How Disco Pants Became a Part Of Everyday Life

Before I get into my arts and music endeavors I can still blog here as I await some supplies and equipment I need.

My first wearing of disco pants in 2020 came on Sunday, January 5. I went with my midnight navy AA in medium. On Monday I plan to get my second wearing and on Tuesday my third. The weather appears that it will continue to fully cooperate and thus I’ll be able to wear disco pants with a pair of lycra tights under them and feel fine.

On Wednesday there is a doctor’s appointment. I am tempted to wear a pair of AAs on that day but not sure. This is a doctor’s office that I have worn disco pants to before albeit the vintage style straight leg. But I’m really feeling like wearing the a pair of my altered AA which overall are tighter-looking. Also this week I plan on doing some laundry so that will once again be a possibility in terms of a new place to wear disco pants. There I wouldn’t wear any other pair but the midnight navy AA in large. The way I’m feeling at the moment I want to wear disco pants every day this week.

But you may be wondering how I got to my current state of wearing spandex disco jeans so often. Perhaps you haven’t followed this blog since its inception. Or maybe you just don’t remember. So I’ll go through it once again.

My fascination with tight pants began during my later high school years. Just a few posts ago I wrote about a pair of hand-me-down light blue Levi’s that fit tight on me and quickly became my favorite pair of jeans. It was also my very first pair of Levi’s. I grew up in poverty at that time but I knew Levi’s was a top brand of jeans. The fact that this pair was used may have bothered me at first, but after trying them on and wearing them inside the house more and more I knew these were too special to just wear indoors.

Once I built up enough courage to wear them I started to do so in high school. That didn’t go too well as I did get comments and stares from people. The stares I could have dealt with but the comments just bugged me too much. Plus, I always felt really sexy in them even though I wasn’t trying to be. I just wanted to wear my tight jeans, that’s all. But they made me look sexy and I felt sexy in them. And I wasn’t that kind of kid. I was into doing my schoolwork and studying. I was one of the top students. I was also probably considered a nerd or geek or dweeb or dork. And though we all know the stereotype image of what a school nerd or geek or dweeb or dork looks like thanks to Hollywood, that was not my look. I like most other kids wore jeans everyday and a t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, sweater or hoodie. (Thank goodness for no dress codes!!) No big name brands. I wasn’t a preppy. My clothing mostly came from discount stores and Sears. And most of the time I dressed in a very nondescript way. Except when I wore those tight Levi’s.

What added to my feeling sexy in those jeans was that girls were coming up to me and talking. I pretty much avoided people when I wore those jeans. I tried not moving around too much in order to not be seen. But on one occasion in the lunch room when I was wearing those jeans a girl came up to me and said another girl was interested in me and either gave me a piece of paper with a number on it or gave me a paper for me to write my number on. On another occasion a girl who was in my gym class only that one day said to me that we should just get out of that class. I don’t know if I was wearing those jeans that day or even how she saw me in them if I was and why she was in my class that one time. I do wonder why she wanted me to cut gym class that day with her and what she wanted to do if we had.

The style at that time in terms of pants was super baggy and loose. I had jeans that fit loose. But once I got those Levi’s that were skintight I wanted to wear them. I never cared for loose or baggy. I just wore those styles because it’s what I had and it was really all you could find in stores. And knowing that skintight was not in style at that time, I really didn’t want to make waves.

Kids are cruel. I remember being bugged throughout my school years for the clothing I wore, particularly my pants. One year they were too wide. Another year they were too short. Another year too tight. It’s like make up your minds already! I mentioned that I was very skinny and tall. It was extremely difficult finding jeans for me that fit properly.

As I mentioned in the recent post, I only wore these skintight Levi’s nine times to school in my senior year. But I was always looking for other places to wear them after I graduated. There was church, then college, some jobs and then just everywhere else. After church and college they became jeans I’d just wear anywhere. But it was never for any long periods of time like being at school. That’s what I missed. I liked struggling to put those jeans on at seven in the morning and knowing I’d be in them for seven hours or so.

It was only after I had found some jobs that I was able to wear them for a substantial amount of time in a day. But I didn’t wear them at those jobs very often either because I still felt very self-conscious in them and still very sexy.

My last wearing of those jeans in public came in the year 2003. Interestingly enough, I wore them to a friend’s church as we played table tennis. At that point they were already in poor condition as the button had popped out of the denim and the button hole of the denim grew larger and larger until it ripped. That should give you an idea of how tight the pants were fitting by that time. That was twelve years after I had started wearing them, not to mention the amount of time they were worn by the original owner.

