite a regular pair of jeans but a super skinny, leggings fit jean made for women. It was a pair of Dr. Denim leather-look jeans that I had altered a while ago. This is a rather fascinating pair of jeans. It has a sheen to it when you look at it off the body. But once it gets stretched out across the contours of your body, the shine increases significantly to the point where they resemble a skintight pair of leather jeans.

A problem I had with this pair of Dr. Denim jeans the last time I wore them was that they crept up on my legs. I was wearing low top Converse and when I’d get out of the car the pant legs were up higher and made the pants look too short on me. I know the cropped look is in and everything but I’m still not all that into it. On Saturday though I paired the pants with my Air Jordan IV sneakers which are a mid-top cut and I had no problems with the pants creeping up. I’m not sure what happened that particular day but I am glad it didn’t again. I was actually considering getting rid of the second pair I have which has not been modified. But now I’m going to hang on to it and perhaps consider getting it altered as well or leave it as is. Needless to say, I am really into these jeans now and it makes for a nice median on the days when I’m not quite up to wearing disco pants but looking for something more exciting than plain denim jeans. But it’s more than that—in their own rite I can enjoy wearing these jeans a great deal as they look really nice and tight on me. The only thing about them is that they are pretty thin so when it’s frigid out wearing them is out of the question. When it’s not so cold I can wear some lycra tights under them.

I have three pairs of these Dr. Denim jeans. Well, I had three. One was used as extra material for the alteration of another. Yes, it was painful to take such an expensive pair of awesome-looking jeans and virtually destroying them to make another pair better for me. But it’s over and done. The only thing that can make that whole thing worse is if I don’t wear this altered pair enough. Then it will be a waste on several counts.

But anyway, I mentioned I had three pairs. They are not all exactly the same. There was a model called “Plenty” and another called “Solitaire.” The very first pair I bought was from ASOS and on that website it was officially called, “Dr. Denim Solitaire Super High Waist Leather Look Super Skinny Jean (in Black Metal).” These didn’t come in numbered sizes but in letter sizes like AA disco pants. The first pair I bought was a large. It was a perfect skintight fit. I decided to purchase a second pair just a little looser so I ordered an XL from ASOS  once again. That one was a slightly looser yet still nicely tight fit. About a month later I order the “Plenty” directly from Dr. Denim in Europe. I ordered an XL. The wash/color of both is called “Black Metal” to denote the shiny nature. There’s not as much detail about the Plenty fit as there was about the Solitaire.

Comparing the Plenty and the Solitaire side-by-side it appears that the Solitaire has a higher waist. As a result, perhaps a little difference in the rear pocket placement with one model slightly lower than the other. But there is really not much else. Here are some photos to give you an idea:


By the way, this is yet another perfectly unisex pair of jeans that doesn’t get marketed that way. Yet another pair of pants for only women to have fun wearing! Thankfully we can wear whatever we want, huh? My altered pair is not quite as tight-looking as the ones in these photos are because it’s an XL. But the large does fit the photos and that’s why the consideration to have them altered remains a possibility. Of course, once I wear them with my Ugg-style boots no one is going to know what fit they are down at the ankles.

But these are great. Don’t they look like leather? And to get a fit like that in leather you have to go through some serious discomfort. Thank goodness you can now wear something that looks as sexy and edgy as leather jeans without having to go through the extreme discomfort of it. Of course, there is something to say about wearing skintight pants that are 100% non stretch. It is unrelenting against your lower body no matter how many hours in the day you have them on. And there’s no risk of losing any of their tightness throughout the day. I remember wearing my skintight jeans in high school. They were absolutely tight in the morning when I first put them, remained tight after hours of sitting, standing and walking in them and still skintight seven hours later when I’d get home. On some days I’d be so self-conscious in them that I’d keep hoping they would loosen up after walking and sitting and squatting in them but to no avail. By the way, squatting wasn’t something I could do in them for any long amount of time. My thighs would feel like they were going to burst right through those light-blue painted on jeans. And that’s when I was a pretty skinny dude. Can you imagine that? A pretty skinny dude in non-stretch skintight jeans? Those were some pretty small jeans! Good times.

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