Los Angeles Apparel Disco Pants!

Merry Christmas!! I realize Christmas is officially past, but I’m a firm believer in Christmas not just being a single day but a season like fall, winter spring or summer, or a season of basketball or football or the like. It neither begins nor ends on December 25. For me it begins sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving although closer to the latter. It ends sometime in late January when festive feelings have worn off and the idea of a new year has fully taken root and everyone and everything has returned to its status of ‘business as usual. ‘ Though many see the end of the holiday season as being January 2 and welcome it, I don’t shift gears that easily and take a very gradual and long-winded slice of time where I continue to indulge in the good-feelings and celebratory aspect of the period. Thus, while the calendar may state otherwise, it is still Christmas to me and I will fully engage in all the holiday activities—including shopping for gifts for me!—as though I were still anticipating the one big day everyone else builds up for.

So did you have a merry Christmas Day? Mine was fine. I didn’t get any disco pants. Did you? I’m OK with not getting any because I have plenty. At this point it’s actually fun to give them as gifts. But I do have some interesting bits of news to share with all of you.

First of all, after receiving my latest order of disco pants from AA, I discovered that their disco pants are no longer made in Mexico. They’re made in China now. Yes, China. I was rather disappointed to learn this. The transition from Mexican-made to Chinese-made seems so lightning fast. What was wrong with making them in Mexico? At best, at least Mexican-made meant they were still being produced in North America. No overseas imports. But being made in China is a different story altogether. Just today I refused to buy highly discounted fresh fish due to it coming from China. Clothing is one thing, food is another. No thanks!

I should state that the pants are fine. I have not looked them over all that well yet. I did try on the medium red I purchased and it fits well. But I have not compared it to the American-made version in red.

And by the way, it’s not just the red that is a Chinese import now. I looked at the black pair I bought and it too was made in China. I imagine all the colors already are or will soon be made there.

I love disco pants and I will always wear them no matter where they’re made. But with these being made in China now I can only anticipate the drop in quality that will come. It also irks me that the American-made pairs cost $85 while these Chinese ones cost $68. Why am I only paying 20% less for these now that they’re being made in China? I would expect a deeper discount. Why not $55? Or less??

I’ll say this though: if they continue to bring back the other colors and possibly new ones I won’t care too much that they’re made in China. I will buy them regardless.

On the other hand, I found out some very good news. In case you don’t know who Dov Charney is, he was the CEO of American Apparel until he was thrown out. What I didn’t know was that he has started a new clothing store called “Los Angeles Apparel” (referred to as LA Apparel from here on out). I don’t know how long this operation has been in existence but I just recently found out it is in business AND you can buy American-made disco pants from it! Yes, AMERICAN-MADE DISCO PANTS! The price is the same $85 it used to be in 2017 and earlier and it is only available at the moment in black. Isn’t that great news??

If LA Apparel should have more colors eventually I will buy exclusively from them. For instance, if they should end up having all the same colors AA Apparel currently has I will only buy the LA ones.

So as 2019 comes to an end I think the news in terms of disco pants is actually quite promising. LA Apparel bringing back the true made-in-America disco pants from 2008-2017—how wonderful! The only thing is that if the pants don’t start selling like hotcakes they may not bring back other colors. Not only that but the pants may go away altogether if the sales numbers aren’t there. I don’t know what they’re looking for in terms of sales. But since the Gildan-owned American Apparel has continued to sell disco pants two years after the original closing I think it’s a good indicator.

I know a lot of people will moan about the price. It’s $85 again. The pants are made in the USA. The workers are getting paid living wages. You have to support that fact. Some things are worth paying more for on principle alone. Look at it this way: earlier I said that the Chinese made ones are only 20% less expensive than the American ones were (and now are again). Flip that around and consider that the LA Apparel ones are only 20% more than the Chinese AA ones. That’s not really bad at all. And even if the Chinese ones should drop in price I think LA Apparel’s price of $85 is still quite reasonable.

Look up Los Angeles Apparel and you will see the website. It’s so exciting. My only is that their disco pants are still being promoted exclusively as women’s wear. There are no photos of men wearing them which is a shame. Also, the composition of the pants is listed as 90% nylon and 5% spandex. What’s the other 5%? I suspect it’s an error and the actual number is 10% spandex.

Have you all been wearing disco pants? I have pretty regularly. I’m going to have a solid month in terms of wearings. It has already turned out to be a much better than expected month. We had four days in the 50°s and one in the 60°s. The rest of the month will be mostly in the forties with one more day forecast in the sixties. Another four days to go before this month (and year) is up. I’ll be looking for another two or so wearings.

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