20°s Are Still OK For Disco Pants

The last few days have been sub-freezing. Temps stayed in the 20s all day. I know I said I wouldn’t wear disco pants when it’s below 32°F but on Wednesday I just had to. I was really getting bored out of my mind wearing denim jeans even though they were skinny or coated even. I needed to see the see and feel the gripping glimmer of my spandex disco jeans on my legs.

Thus, on Wednesday I wore my black altered AA pair. Yes, it was only in the 20s but I did it anyway. And you know what? It wasn’t all that bad. Truthfully, when all your outdoor time is just between store entrances/exits and your car you don’t really get the time to freeze your butt off in disco pants. At least not in twenty degree weather. So I’m officially declaring that from now on, even when it’s only in the twenties outside, I will venture out in disco pants. Of course I was wearing the extra layer of lycra-nylon tights underneath, and that was enough to keep me warm.

On Thursday it climbed back up into the forties so without question I wore my midnight navy altered AA disco pants. Still kept the tights underneath because it just feels warmer with them. I think when the temp goes below fifty I put the tights on. Above that I don’t need them.

I was thinking about some of the other firsts I’ve had this year regarding shiny spandex jeans. This was the first time I wore a pair on Thanksgiving. Before I was always too self-conscious to do so but this was the year to do it. Also, I have never worn them on Christmas. This may be the first year I do that as well. I don’t plan on going anywhere on that day so I would have to wear them at home which might be kind of weird so I’m not sure that will happen. Furthermore, I have never worn disco pants on my birthday but this is looking like the first time that will happen. How cool it will be to wear disco pants on my birthday! Another year older yet still rocking the spandex disco jeans!!

Remember when I said I would never wear disco pants just to go out grocery shopping? Well, that’s out the window now, too. On Thursday in fact my sole intent was to go out grocery shopping and I wore some. So I can confidently declare that that is something I would do without hesitation now as well. As far as going to the bank or filling the gas tank, I would wear them also but only if I was going to additional places afterwards. I usually never go just to the bank or just to buy gas so those places are neither reasons for or against wearing disco pants any longer.

Well, this short post is almost a week old and I have new adventures to report. So let’s call quits on this one, OK?

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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