Goal: Make Disco Shorts This Week

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post about making disco shorts is that those inexpensive Chinese ones are very thin which makes them perfect fo summer wear.  Unlike classic disco pants and American Apparel’s version which are both rather thick nylon/spandex material and may even be hot for the summer. Maybe. But as I wrote in the last post I wouldn’t have the heart to cut up a pair of those high quality pants.

But yes, the Chinese ones are thin and I believe they would actually be refreshing to wear in hot weather. I was wearing a pair of skinny Levi’s shorts today and it was pretty hot in them. Made me wish I was wearing a pair of those disco pant-shorts. This is something I am going to have to get done very soon.

I thought wearing the Levi’s skinny shorts might be a good transition to wearing the disco shorts (once I have them ready). The fit is nearly the same. I would by no means consider the Levi’s shorts to be skintight though others would probably. They do hug the thighs pretty well but where they are cut off they are a little looser. The disco shorts are not loose at all, but then again the pair I already cut is a size large and the ones I plan to have made will be extra large. It may sound wasteful but these pants are so inexpensive that they are perfect for experimenting on.

There is one other factor: the pocket problem. Yes, they have the two rear pockets but all I can fit in them would be my wallet and phone. I’ve got other stuff I would have no room for. So I would have to carry my messenger bag. I dislike the idea of carrying more things because it means the greater potential to lose things. Since I’m not used to carrying a bag it would be fairly easy to place it somewhere and forgot about it. But I did lose my phone last year and vowed I would start carrying my things in the bag. I haven’t done so. But I think I will start. Tomorrow even.

I went shopping for mulch today and while I was walking around in the semi-outdoor area I found myself wishing I had been wearing those disco shorts. There weren’t too many people there and those who were there were busy doing their own thing. I think I would have felt a lot cooler in them then in my denim shorts.

A reader commented on one of my posts that he wears disco pants even when it’s 90°! I would love to do that. I do believe that disco pants material is cooler than denim, hence the main reason I don’t wear them in the winter yet I still wear jeans then. It would make sense then that they are better to wear in hot weather. Especially since all sorts of athletes wear spandex clothing. They’re not going to wear something that suffocates them or does not allow their skin to breathe. This really pumps me up to get the shorts made as soon as possible!

I’m going to start with black shorts. I’ll wear them for a while and see if I should experiment with other colors. They have some pretty loud and ‘out there’ colors available. Might try blue or grey afterwards but even if I just stick with black I will be more than happy to wear black spandex disco shorts a few times a week.

I think I will take them to get made by the end of the week. I will see how much extra it will cost to put on the belt loops. It’s not something I really need but it adds a nice touch. As I wrote, if the pants are going to disintegrate through wear rather quickly it may not be worth spending extra money for the belt loops. The zippers on these pants are rather inconsistent. They’re not smooth and one or two broke the first time I tried the pants on. So it may be worth spending extra money on replacing the zipper with something of better quality. The button is not all that impressive either. Pretty flimsy but perhaps some super glue might keep it in place. I had one where the button popped off as soon as I tried to button it.

So I might just go with having the shorts professionally hemmed just above my knees and have the zipper replaced. I may have two pairs done–a large and an XL. You don’t want to go too tight with these because they do overstretch rather easily and you may find yourself getting only one or two wearings out of them. I’m pretty excited about this!

I tried searching online for any articles on wearing spandex shorts for guys or just for fashion in general but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much there. Everything I do find is exclusively for women, or mandates that guys only wear it in the gym or are for spandex fetishists. Hopefully with this blog I am a voice out there that guys can, do and should wear spandex pants/shorts as fashion and not only at the gym or while participating in a sporting event. And guys don’t have to hide their spandex by wearing other shorts over them. There are people out there who hate spandex and do not want to see ANYONE in them. There are others who believe it’s only for women and for the gym. We don’t have to cater to those people. We don’t have to concern ourselves with what other people’s ideas of fashion faux pas’s are. I see so much negativity regarding disco pants and spandex shorts. I know it shouldn’t but it does frustrate me and makes me want to wear that sort of thing all the time just to show people that hey, it doesn’t look as bad as you say or think. While I love the summer sometimes I just can’t wait for the cooler days of fall when I will happily wear my spandex disco jeans 2-3 times a week.

