100th Wearing of 2019!

First things first: On the first day of the last month of 2019 I accomplished my goal of one hundred wearings for the year! Who would have thought that I would reach this goal already on the first day of the month? When I first wrote about the idea of getting a hundred wearings it was mid-August and I had my fiftieth wearing around August 17. Just a little over three months and I accomplished the feat of another fifty wearings. That’s pretty awesome! And the good news is that not only will the weather be cooperating at least for the next seven days, but I also am feeling the urge to wear disco pants as often as possible.

I decided to usher in the one hundredth wearing on Sunday by wearing the altered, cranberry red American Apparel disco pants. That one is a lot more noticeable in terms of its color. First of all, you don’t see many guys wearing red pants, not to mention a skintight, shiny pair. So I was putting myself out there today, but I didn’t care. It was a special day and it was my day. I wore my black Dr. Martens Mayer boots and a short black puffer jacket. Obviously I wasn’t exactly worried about trying to cover up as much as I could of the pants.

Unexpectedly, I went to three places when the original plan had been only one, but I could have gone to twenty and it wouldn’t have mattered. I was rockin’ the cranberry red disco pants today and I felt great doing it.

Remember when I was concerned that a sudden cold winter might interfere in my getting the hundred wearings? Or procrastinating by leaving a bulk of the wearings for late in the year? I’m glad to say neither happened and in fact I am expecting that I will end up with a number well above a hundred for 2019.

Here’s a bit of a recap of what happened since Thanksgiving….

I did wear my brand new black Le’Gambi size 5 pants to my relative’s house. With a red and dark blue striped sweater. And some ankle boots. Interestingly enough, there were absolutely no comments at all! Nothing. It’s possible they didn’t even notice I was wearing them but hard to imagine since I was sitting in the front seat of the car next this particular relative. But that’s great. It really shouldn’t be a spectacle. OK, I don’t mind perhaps answering a few questions about it but I’m not interested in any kind of negativity regarding it. So that was that.

On Friday I wore my charcoal AA altered pair in size large for the first time in a while. It’s super shiny and snug but I still love the medium much more. Regardless, I wore it with a Levi’s jacket and Dr. Martens Zaniel boots. I’m lovin’ those Z-boots!!

Saturday featured no disco pants and the day felt rather sad and empty. I didn’t even wear a pair of decent skinny jeans for that matter so it was a total wash.

Monday would have been a great opportunity to wear some disco pants, but I have to go to the DMV—actually, strike that. I just looked it up and it is closed on Mondays. In one sense that’s awesome because I can now wear disco pants on Monday—I probably would have anyway. But in another sense it isn’t good because I need to throw an insane amount of money their way to purchase the plate sticker for the year. I kinda forgot to do that online so now I need to be careful driving around with an expired sticker for a couple of days.

While this DMV is one of those places I vowed never to wear disco pants to, there are two things I want to say about it:

  1. It’s a small place with very short lines so usually you’re in and out in five to ten minutes. And there are never that many people there. In fact, there aren’t even any chairs for you to sit in. Truth is, I may already have worn disco pants there when I was with someone else sometime this year. Not sure.
  2. I’m kind of warming up to the idea to just start wearing disco pants pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I’m making progress. I still have no desire to be the center of attention but I can reconcile that with just wanting to live in disco pants.

So even when I go on Tuesday I may put on a pair of my altered AA disco pants. Why not? Why waste a perfectly good outing to wear disco jeans just because of a five to ten minute stop at a small DMV? That would be silly. Of course I would wear a more low-key color such as the black or midnight navy.

I have to admit something, though. The idea of wearing disco pants in places were there are many others around is kind of thrilling. On Wednesday I’m taking someone to an eye doctor—not the one I’ve written about before—and his waiting room gets jam-packed because he’s only there once a week. Usually it’s standing room only. I think it may be quite exciting to wear disco pants there. I just feel like a world of opportunities is opening up for me now that I’ve acquired the courage and the confidence to wear spandex disco jeans. My focus has shifted so much from being concerned as to how people will see me and what they’ll think to not caring what they think and doing what makes me live life to the fullest. This is certainly a wonderful kind of freedom that can only be given to you by you. There’s no constitution, no government, no business, no amount of wealth that can give you this freedom.

A few more anecdotes about the past few days….

On Friday I received my first brand-new pair of American-made deep peacock AA disco pants in size medium. Well, my first pair since the one I had back in 2013. I can get this one altered now. It’s a sweet pair and fits like a shiny, spandex glove. And on Saturday I received a brand-new pair of midnight navy AA disco pants in size medium as well. Why did I get another one of the midnight navy, you ask? I intend to keep it handy in case I need another pair altered. I have noticed that with the frequent wearing I have been giving these pants they are starting to show signs of wear. Of course, it’s not just the frequent wearing but also the extreme tightness of them. I’m sure if these pants were all size large they would be in perfect condition still. But they wouldn’t be all that exciting to wear either.

Both these pants were purchased at very good prices considering they were brand new with tags. I’m always looking out for brand new pairs especially of the original made-in-USA ones. Now I’ll need to find a cheap used pair of the deep peacock one so I can get the new one altered.

I have to admit it’s getting a bit hard to find AA disco pants on Poshmark, Depop & eBay. Especially on Depop. It has had nothing of any significant importance for some time now. What’s annoying about Poshmark, which is the best bet for now, is that when you search for ‘disco pants’ you get tons of garbage that’s surely a result of keyword spamming. I hate that. Hey, Poshmark sellers:


I just did a disco pants search right now on Poshmark. The default results screen is based on the listings that have just been shared (called ‘just shared’). That means they’re not brand new listings—just ones that have been ‘refreshed’ in order to get to the top of the search results. The other option you can choose which is not the default option is “just in.” Those are brand new, fresh listings. To give you an idea of the garbage that comes up when I search for disco pants, of the first forty listings that are displayed only two are actual spandex disco pants of the vintage or modern type. TWO! When I choose ‘just in’ I get eight out of forty. Still not great but much better than going with ‘just shared.’ And a lot of the stuff that comes up in either mode is not even close to disco pants.

I wish Poshmark would do something about this. This is the same kind of crap that takes place on eBay. Keyword spamming. Using popular terms on your listing that have nothing to do with your listing just to drive traffic to your listing. It’s ridiculous and it wastes your time. What is the point of using specific search terms if you’re only going to get loads and loads of unrelated items?

Oh yeah, one more bit of good news. I lost about five pounds in the last month-and-a-half. Now I gotta see if I fit in some of my other disco pants I couldn’t fit in before. Another five pounds and I’ll be really good. How did I do it? I stopped eating at night. I was hooked on eating late night snacks such as a sandwich or fast food leftovers from earlier in the day. I actually go to bed hungry now. And no, it’s not because I am conscientiously trying to lose wait, though that would be a good thing. Sometimes you’re just forced to make changes.

That’s about all for now. I’m anticipating this coming week to be a disco pants laden week. Have to figure out which color to wear on Monday.

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