AA Disco Pants Dominate 2019 Wearings

In my previous post celebrating the 100th wearing of disco pants in 2019, I forgot to mention that of those one hundred wearings, seventy-eight were with my altered AA disco pants. That’s pretty remarkable! It’s coincidental, too that the number is seventy-eight, as that is the year spandex disco pants were ‘born’. I don’t think there is any clear year when they ‘died’, but they were certainly ‘born’ in 1978 and ‘resurrected’ in 2008. I can’t help but wonder if American Apparel purposefully chose 2008 to invent their version of the disco pant as it was the thirtieth anniversary of the original. Either way it was a great move all around.

But as you can see AA’s disco pants have dominated my wearings this year. And I can only see that number increasing for the remainder of the year. And if things continue to go as they have been I see them dominating 2020 as well. What does this mean? Do I like my altered AA disco pants better than the originals with the straight leg version? Don’t be fooled by the ‘straight leg’ descriptive of the originals. All it means is that the lower legs of the pants do not cling to the lower limbs as AA’s do. From the knees on up both versions of the pants remain skintight as they should.

So what is my reason for wearing the AA pants almost exclusively? I factor in that I had to pay at least forty dollars to have each one altered. At least forty. I used to pay even more but I think that since I was becoming such a regular customer with these I received a reduced price. That’s pretty cool. Anyway, if you pay that kind of money on top of whatever you paid for the pants themselves and the pants that will serve as scrap, you want to make sure you get the most pleasure from them, and that can only be by wearing them.

Also, I’m am intrigued by the super skinny fit of the AA disco pant as is. I would love to wear them just as they are but they give me more of an unbalanced look. The originals give me a completely balanced look in my opinion and the altered AA pairs give me a less balanced but still great look. The altered AA disco pants give me about as skintight a look as I can get without looking like leggings. That gives me more options in terms of what shoes to wear with them.

Finally, I guess I’m also trying to preserve my originals. I realize that if any of my altered pairs get damaged I have a better chance of replacing them at a lower cost. For instance, I mentioned in the last post that just a few days ago I bought another brand new pair of the original, American-made AA disco pants in midnight navy. I bought it with the intention of it serving as a future backup in case I ever need another one. When I see one for a good price I don’t usually pass it up, especially if it’s new and even if I don’t need it at the moment.

I kept the ball rolling this December with a second wearing in as many days. I wore my altered AA medium in midnight navy on Monday. It was actually rather chilly that day. Above freezing but barely. Still my legs felt pretty warm with the disco pants and some old lycra tights underneath. I went to Ross and shopped around for a bit. This store has such great stuff. I came across a Coach leather moto jacket for $300+ dollars that I believe was women’s yet was in the men’s section. Not that that bothers me of course, but in terms of women’s clothing there’s nothing else I’m interested in wearing other than disco pants, some of their skinny jeans, some sneakers and boots.

Which brings me to another point—I’m not bothered by the fact that modern disco pants are marketed as a woman’s item. I mean, in terms of me wearing them it doesn’t bother me. I am bothered in that it should be marketed as unisex. Okay, but I just read the description on a black pair of AA disco pants that are being sold by a woman on Depop. She claims to love the pants ‘dearly’ and has worn them on an extremely rare basis and now does not even wear them anymore. My only question is why? WHY?? If you love these pants so much why would you not wear them anymore?

Let’s rule out that she no longer fits in them. The first photo provided is most likely of her wearing them and the pants fit her to a tee. And she doesn’t mention anything about having ‘outgrown’ them. Clearly fit is not the issue.

She further states that the pants are beautiful and has gotten her compliments when she did wear them. What more could you want than that? You love the item you’re wearing and so do other people who see you in them! What more is there??

I have to chalk it up to “well it’s not in style anymore so I won’t wear them.” There is no other logical reason.

Furthermore, as I move on to another point, why did she only wear these pants on rare occasions? She is an attractive, young woman with the ideal body for wearing any sort of skintight pants, particularly disco pants. On the other hand, I’m a GUY, not in the best shape and older than she, yet I have been wearing them virtually everyday. And not just black!

This is why I strongly dislike the fashion culture. Awesome clothing gets thrown under the bus because the fashion world deems it past its ‘use by’ date. And that’s all it is. A ‘use by’ date determined by a small group of people who decide what we should wear.

Lots of respect to all the women who continue to wear disco pants in 2019. To the few guys who do so as well, but we’re a special lot. We could have decided to wear them in 2008, 2012, 2015 or now and we would have been looked at as freaks. The women though, they have to really love the disco pant in order to still be wearing them in 2019 and I thank the gods for the ones who are!

Anyway, I didn’t have internet for some days and I couldn’t even tether from my phone so it was a really awful period. It’s amazing how much the internet has become such an essential part of our lives. But I’m back online now and I do have some more things to write about so I’ll leave them for the next post.

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