In other news, last night I ordered 5 pairs of disco pants in different colors from Aliexpress last night. At about $9 each shipping included it’s a steal. At the very least they make for some great pants to just lounge around in. The bold can dare to venture outside in them. I still don’t get how people are not buying these by the dozens. How do I know they’re not? Well, I don’t see anyone around here wearing them. I totally recommend stocking up on these. Just like AA disco pant, these won’t be around forever either.

I also ordered a couple of swimming jammer shorts online. These are the closest thing to the shiny spandex running shorts of the past. They are high quality lycra & nylon combination and will come in handy should I ever have my own swimming pool or go bike riding.

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Disco Pants-Shorts Gonna Happen

I have been wearing my white canvas (women’s) sneakers a lot lately. Surprisingly, for such a thin-soled shoe they are pretty comfortable. Of course, I added an extra insole inside so that helps make them better to wear. They feel better than Converse or Vans. I have even started to wear them with shorts now that it’s become very hot here. I wasn’t sure I would ever wear them with shorts because I am still a bit self-conscious about wearing women’s sneakers. But I do realize that women have the full array of men’s footwear available for them to wear without question. So there is a double standard in this society, but it’s also a free society and I can wear pretty much whatever I want and for that I am grateful.

But I am just talking about some basic white, canvas sneakers. Yes, they may be blatantly feminine if seen up close. And if I ran into someone I know they might comment that I’m wearing some ‘interesting’ shoes or even ‘girly’ ones. That might make me uncomfortable and I may get defensive. But there is that saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

Still, they are just plain sneakers and for the most part I believe sneakers are or should be generally unisex. Other than the fact that they are super thin-soled–I don’t know of any men’s sneakers that are this thin-soled–and they have that lacing detail around the opening they are just a straight up plain pair of vintage-looking casual shoes. And the very fact that I found them in a size I could wear is incredible.

I notice girls mainly looking at the shoes when I’m wearing them. Perhaps they are recognizing them as women’s shoes. Or maybe they are interested in the shoes themselves. I don’t know what the deal is but I think I’ll be wearing them a lot this summer. I have yet to wear them with disco pants though and I am looking forward to the opportunity to wear these two favorite items of clothing of mine together.

And that brings me to something I wrote about several times before–making disco shorts. Once again I am really into the idea of having a pair of disco shorts made to wear during the summer. I still have that cheap Chinese pair I bought about 2 years ago that the button and zipper both broke. I had cut part of legs off and made a pair of ‘cut off’ disco shorts. I’m talking regular shorts, not the disco shorts that American Apparel came out with (also known as hot pants). I would never wear AA’s disco shorts. My vision is something more similar to bike or compression shorts. Maybe not coming all the way down to the knees but a good, noticeable length nonetheless.

I could not bear to cut up a pair of the classic brand name pants. Even if they were in poor condition. But these Chinese ones that cost $8-11 I have no problem with experimenting with. Even this one with the broken zipper and button looked amazingly good as shorts on me. I’d like to have a little hem sewn on them and I am considering having some belt loops put on them with the extra material from the cut legs. I would love to wear the finished product with those white canvas sneakers.

Would I actually wear these spandex disco pants-shorts in public? Well, it woudn’t exactly be my first time doing so. My first experience with wearing spandex in public was when I used to wear shiny spandex Nike shorts on my way to work and back. Not very many people saw me during those times. But during one of those trips home I did make a stop at a Walgreens to pick up some photos. And I did hit a bike trail with some friends a couple of times in Nike compression shorts or bike shorts. Mind you, this was during the time when shiny spandex gear was becoming less shiny and even matte. I hated that era because it became very difficult to find any new shiny spandex legwear. However, these new Chinese disco pants are even shinier than the brand name ones so shiny spandex is apparently here once again.

