Vintage Levi’s Jeans-Like Spandex Disco Pants

First things first: recently I wrote about wearing a vintage, English-made pair of royal blue spandex disco pants that featured decorative stitching on the back pockets and a Levi’s-like tab on the side of the right pocket. This gave the pants more of a jeans-style look. A reader was fascinated by this (and with good reason) and I promised to show a photo of these unique details. So here it is:


Ah yes, I forgot to mention the branding label placement on the right edge of the pocket as opposed to the center placement of most of the big brands. The brand is Lazy. B and below that name is written “made in England.” The black tab on the side of the pocket also says “Lazy B.”

The decorative stitching on the pocket is a little more busy than what you see on Levi’s jeans but not overwhelming. In fact, the design itself seems to be the very same one Levi’s uses on its jeans with an additional similar one flipped upside down and combined with the first. And if you look carefully you can see an additional vertical line of stitching above the pocket. I don’t know the purpose of these stitches but it may just serve to give the pants an even further unique look. Additionally, the pockets are of the angled variety, not the rounded version of the big brands and American Apparel.

I love this pair because not only is it perfectly skintight but also super comfortable with a stretchy waist. And it’s certainly a strong pair as there are no signs of damage on it even after my recent wearing. The only issue I have with it is that it’s a bit short on me. Too short for even Converse high tops to remedy. But now that I have the Dr. Martens Zaniel boots I can wear these pants without any concern for their lack in length.

This is my only English-made pair of disco pants at the moment. At one time I had a Guy Curtis brand which was also English-made, but it never fit well—too loose—so I sold it. This current pair is by far superior in every way. Here is a front view:


Love the fit! Just wish they were a wee bit longer. And it would be cool if these had belt loops. But no big deal. I wear belts with all my disco pants anyway. Don’t even really need belt loops.

Anyway, speaking of royal blue—I found my first pair of royal blue disco pants while thrifting on Friday. Not only that but it was an American Apparel pair. And not only that but it was an American made pair. Believe it or not, this is my very first pair of American made royal blue AA disco pants. I never owned a pair before! I never bought a royal blue because I felt I had sufficient pairs of disco pants in this color. I have only come to purchase a royal blue AA pair not too long ago but it’s a Mexican-made pair. So for completest purposes this was a good find. And other than some white spandex fibers showing in the crotch and bum areas it’s not in terrible shape. A lot better than my sole forest green pair. I have not tried this find on yet. It’s a small and I’m confident it will fit me quite well. This one cost me right around five dollars.

I guess there aren’t too many more colors of American-made AA disco pants that I don’t have at this point. I don’t have a pearl nor a menthe. I think those are the only two colors. And in terms of the Mexican-made ones, the only color I don’t have is the midnight navy. Perhaps I should pick a few up while they’re having the 60% off sale.

In other news, I’m at well over a hundred disco pant wearings for 2019. The AA ones continue to dominate. I’m really happy with them. Having them altered was definitely one of the best things I ever decided to do. And some additional good news is that the weather looks to be very mild through and beyond Christmas. I’m talking some temps close to 60°! That means more wearings and perhaps even going back to my Converse & New Balance sneakers for a few days there.

I’m up to eleven wearings for this month. I did wear a pair on my birthday albeit in retrospect I should have made a better choice. I wore the large charcoal altered pair when I really should have worn the medium. But a wearing is a wearing. Doesn’t really matter because at this point I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on my birthday anymore. I hardly contemplated on it. It was pretty much just another day. When most people in your circle of family & friends either don’t know or care that it’s your birthday there’s really no point in dwelling on it much.

I’m actually looking at my cart on the American Apparel website. I have two pairs of disco pants and my total comes out to about $65 with tax and shipping. If I throw in one more pair it will only cost another $21 since then I’ll be eligible for free shipping. Not sure what other color I would get. I think I have small and medium in black, pearl, menthe, deep peacock and on the way is red and then midnight navy when I place this order. Red is scheduled to arrive on Christmas eve. Royal blue is the only one I have only a medium in. So perhaps I’ll go with a small royal blue. I don’t know. I’ll think about it some more.

Oh yes, one more thing—I have also surpassed last year’s post count on this blog. It was in the fifties in 2018, while this year is already in the sixties. So I wore more and I wrote more.

I haven’t been wearing the imperial purple and cranberry red altered pairs much lately. This is exactly why I am hesitant to have other colors such as the deep peacock, red, menthe and pearl altered. I don’t want to spend the money on these projects to just have them sit there. The black, charcoal and midnight navy have been wildly popular. At this point the charcoal medium comprises 22% of the altered pair wearings, with black at 18% and midnight navy medium at 15%. The two-tone stands at 13% and brown at 10%. The two-tone has been on the back burner for a bit due to my wearing more boots with the colder weather lately. I think the more athletic look of the two-tone clashes a bit with the Dr. Martens boots I wear. But if the coming days do pan out with temps in the 50s then I will get them on.

On Friday when I found the royal blue AA pants at the thrift store I did not don any disco pants myself. I’m not totally sure why. I had worn some three days this week and a fourth would have been nice. Oh, I think it’s because I was going to a different bank and because I wanted to wear some Air Jordans. I’ve worn disco pants to this bank before so it’s not an issue with the bank. And the Air Jordans would have looked fine with the altered pants. I don’t know. It was probably just an off day.

On Saturday I have to make a trip to Walmart. And while I’m not fond of the idea of wearing disco pants to this particular Walmart on a weekend day, I am still very much leaning towards the option of wearing a pair. Even if it’s a more reserved vintage pair. But either way I am looking at the probability of wearing disco pants at least five more days this month. The weather will be cooperating so why not?

The truth is that lately when I go out not wearing disco pants I feel like I’m dressed in a very boring, plain and ordinary way. This includes even when I wear some of my favorite skinny jeans. Jeans are not doing it for me anymore. Oh, I still love them but they feel so unoriginal and unimaginative. I really feel that disco pants is MY style now and it’s the only thing that makes me happy and makes me feel like ME.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the next post!


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