Reasonable Disco Pants Prices

Happy new year!

It’s been a slow start to this new year in terms of wearing disco pants. Some things had come up which interfered with me indulging in wearing them. Four days into the new year and no wearings with possibly five and only the first coming on the sixth day. But that remains to be seen.

I had mentioned that real made-in-American disco pants are back courtesy of Los Angeles Apparel. I am so glad about this for the following reasons:

1. After AA closed in 2017 disco pants didn’t go away altogether. They just started being made in Mexico and looked and fit a little differently. And now being made in China. But now to see that once again they’re being made in America is so thrilling. I think most people in the world wear them in America so it’s great to see they’re being made in the USA again. Plus we can rest assured that the people making them in the US are not being treated like sweatshop workers.

2. Even though LA Apparel only has black available at this time, it’s a good sign that they would even have that one color. Contrary to the fashionistas disco pants have never really died. Oh sure, the pants had its celebrity hype in 2012-13 and perhaps just a little beyond but they never went completely away. You’d still see them on some TV show or on some performer in a concert. Even now you can find photos on Instagram of the pants being worn currently. If fans of the pants buy them in good numbers from LA I think we can confidently expect to see an expansion of the colors available. In short, disco pants are alive and well in 2020.

3. It will be good to see all the price gougers on eBay and Poshmark , et al., no longer sell their used pairs for $60 or more. Or at least not reasonably expect to get anywhere near those prices. It is absolutely absurd to see some of these people trying to get so much for these pants, particularly for the colors that are still being sold today. I’m a huge fan of the original American-made pairs and I don’t mind paying a little more for brand new pairs in certain colors, but these people are trying to lots of cash for widely available colors in used condition! And never fall for the “gently used in great condition” rubbish. I have bought several pairs that had a lot more wear than described. (An H&M pair even had a small hole on the butt area). And some people selling colors that I have never even seen before for over a hundred dollars! So long, price gougers!

That being said you might wonder what I consider a fair price for other sellers to charge for disco pants. That’s a fair question. Here are my guidelines:

NOTE: Adjustments may have to be made in case you have to charge shipping fees (as on eBay) or not (as on Poshmark).

Brand new AA disco pants (made in USA): I think these are a rare commodity and the penultimate version of these modern-day skintight, shiny jeans. If you have a brand new pair with tags in any other color than black I believe you can ask for $80 or more. I certainly would. For instance, if someone had a pair of the forest green ones and wanted $85 for them I would absolutely buy them. For one, this color is extremely hard to come by. For another, it might be a while (if ever) before LA sells this color.

I exclude black from this guideline due to LA having this color right now. I have yet to acquire a pair of these so as to compare it to the originals. I doubt there would be any difference. As a result, if you have an original pair in black I don’t think it would make sense to try to get more than $75 for it. If it’s more than that I would just go with a fresh, brand new pair from LA.

Used AA disco pants (made in USA): There’s no bottom limit to pricing these as is dependent on condition. In terms of a maximum, again, it depends on color and how like-new it is. This is where things get more difficult when buying without seeing first. For any color other than black that is described as “like-new” I would pay up to $70 for it. Mind you, “like-new” to me means they look brand new sans the tags. Anything short of that and the amount starts dropping quickly. And with a black “like-new” I would go up to $60 or $65. Keep in mind when you see a description that says the pants are brand new without tags it could very  much be a lie. Heck, I wear several of my altered pairs with the tags still attached inside the pants! I just can’t bring myself to take them off.

Brand new AA disco pants (made in Mexico): As far as I know there have always only been seven colors of these. So there are no rare ones that you can’t get anymore. There may be stock shortages here and there but you can reasonably expect them to get filled eventually. With that in mind, I would not pay more than $55-60 for a pair of these. However, now that these are going to become rare due to not being made in Mexico anymore you may be able to command a little bit more for them. Would you rather have something made in Mexico or China? Personally I’d choose Mexico for many reasons. So you might actually be able to ask the full $68 for them sooner than you may realize.

Used AA disco pants (made in Mexico): Again these will start to become rare soon. I don’t think too many people will see a difference between being made in Mexico or China so the resale value for used pairs of these will not be that great. I would not pay more than $45 on a good day for a like-new pair.