Comparing my version of disco shorts to AA style disco pants–I would more readily wear the shorts. Why? Because at the very least, the sight of spandex shorts on a guy is a lot more commonplace than any guy in the leggings-style disco pants. In fact, I just had them on and they looked very flattering with a button shirt and canvas sneakers. Yes, they do look like I’m wearing regular athletic compression shorts except that these are a lot shinier, they have a button & zipper (which no one will likely ever see) and they have back pockets which may be partially visible depending on the shirt I’m wearing. Most importantly, they look great and they are comfortable.

I don’t know how many wearings these cheap pairs can withstand. It might really suck to spend $25-30 on hemming them and having belt loops put on just to see them start to fall apart after a wearing or two. Then again it may be totally worth it just for the sheer thrill of it. Might be a good idea to have two made just as a backup pair.

Skintight shorts are being made for guys nowadays. Just look at Asos and H&M and Topman. I mean absolutely skintight. I even have a couple pairs I bought from one of those stores a few summers ago. Have never worn them even though I really like them. But anyway the point I’m trying to make is that since skintight shorts are available for guys, my wearing skintight shiny spandex ones should not exactly be an anomaly. And since they may resemble running or compression shorts I could wear them with a varitey of sneakers including running ones.

At the end of the day it’s all about being free to wear what we like. And we are free. The question is, are we bold enough to do so? Or will we allow ourselves to be constrained by the eyes and thoughts of everyone else?

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No Disco Pants – 3 Weeks Already

It’s just over 3 weeks now that I last wore disco pants. I hate the feeling. I was doing so well for over 2 months. And it’s just getting hotter and hotter here. This is definitely short-sleeve weather. No jackets for the time being.

Anytime I go out now I wear button-front shirts. I love wearing t-shirts but the last few summers I have stopped wearing them because I felt they make me look larger. So button shirts make me feel I have less weight to hide. However I don’t really like how button shirts look with disco pants. At least not most of the ones I have. You know how these shirts are cut at the bottom to be tucked into pants. And then there are the other ones that are cut straight across with the slits on the side meant to be left untucked. I don’t have many of the latter kind and of the ones I do have I don’t think they look all that great with disco pants. Plus, I prefer wearing dark colors on top due to their slimming characteristics. And you all know about wearing dark colors in the summer.

But there is a shortage of ideal shirts I can wear with disco pants. I’d love to find some affordable, lightweight button shirts in dark colors that are meant for wearing untucked. Black, dark blue, burgundy, dark grey, brown and deep green. Those would be great colors. I have to look around online but this sort of thing can be very difficult to find and searches can take hours upon hours, something I already do plenty of on a daily basis.

So while I may not be wearing disco pants just out and about as I was doing last month, I would still wear them if I were going to the mall I usually go to. Why the mall? I see it as a more formal place than the thrift store. OK, maybe not all the stores in the mall but I am speaking particularly of the department stores. Plus it’s nice and cool in the department stores so you don’t have worry about melting in your spandex disco jeans. However, I would still have to figure out what top to wear. That’s a dilemma not easily resolved at this point.

How about you, readers? Is it really hot where you live? Has summer kicked in full force? Are you going about in disco jeans? Would love to hear your comments. In the meantime I will try to find some shirts for myself.

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Disco Pants on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood?

I haven’t posted in a while for two reasons. The first being that I have not worn spandex disco pants during this time. It has gotten pretty warm here and I knew that would seriously impede my opportunities to wear them. In fact today was over 90°F. T-shirt weather has finally arrived and that for me means shorts and probably some skinny jeans or pants.

The second reason is that for the last half of May and a few days into June I have been watching the Mister Rogers Neighborhood marathon featured on Twitch.com. Like many others, I grew up watching this show and I was totally into it the last several weeks. Thus, I was barely making time for anything else. I wouldn’t even mention this except for the fact that there was a connection between spandex disco pants and the Mr. Rogers show. If you’re familiar with the show you might be thinking this is going to be some ridiculous stretch here. But it’s not for me. There was an episode from 1982–still the height of the disco pants craze–which was an opera that featured a man dressed up as a purple kitten. This kitten was wearing skintight, shiny purple spandex pants as part of the costume. They probably were not spandex disco jeans but they were skintight and had that same kind of shine. As a child to me they were the same kind of pants I had seen countless others wear on TV, such as Menudo, Charlie’s Angels, Sheena Easton, the Solid Gold dancers, etc. So I was instantly enamored when I saw this purple kitten on the Mr. Rogers opera way beack whenever I first saw and every time I saw it since.