So from 2003 to 2006 I didn’t wear any tight jeans or pants of any kind. Why I’m not fully sure but it probably had something to do with the fact that tight pants on guys was even more out of style than during my high school years. Plus, during this time I was fully employed and worked with guys who noticed such things and made sure to comment about them. I had worn them about three times to this job going way back to my first year there. Never wore them again even though I was at this job nearly thirteen years. I told the story before but the dress code at this place was very loose—the only loose thing I like!—but it did mention that wearing anything too tight was not permitted. It was a lab environment with a lot of dust, noise and equipment. Dressing up was never required of us. We all know that the phrase ‘too tight’ is very subjective. Who gets to decide that? In my world there is no ‘too tight’ when it comes to pants. Yes, I acknowledged that my Levi’s were extremely tight but I would never say they were ‘too tight.’ They were perfectly tight.

So after the first couple of times I wore these jeans to the job, a short while after a meeting was called with all of the staff to discuss the lab policies including the dress code. To this day I do not know if that was because of my jeans or some other reason. I really cannot imagine that some of the women there did not enjoy the sight of me in those jeans. I mean seriously. I was in my twenties in a pair of skintight jeans. Why wasn’t that a good thing? A gay co-worker even came up to me once and asked about ‘those tight jeans’ I was wearing there on a Saturday I went in for a few hours of overtime. He remembered and clearly liked it. Those women didn’t? I remember him asking me if I still wore those. It’s really nice that someone noticed and had the temerity to talk to me about it. Just too bad it wasn’t an attractive woman!

So yeah, the period of 2003-2006 was a dead zone in terms of tight pants. But things turned around quickly in 2007. That’s when I first starting seeing tight jeans for guys online. It was mostly for guys who skateboard but I didn’t care. And then as I looked around more and more I started seeing slim jeans and skinny jeans and super skinny jeans by Levi’s and Nudie and 7 For All Mankind and others. It was amazing. Tight jeans were coming back in style and at a time when I was still young enough to wear them. Not that there’s any age limit to them but I’d rather be a younger looking guy wearing them than an older looking guy.

I started buying tons and tons of these newly made tight jeans for guys. I had been so used to wear ugly baggy jeans that when I tried on some of the new slim jeans they felt so tight on me—jeans that today I would call too loose. But out of all those I bought in 2007 I only kept one pair and it’s a pair that fit me skintight then and still fits skintight to this day. It’s a Cheap Monday brand I absolutely one of my favorite pairs.

The only place I started wearing some of these jeans to was church. At the job was a no-no, not because of any dress code but because I didn’t want to be bothered by my fellow employees. Those guys didn’t wear anything close to tight pants and even the slimmest fit to them would have been seen as me wearing women’s jeans or something. Eventually I did start wearing some of the slimmer ones and I did receive a comment or two about wearing ‘tight pants.’ Didn’t bother me too much because I knew the pants weren’t tight, just a bit more form-fitting than what I was used to wearing.

But church was the place I started wearing tight pants to regularly. After a period of time of comments and questions and looks and touches it became second nature to them that I wore tight pants. They got used to it, I got used to it and the novelty of the whole thing died down. Over time I evolved to wearing the tightest pairs I had but it wasn’t a big deal anymore. The problem was that it was only there that I’d wear the tightest ones. That was two days a week and I need to wear them more.

The workplace was still off limits. So when stuff happened and I started having more time on my hands I began to wear the slim and skinny and then skinnier and still skinnier jeans over time whenever I’d go out anywhere. Right around that time is also when I started buying up disco pants.

I mentioned that 2007 is when I started buying tight jeans. Well, late 2008 is when AA disco pants came out. I started buying those, too and fell in love with them. But there was no way I could ever wear those anywhere. So I was going to have to enjoy them only at home. Until 2012 when I started buying the vintage, straight leg pairs. Those I could wear out but I figured I would only wear them to church. And only on the casual Friday evening church service.

But once a week proved not enough. I wanted to wear them on the more formal Sunday services as well. Here is where the beauty of the spandex disco pant comes in—instead of wearing them casually featuring a rock star look with t-shirts as I did on Fridays I would pair them with a sweater or sport jacket for a more formal and respectable Sunday look. You can’t do that with ripped jeans, folks. This is why I and so many others cannot say enough good about the versatility of the disco pant. Dress down, dress up. And everything in between. They are the perfect pant.

That’s what I did. Wore them casually on Fridays and more formally on Sundays. But I didn’t wear them as often on Sundays. And I was really building up a steady repertoire of wearings when stuff happened again and my wearings dropped off to zilch for a period of four months. After that it was only sporadic wearings for the next three years, although I was still wearing the tight jeans.

