Kardashian in Disco Pants Again

Thanks to a devoted reader of this blog, I have learned that Kim Kardashian was once again out and about recently wearing disco pants. As opposed to the pearl AA pair she wore in my last post about her, this time she was wearing vintage Le’Gambi brown ones.

I am no fan of the Kardashians but I will certainly give props to any of them who are seen wearing disco pants. Certainly Kim has to be a fan of these pants by having both the modern version and the vintage kind.


Those pants are super long on her and I’m curious that she didn’t tuck in the hems as I was taught to do. See, with the vintage style disco pants the lower legs don’t cling to your own lower legs and ankle so they resemble more of what we have come to accept as traditional pants. They can end up being so long that they drag on the ground of get really bunched up over your shoes. The AA style is super skinny and fits more like leggings so there’s never a risk of them dragging on the ground. Before when I had less styling sense I would allow my vintage type pairs to stay bunched up over my shoes. Now I tuck them inside the legs and no one can tell whether they’re permanently hemmed or not. To a greater advantage they stay tucked and don’t come undone which is really important.

So hers are not hemmed neither permanently nor temporarily. But they’re not dragging on the ground due to her high heels. But I do love brown disco pants, especially the vintage ones. I think those would probably fit me to a tee length-wise. But I am not shaped like her (thankfully) and I do not think they would fit me very well in any other manner.

Maybe Kim will help bring back disco pants—both the modern kind and the vintage. I would love her for that. She seems to be the only big name still being seen in them.

I was reading through the comments on one of the articles that featured some of these photos. Many of the comments are quite offensive towards Kim, but fortunately not very many were overly critical of the pants themselves. Many show their lack of knowledge of what disco pants are and how they fit. And some did bring up a good point of the pockets looking strange.

If you look at some of the photos I shared here you can see that the tops of the pockets aren’t flush with the rest of the pants. They seem to be puckered. I suppose it’s because there is such a contrast between the very small waist of the pants and the incredibly wide hip area. I have never gotten this effect while wearing any of my disco pants. I’ve also never seen this on anyone else wearing disco pants either. There are a lot of comments about Kim having artificial work done on her body to get it to look like that. I don’t know anything about these Kardashians and I really don’t think I’ll be doing any research on them anytime soon. But that is a possible explanation.

Main thing is that Kim seems to be quite the fan of spandex disco jeans and she was found wearing them once again. She is nearly forty years old which also is rather inspiring. There are silly people out there who say that,

“Once you’re out of college you need to stop wearing disco pants!”

This isn’t really said nowadays but it was a mantra for some haters during the halcyon days of AA disco pants and their various dupes. Thank goodness one person or a handful of people don’t get to decide what we wear, huh? Oh, I know that in a sense a handful of people certainly do get to decide what we wear in the form of the clothing industry. However, it is now at the point where we can freely choose not only from our own gender’s wardrobe but from the opposite one’s as well.

By the way, a flimsy rule as the one stated above was never meant to be universal. It was only for the rabble. Celebrities would be completely excluded from it and actually celebrated for their eccentricity. And that’s how I determine whether a fashion rule is based on sensibility or prejudice. If I’m told I can’t wear something because I’m worldly unknown, yet a rock singer, actor or pro athlete can, then I certainly will wear it, too. In short, you don’t ever have to stop wearing disco pants!

While I was reading the many nasty comments on the Kardashian post I had quite the scary thought; I imagined if I were famous and wore disco pants what all those dreadful people would say about me. Of course, with the internet you can never really tell if those people are just trying to one-up each other with their awful comments or if they really are full of malice. But I’m sure Kim K. is not bothered by what the haters say, nor do I think she even goes on her iPhone to read what they say. I would be tempted to but I’d force myself not to do it.

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4 Responses to Kardashian in Disco Pants Again

  1. Dorian Gray says:

    Because of Kim K’s body type (tiny waist and bigger butt) she probably had to custom tailor her disco pants. That may have thrown off the cut of the pockets. Just a theory.

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