Here are a few stills of the purple kitty:




Pictures are not all that high quality but you can get the idea. Those pants are clearly lycra/spandex and could easily pass for spandex disco pants. They are most likely just shiny spandex tights but we may never know for sure. I didn’t catch this particular episode during the marathon because it was shown during the wee hours of the morning, but I can imagine some of the Twitch chat room folks certainly commenting that the kitty was wearing AA disco pants. I certainly wish I could read those chat comments now!

So that’s my spandex disco jeans & Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood connection. Sometimes you can find the unlikeliest of combinations in the unlikeliest of places.

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Almost a Week Since I Wore Disco Pants!

I haven’t worn disco pants in a week now. All because of the heat here this past week. That includes this past Tuesday which was a day I was hoping to get a wearing in. That was the day I was taking someone to the doctor’s office and I wanted to see if there would be any reaction to my disco pants from one of the receptionists there. Didn’t pan out. And now won’t be returning there for several months. Oh well. The good news is tomorrow is going to be 25-30° cooler than than the last several days and it’s also the day I go thrifting so guess what that means? DISCO PANTS TOMORROW!!

But it looks like this cool spell is going to be short-lived and temps will be back up in the 70’s before we know it. So I have to make tomorrow count. It’s going to be about 54° so it’s definitely puffer jacket weather again. Not sure if I’ll wear black pants or midnight pants or maybe even red ones!! I’m pretty eager to wear those steel blue aka blue grey aka grey blue Le Gambi ones also. That one is completely skintight. But it is less ‘out there’ than red ones because it can resemble a pair of bluish gray skintight slim jeans.

At this point I only intend to go to my usual single thrift store tomorrow. Whether I go to any others or anywhere else for that matter is uncertain. But it does look like I may not be wearing disco pants again for a while. So this blue-gray pair is going to be a serious consideration.

I had been wearing my Converse high tops quite a bit lately. I have quite a few pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors, both the high top and low version. I’ve been trying to wear one of my white pairs a lot so I can get that natural look of wear to them. But my right foot has been feeling a bit weird the last two weeks or so. I don’t know if it’s those shoes or any shoes for that matter that has been causing this but I don’t like the feeling and I’ve been trying to wear some shoes that are not as narrow. And since it’s been so warm lately I pulled out those women’s canvas sneakers I got last year and have been wearing them. You might be thinking, “Well, aren’t women’s shoes narrow, too?” Yes they are but I got these in a wide width and they are no where near as constricting as the Converse are. Plus they are very light and perfect for warm weather. I have worn them with various pairs of skinny jeans and the only thing I really still need to do is wear them with disco pants. I have seen some videos of 70’s teen idols Leif Garrett & Shaun Cassidy wearing black spandex disco pants with white oxford shoes. These sneakers I have are oxford style shoes but made of canvas and completely flat-soled. Maybe tomorrow I will pair the shoes and pants together for the first time ever. They are two of my favorite items of clothing going back to my childhood days. I can’t pinpoint the exact year I first noticed spandex disco jeans but I imagine it had to be sometime in the early to mid 1980’s. As far as the shoes, they were more of an in-person type thing with several girls in my school having them. The one I remember noticing first was around 1986. The 80’s really were a great decade for clothing!!

