Thanks For Disco Pants

Well, I tried. Again. But American Apparel refuses to use my photo of my in their disco pants. Did I mention that I looked really good in this photo? From my overall outfit to my physical appearance to my pose and the skintight fit of the pants this one was a winner. And believe me, I am very critical of my own photos. When I do a photo shoot with one particular outfit I take dozens of pics just to end up with about three really good ones if I’m lucky. And if I change any one item of my outfit then prepare to take several more dozen sets to get another good one.

So whatever. I can’t say I’m not completely bothered by this because I am. They could at least give some feedback. Something like

Dear Mr. SDJ,

Thank you for submitting your photo of you wearing our disco pants. We just love your choice of outfit, the wonderful pairing with the disco pants, the perfect fit you achieved with the pants, the cool attitude you convey in them, the casual yet sexy vibe of your look, the youthful and edgy aesthetic they give you and the absolute relaxed comfort you portray in them.

We also love that while you are not exactly the intended audience initially thought for the disco pant in terms of gender, the above-mentioned qualities and characteristics are leading us to rethink our folly and start marketing these pants as unisex. Furthermore, you have helped us see that a slightly older crowd can really wear these well and look great in them. Thanks to you, this will open the doors to additional sales of these pants particularly to the not-so-twenty-somethings and the male population.

Thank you for inspiring us and allowing us to see how good a male can look in our disco pants. We will publish your photo immediately. Additionally, we would love to see photos of you in the other colors of our disco pants. If you don’t already have them please let us know and we’ll send you free pairs of the colors we now sell and any other colors we may sell in the future.

Thanks very much! Long live the AA disco pant!

Wouldn’t that be lovely? But of course like most good things that’s just a dream. You submit a photo, they don’t approve of it and you never hear from them. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I have never been accused of being eye candy but I can rock disco pants and they even make me look better!

I see how AA reaches out to women who wear or have worn their disco pants when they see a photo on social media. They ask permission to use their photo. I, on the other hand, freely submit my photos but they don’t want them. I would imagine that with such a reduced number of females now wearing disco pants that they would welcome any additional wearers even if male. Now that AA has lost its worldwide base of customers there is a much more select audience who can purchase their items. Not to mention that we are really past the ‘peak disco pants’ era of 2012-13. I would love to see the sales figures of disco pants from 2008-2019. That would be some awesome info to have.

Changing subjects for now, we are a day away from the Thanksgiving holiday and I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to my relative’s house in disco pants. My choices are completely narrowed to the red Le’Gambi (still brand new) and the black Bojeangles (vintage). I’m leaning towards the black with a red sweater and some black dress shoes. But the red pants with a black sweater would be really nice as well. I will spend some time this evening making a final decision. Of course, you know me—I have frequently gone with extremely last minute selections. So whatever I plan on tonight still may change tomorrow.

But I really want to wear some disco pants on Thanksgiving. It’s been a while since I have on that day. In fact, the last time I did was three years ago when I had a big Thanksgiving meal at church and damaged my newer pair of black Le’Gambi disco pants. I certainly don’t want to do that again. My main reason for wanting to wear disco pants has shifted somewhat from having my last closest relative know about it—I don’t feel a need to hide it anymore—to doing it as a sign of soft rebellion. Some stuff happened to me the last couple of days that has left me with feelings of anger, disappointment and disillusionment. Don’t worry, it wasn’t another incident at Walmart. It was some stuff that is very difficult to accept and serves to remind me of all the injustice, double standards, greed and hypocrisy in the world. Also, there has been a tendency for rotten things to happen to me right around Thanksgiving for the last eight years. Not in all those years, but in the ones that did they were big ones. Almost seemed ironic and that someone out there takes particular pleasure in creating unnecessary hardship for me during this time. The good news is that I overcame all the past woes. What remains to be seen is whether I will overcome this current one.

So how is wearing disco pants on Thanksgiving an act of rebellion? Well, it’s kinda my way of saying,

You’re trying to bring me down but I’m doing something that makes me feel good—namely, wearing disco pants. You know, that thing that almost nobody wears anymore. That thing that only women are supposed to wear. That thing that only celebrities and rock stars should wear. That thing that people my age shouldn’t dare to ever wear. That thing that people in my physical shape shouldn’t even dream of wearing.

I realize I should only be wearing boring, loose jeans or khaki pants or chinos. I shouldn’t try to stick out like a sore thumb. Just go with the flow. Leave the tight, shiny stuff to the attractive young ladies.

But I’m not trying to fit in. I’m not trying to wear what everyone else is wearing. It’s boring, dull and lifeless, and frankly I don’t feel old enough or out of shape enough to dress in not only the same way but the nasty way many grown men dress these days. Whatever happened to individuality? Freedom? Being yourself? I know what happened to those things. They were all just marketing ploys. They were all useful only to the point where they could generate money.

So yeah, I’ll be wearing disco pants on Thanksgiving. Not only because I love to wear disco pants but because in some small way I’ll be bucking the system. I’ll be saying, ‘I don’t care about your norms. I don’t care about a small group of people telling me what’s right for me.’

And even though I may be facing some adversity of sorts at the moment and perhaps even some in my environment on Thanksgiving Day, I will be feeling joyous in my disco pants and I shall wear them confidently and proudly. I am ready for any unpleasant comments, and the one I suspect may be most likely is ‘You’re too fat to be wearing pants like that!’ Because yes, this person will say that to me. It won’t bother me, though, Much.

That’s what I’m thinking at the moment. And the more I think about it the more I’m convincing myself that I will be in disco pants on Thursday. There will not be a lot of time for fiddling around with outfits then. Once I put something on I’ll have to stick with that and be on my way. Of course, whatever I end up wearing I will share about here along with any comments positive or negative.

That will be my ninth wearing for November and my 98th for the year. See how close I am to one hundred? That may also end up being my final wearing for the month as there’s only Friday and Saturday after that. I don’t plan on going out on Friday since it will be the ‘black’ one, and I haven’t done any shopping on black Friday in years. The Saturday after shouldn’t be much better, but I may go out on that day. Would be nice to finish the month with a nice round ten wearings.

Thanksgiving this year arrives later than usual. That makes the period between it and Christmas abbreviated. There will be less than thirty days to get your holiday shopping done if you participate in that.

In other news, I picked up a pair of the original USA made AA disco pants in deep peacock size medium. This pair is supposedly new with tags and I plan to turn it into an altered pair that I will wear more frequently. But that will wait until I find a spare pair to use for parts. For whatever reason this was a very popular color with the ladies. It’s a great color but I would have never picked it as a best seller over charcoal or forest green. Go figure.

Anyway I gotta get some disco pants on. I may be going with another option I had not considered before: a brand new pair of black Le’Gambi in size five. Never wore these. This is a pretty loose pair on me and I don’t think I have to worry about any damage if I should eat too much. We’ll see what I ultimately decide on.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (I know I’m grateful for disco pants. What are you all grateful for?)

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3 Responses to Thanks For Disco Pants

  1. SpandexDisco Jeans says:

    A question about this, how and where do you submit the photo? I’m curious and perhaps a bit motivated to submit one of my own to them to see if it gets posted. Hmmm…

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      You mean to American Apparel? I think whatever product they sell there’s a link at the bottom of the page that says “see how they wore it” or something like that. You can submit a photo there. Let us know if it ever gets published!

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I didn’t know there was a 2nd comment from you.

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