Finally, in 2017 after accepting that the disco-pants-to-church-days were pretty much over, I decided I would start wearing them to stores. Mainly thrift stores but anywhere else I’d go afterwards. I had a mere thirty wearings in 2017 but an additional seventeen wearings of my disco pant shorts. Not a lot but it was the catalyst year for me wearing disco pants more often and to more places. And by this also I was still wearing some of my tightest jeans.

The year 2018 was an even better year with many firsts. Still not quite once a week but good nonetheless. I think 2018 could have been an even better year than it was but there was a lot of stuff happening that didn’t allow me to be in the right state of mind to wear disco pants.

Then came 2019 which is by far the best year in probably every regard. Another year of records and stuff I didn’t think I’d accomplish. There was an average of two wearings per week, though some weeks saw many more. Basically, I got into a mode of wanting to wear disco pants all the time, and after witnessing the non-reaction I encountered while wearing them I decided I could wear them more and more. Thus, my passion to wear them and the fact that I haven’t encountered any negativity—well, nothing major—have combined to allow me to wear them often. It’s like if you have a favorite pair of jeans you want to wear all the time. Jeans are jeans and nobody’s going to say anything about them unless they’re extraordinary in some way. That’s how disco pants have become to me. Perhaps not completely, but enough to allow me to wear them as often as I wish.

It’s all about a mindset. OK, OK, it might also be about where you live. I mentioned many times that I live in a huge city. So it’s not too hard here. There are so many people here that you can get lost in the crowd and be ignored. But even if I lived in a small town in Nowhere USA with a lot of backwards folks, I don’t believe that would stop me from wearing disco pants. Especially if I had grown up there and lived there all my life. At some point you have to be your own person and indulge in the maturity you’ve earned over the years and wear what you like. I’m not saying there may not be additional challenges depending on what you like to wear. Some things will be blatantly harder for you to wear and be happy. But this blog is about disco pants and I don’t see why anyone anywhere in the parts of the world that claim to love freedom couldn’t wear them without issue.

That’s the story of that. Oh, on Sunday I ran into some church people who recognized me and fully know me as a disco pants wearer. In fact, they are a married couple now and the girl is one of the oft-mentioned three that I gave disco pants to. That was when she was single of course. Now she’s married and is a career woman. It’s too bad cause she was really cool about wearing them. The pair I gave her was my very second pair from AA which was a size small. But I liked when she wore them on Friday nights. Sometimes she’d have hers on and I didn’t have mine. So I tried to start coordinating with her so we could wear them together. We were at a multiple-day outing around that time where we just couldn’t get the coordinating right. She wore hers the first day, I wore mine the second and she the third. I regret not wearing them the same day as she at least once. Anyway, that was years ago. I don’t think she has worn hers in a very long time if she even has it still. It’s really sad. She wore hers with Ugg boots at times which I think is an incredible look. I have yet to wear that pairing myself this winter.

Actually she is the only one of the three who still acknowledges my existence. One of the others I gave a brand new pair to I only saw wear once and saw a few pics of her on Instagram wearing them though you’d have a hard time telling because there was little to no shine. Saw her at church few times way after that and didn’t get as much as a hello. The third girl I gave a pair to got really upset with me for trying to get her to wear them. She said she had gained weight and couldn’t wear them at the moment but she had initially. I think she didn’t appreciate my enthusiasm and I probably went overboard a bit. It’s funny though because she was a very nice girl. Very mature for her age and the only one who would approach me at events—she was from a different church—and greet me and talk with me both in person and online. Very attractive girl, too. But we haven’t spoken in three years now. I don’t want to make it seem we used to chat all the time but never did three years pass without a message. I know she got upset. I also don’t want to make it seem that she had any romantic interest in me. I don’t think that at all. But were I younger at the time I might have tried to get to know her more. She did thankfully send me a pic of her in the pants. As I knew she would, she looked absolutely fantastic in them.

In this day and age of social media and cell phones there is no reason to not stay in touch with someone unless you just don’t want to. But it also gets to a point where when you’re the only one making the effort to stay connected  you almost feel they are not interested in keeping that relationship going. This is why I have stopped communicating with many of the people I knew. Honestly, sometimes I really don’t know what the point of these various ways to stay in touch is. I feel like going back to the 1980s when there was none of this crap and you communicated via mail or landline telephone. I think all this technology has just come to show what may have always been true: that people don’t care about anyone but the immediate others in their lives.

On a final note, check out these Italian made disco pants by brand The Attico:


These are advertised as “disco high-rise skinny pants” made from 79% polyamide (nylon) and 21% elastane. They also have belt loops and it’s all for the low, low price of $492! Mind you that’s a 30% off price!! And in case you were wondering, yes, this is an overpriced pair of disco pants! They don’t even seem to fit her well.

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