These particular sneakers would go great with AA’s disco pant. I remember girls wearing these canvas shoes with leggings and slouch socks back in the day. Plus, local discount stores like Venture used to sell girls’ shiny lycra pants/leggings during the late 80’s. Unfortunately I never saw any girls wear those lycra pants with those sneakers. Here’s a photo of the sneakers with disco pants followed by a pic of the lycra pants as sold by Venture:

DSC08596 (2)-001   venture3

The shoes the girls are wearing with the lycra pants are not the same kind as the ones I’m talking about in the top photo. They are slightly similar but I have always liked the top ones better. They have the lacing detail around the mouth of the shoe and that’s one of the things that made this sneaker unique. That and the super thin sole.

Finally, I ordered another pair of brand new black Le Gambi disco pants but my first in size 3. I feel the size 4 gives me a great fit. Perhaps even a perfect fit. But I think I can go down a size since the pants do relax a little after wearing them. I like them tight as possible so a size 3 should do the trick. But I will try to eventually get a few more in size 4.

That’s all I have for now. Just looking forward to going out tomorrow in disco pants and perhaps my white canvas sneakers. Should be fun! Hope I find some cool things at the store!!

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Is the Warmth Going to End My Disco Pant Days?

Today turned out to be warmer than the weather forecasters led me to believe. It was already 70° when I left the house. But I wore disco pants anyway. And I almost wore a shiny AA jacket along with them. Almost. Instead I opted for the nylon/spandex AA jacket I wore on another occasion. Either way it was definitely not puffer jacket weather today and will not be for at least the next whole week. So I wore my black Le Gambi, a tight navy blue v-neck short sleeve t-shirt and white high top Converse. It was very sunny so my pants were very shiny.

I went to my usual thrift store first today. There, as I was looking through women’s pants I stumbled upon what I thought was a pair of black disco pants. Saw that typical shine and back pockets, but it turned out to be a nylon blend material sans the spandex. I could’ve sworn they were disco pants but no. They look nice and would probably look very attractive on anyone who could fit into them. Being non-stretch I’m pretty sure I cannot fit into them. But I bought them anyway. Can’t lose for four dollars. They remind me of the nylon jeans I bought online years ago from a retailer in Canada. They had them for men and women but since there was no obvious visual difference between them I ended up buying two of the men’s and 3 of the women’s. For men they only had black, if I remember correctly, and for women they had black, beige & silver. The silver one was the most amazing because, while the other colors were only mildly shiny and only if you were in the right light, it was very shiny regardless of the lighting. Also it was virtually skintight especially when sitting down. Mind you, none of these jeans were stretch. And the only ones I ever wore anywhere were the two black men’s pairs. Those were pretty tight also but they loosened up a lot below the knees. I wore them to one of my jobs a few times and my supervisor on one occasion asked me if I was wearing spandex pants! He actually got up from where he was sitting to come check out the pants after I had passed him by! I guess the pants had picked up some of the lighting and gave them that spandex pants shine. He was a metalhead so he knew about that stuff. When he came by to look at the pants I just told him they were nylon/cotton jeans. I don’t remember if he asked to touch them. On another occasion–could’ve been the same day for all I remember–I was sitting on our secretary’s desk talking with her and she said something like, “You look like you’re really comfortable (in those pants).” I don’t fully remember if she said ‘in those pants’ but I know she was looking at them when she said that. She probably thought they were spandex pants also. But the truth is that I was not all that comfortable in those pants. They were really tight on me and not forgiving at all. I remember them being pretty slippery, too. Whenever I crossed one leg on top of the other it would constantly slip down. Those jeans played a significant part in my passion for disco pants. They were skintight and they were shiny. I still have a pair of the men’s and the black one for women. I cannot fit into either one, and even if I could I wouldn’t dare put anything in the front pockets!

After thrifting I headed to the dry cleaners to pick up the burgundy disco pants. Today both ladies were there, the younger and the older. Once again I thought they were going to say something regarding me and disco pants but nothing was spoken. So either they didn’t notice or just don’t care.

