Pandemic Effect On Disco Pants

I haven’t worn spandex disco pants much in this new year of 2020. January was decent with ten wearings. But it went downhill after. I only had two wearings in February. Had some health issues during that month that kind of spoiled my desire to go out in disco pants. The weather still continued to cooperate though. Truth is, with the exception of only a few days the rest of the month could have seen me comfortably wear disco with perhaps only a pair of tights underneath.

In terms of weather March continued on with nothing terribly cold. Once again, I could have been wearing disco pants virtually everyday this month. But then this pandemic took over and has put a damper on my opportunities to wear them. Lately I’ve only been going out to do the essentials. No more shopping at Ross or thrift stores. No Kohl’s. They’re all closed. It’s just the post office, grocery stores and pharmacies and banks and gas stations. And those are all places I don’t particularly prefer to put on disco pants to go to. I almost did today though. I knew I was only going to the post office and to pick up some cat food. I thought it would be fun to wear my black altered AA disco pants. But ultimately I decided on my skin tight pair of faded blue Lucky Brand skinny jeans. I wore this pair two times in the last three days. If I were only into wearing skintight jeans I’d probably wear these very often. And I could get away with it because skintight jeans on guys have become such a normal thing now that it’s no longer a big deal, except of course only to those who can’t stand such a thing.

These might actually be my favorite pair of skintight jeans now. They’re skinny jeans but they’re not skintight all the way down to the ankles as Levi’s 519 are or some of my 510s are. I kind of like having a slightly looser lower leg for a few reasons:

  1. I have a greater option of footwear to wear with such a fit. Though I still mainly choose to wear Converse All Stars, I can also (and do) wear my Air Jordans, Reeboks, New Balance, Toms and perhaps even some of my slightly more bulky sneakers.
  2. Since I’m not in optimal shape for wearing tight clothing, this fit gives me a slightly more balanced look. I’m a bit top-heavy with skinny legs. Wearing any legwear that’s skintight from the waist to the ankles can look a bit cartoonish. But with the looser lower legs I feel it makes me look better and I am more confident. This is also true of AA’s disco pants and why I haven’t worn any of them except for the ones I’ve had altered.

This pair of jeans is the “1 Authentic Skinny” model by Lucky. This has been the only pair of Lucky jeans whose fit I have liked on me. It is a size 30 which is about four sizes smaller than I would wear in dress pants. So that is what makes them skintight on me. They’re jeans—-they should be worn that way. I wouldn’t go anywhere without this pair. That’s how much I have come to like them.

Another thing I like about these is that they don’t have any phone or wallet fade marks on them. I bought them pre-owned at my local thrift store. I have found some other very tight and cool jeans with those fade lines on them and I don’t like that very much. I can only conclude that whoever wore these jeans before me didn’t fill them up as nicely as I do for them to be able to stick their phones or wallets in the front pockets. I sure as hell can’t. I mean, I could try to squeeze my phone in there but by the time I’d get it out if it started ringing they’d hang up!

But I don’t like the look of stuff bulging out of the front pockets of skintight jeans anyway. When I wore my skintight jeans in high school I didn’t even like putting my keys in my front pockets for that reason and because I thought there might be a risk the metal edges of the keys might rip through the denim. So I’d keep them in my book bag. The bulging look has to be the reason they never put front pockets on disco pants either. It wouldn’t look right to have anything in there. However, the back pockets are fair game.

So yeah, I don’t usually put anything in the front pockets of my skintight jeans to this day. And that’s why I like cooler, jacket weather so I always have a convenient place to put keys and my phone. I’m certainly not looking forward to warm weather again when I have to ditch my jacket!

What I also like about this pair is that they are perfectly long enough on me. Jeans that are labeled with an inseam of 32 should be just long enough for me. But I have found that many Levi’s jeans labeled 32 are not. They’re too short. Or a bit too short. And this applies to both used ones I’ve come across and brand new ones. This is where you can see the difference between a designer brand (like Lucky, Nudie, 7 For All Mankind) which sells jeans for hundreds of dollars and a cheaper brand—sorry Levi’s, you know I love you but you just don’t have the quality standards those designer brands have! My high school Levi’s were also labeled 32 inseam but they were a tad short on me and I remember always having to pull them down after getting up from sitting. Of course, they were 100% cotton so I don’t know if that had something to do with it. But this Lucky pair doesn’t do that. It fits me just long enough without being too long either. I usually wear them with high top Converse but I’m sure I could wear them with my low tops as well and not have any ‘short’ issues.

In my book those high school jeans I wore are still the best ever pair I had. This pair of Lucky jeans is up there with its perfect-length fit, comfortable skintightness, big back pockets and stress lines in all the right places. but I do have some gripes about it. First, it is button-fly. I’ve never cared for button fly. Minor detail. In the case of these jeans though, the fact that it is button-fly might actually make it more secure and slightly easier to fasten on me. I remember on those high school jeans the zipper eventually busted. And on some jeans you run the risk of a zipper not staying up. A button-fly will always stay up though. And I do think it’s a little less effort for me to get the buttons fastened than to pull up a zipper considering how tight these fit.

Also, the rise on this pair is about 9.5 inches. I prefer a little bit higher rise. Considering the rise on my favorites pairs of disco pants are all 10.5 inches or more, I wish these jeans were at least a 10 or 10.5. But I can live with it as is. Additionally, the fading on these jeans looks a bit fake and slightly overboard. I’m sure it was not the previous owner who created the fading on it. It looks too factory. I don’t get why the manufacturers go overboard when trying to simulate natural on jeans. This is one of the reasons I wear dark blue or unwashed jeans when I don’t wear disco pants. But this pair fits so nice I make an exception for it.

These jeans are 92% cotton, 6% polyester & 2% spandex. I’m not sure where the polyester comes in because there is nothing particularly different or unique. about the material. In many cases, jeans that have some amount of polyester in them have a slight sheen to them. These don’t have anything like that.

So that’s about it. I don’t anticipate anything changing anytime soon regarding our current global situation. Thus, my disco pants wearing may suffer for quite a time longer. But I will continue to wear my skintight jeans as that is the next best thing.


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