Brand new AA disco pants (made in China): You knew this day was coming, didn’t you? When AA disco pants would start coming from the far East like virtually everything else we consume including food. I stay away from food coming from China because they have little to no safety regulations. No thanks. But I’ll wear the disco pants they make. Fortunately, I don’t need to buy them much anymore. I have each color as they were made in Mexico.  As they are now, I would not pay more than $50-55 for a brand new with tags pair from a private seller. If possible I’d just wait for an AA sale and get them for much less than that.

Used AA disco pants (made in Mexico): This is something that may not quite exist yet. I don’t know when the shift was made to China as the factory for AA disco pants, but it can’t be all that long ago. I have to look at the various pairs I purchased in 2019 to see when that tag changed from Mexico to China. Regardless, when these do start showing up as secondhand items I would not give more than $40 for a like-new pair. That may even be generous but, what can I say, I love disco pants.

Brand new LA disco pants (made in USA): I don’t have one of these yet and obviously I would not pay more than the $85 the store charges for them. It may be a while before you start seeing private sellers bartering these away. For now I can only see it happening if someone got a pair as a gift and just didn’t like it or didn’t fit into it. Just for the fun of it, I would not give more than $75. If the size I want is fully available on the LA Apparel website, why pay more than I have to?

Used LA disco pants (made in USA): This too will be a later thing we’ll see. Not right now. For a like-new pair I would not pay more than $60-65.

So those are my guidelines for pricing disco pants. I’m always wary of sellers who say the pants are “brand new without tags”. I can’t but think they removed the tags, wore the pants once or more and now are trying to sell them as new. I’m very suspicious of that. I don’t remove tags off clothing until the very day I wear the article. I never understood taking tags off as soon as you get the clothes. And I’m glad I am that way. This has helped me return things many a time and even resell things I could not return. My philosophy when buying new is that it better have the tags or I don’t want it. Certain exceptions for certain items are made, of course and pricing has a lot to do with it all.

On a final note, I may end up blogging less here this year. No, I’m not going away. And I’m not giving up on disco pants. But I do have some other things I want to focus on and try my hand at. For one thing, I plan to take up painting this year. I bought some Bob Ross DVDs several years ago and I haven’t done anything but watch them. Lately after catching his shows during the late, late night on PBS I have a renewed interest in painting. I used to draw cars a lot in junior high but that kinda died out after I entered high school and had less opportunity to do so. I feel I have the potential to do some nice artwork. I’m just sorry I waited this long to find out. I’m not going to start off with oil paints but acrylic rather. In fact, I’ve already had acrylic paints at home for quite some time that I’d use to decorate pumpkins at Halloween. I never liked cutting them up because they last a whole lot less. So I’d paint faces on them. This past year I didn’t even buy any pumpkins for the deck. First year ever I didn’t do that. Just had other things on my mind. But I’ve also been watching acrylic painting videos on YouTube and it really looks interesting. It’s amazing what you can do with some practice and imagination.

For another thing, I plan on studying and playing music more this year. I’ve found some inspiration with Christmas music and and big band music and I decided I want to better learn how to read musical notation since I’m not really good at it. And I also want to develop my keyboard playing technique so I can play better. So I’m going to keep myself pretty busy this year and for the most part blogging here will take a back seat to those things. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on anything new that occurs in the general world of disco pants as well as my own personal world of disco pants.

Can’t believe Christmas & New Year’s have come and gone already! Dealing with the post-holiday blues here. I think the studying and playing music and painting will help get me out of that and keep me focused on being creative. When you’re learning and practicing a craft you don’t have time for depression or bad feelings. And these are good things to get into since I’ll have nearly a whole year to potentially come up with music and artwork for next Christmas!



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2 Responses to Reasonable Disco Pants Prices

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      That can be all over the place. Some brands and colors demand higher prices. Not to mention condition. I’ve paid nearly $200 for vintage pairs and while I felt that was a lot I never regretted it. The links you provided are very reasonably priced considering their condition.
      Other things to consider with vintage pairs include whether you’re going to wear them or just collect them? Do you think you’ll come across another pair in that color? Some brands were better than others then so do you want to wait and pass up the chance to get the better brand now?
      At this point I would not pay more than about $150 for a vintage pair in excellent condition.

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