After there I went to Lowe’s again to buy some supplies. As it is Friday and warmer, there was a lot more people today than there was on Tuesday. And a lot more people–women particularly–noticed my disco pants. Especially when I was in the checkout lane. I saw them frequently looking and they were none the wiser that I saw them looking since I was wearing my super dark sunglasses. Some of them smiled at me while others had more of an unhappy look. That’s the best I can describe it. I don’t know if it’s a look of disgust or envy or disbelief. But it’s not a pleasant look. Jealousy is a great possibility. I’m tall and have long legs. One of my younger girl friends once said upon seeing me in disco pants, “You have such long legs. I’m jealous.” So sometimes women are jealous of guys, whether because of their legs or how they look in certain articles of clothing. Let me say this without sounding conceited: I believe I look good in spandex disco pants and I also know that some girls and guys also believe that.

Finally, I went to Pizza Hut. There I ordered and waited inside. It was hot inside the car so I did not want to wait there. While I sat there I took some selfies. It’s very hard trying to get a decent selfie that includes my face and pants. Luckily I did get a nice one. Would’ve been easier with a selfie stick but who goes around carrying that unless you’re at a special place or something?

That was it for today. And perhaps for a while. Or not. But as long as it does not get above 70° by the time I leave the house I can still go out with a jacket and wear disco pants. I’ll just have to keep it to a basic t-shirt underneath and nothing else. I am going to start looking around for a lightweight summer jacket. I love my shiny AA jackets but perhaps shiny pants and a shiny jacket is a bit too much? Whatever the case I need a jacket that only comes as low as the waist. And it has to have an elastic band at the waist. Needs to be very lightweight and I’d prefer not too shiny. I’ll be looking around on Topman, Asos, H&M, etc.

I’m almost grateful that I got sick back in early February due to those tight-waisted jeans I wore. Because of the pain they caused me I have not been able to wear some of my favorite, tightest jeans. I’ve had to wear some looser ones and I’ve been going tighter little by little. During this time disco pants have sort of ‘stepped in’ and allowed me to wear tight pants without having to be in pain. Now I can’t get enough of wearing them and my desire for wearing some of those tightest jeans has lessened. Disco pants are so much more comfortable and make me stand out from others and they reflect the fact that I am an artsy person. And the truth is that once you get used to wearing spandex you really don’t want to wear anything else.

So perhaps my next wearing will be on Monday or Tuesday. I have no plans for Monday at this time. However, on Tuesday I have to take someone to see their doctor. Since I won’t be the one seeing the doctor there’s no reason I could not wear disco pants. Plus I’d like to see if I can get any sort of reaction from the receptionist who works there. She has seen me many times before in skinny jeans but never in disco pants. Should be interesting!

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Parachute Pants Not Needed After All

Several months back I bought a pair of shiny parachute pants to use as a transition from skinny jeans into disco pants. Little did I know that I would just make the jump directly from the denim jeans to the disco jeans.

Once I tried on the parachute pants the button immediately popped off. In case you don’t know, parachute pants are not forgiving like spandex disco pants are. There is no stretch anywhere. And this pair was not made from the traditional, semi-shiny, heavy & noisy nylon material of the famous 80’s pants. This one was really shiny and the material very thin. Probably more ideal for warmer weather. I suspect that if one wears these too tight they will just tear apart very quickly if not immediately.

At this point I don’t even have an interest in parachute pants. I no longer need them as a transition to disco pants. I have crossed the great divide without the aid of parachute pants and there is no looking back.

Today I did not wear disco pants. I knew I would not. My intent is not to wear them everyday even though my desire may be to do so. I just want to wear them 2, maybe 3 times a week on select outings. Tomorrow I plan to go to the thrift store and I am pretty sure I will wear some black ones. Also I have to pick up the burgundy pair I took in for repairs. So I’ll be going into the shop wearing disco pants to pick up a pair of disco pants. I’m curious to see if the girl will say anything. She didn’t say anything when I dropped them off. Another woman who worked there some prior years ago once said, “These are nice pants!” when I dropped off some disco pants to repair.

Unfortunately, tomorrow may be the last time I wear disco pants for a while. Looks like the warmth will be kicking in this weekend and will be setting up camp here. It will definitely be ‘no jacket’ weather. But it has been an amazing ride for me these last 2 months. And any time it gets cool enough to require a jacket I will wear disco pants.


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