100th Wearing & Thrift Store Finds

Today was the day–the 100th wearing of spandex disco pants! After six years and nearly two months of wearing them for the first time I have now worn them for the hundredth time. Yes, six years. Almost seventy-four months. I know–I should have had my 100th wearing years ago. And I probably would have since I was on such a good pace in 2012. But stuff happened. And I won’t let that bother me anymore. I’m currently on track to have my best month ever and best year ever. And I have a lot more that I can make happen from this point forward.

The pants that set the 100th wearing was my Le’Gambi midnight size 6. I paired it with a black-checked Calvin Klein short-sleeve button up shirt and white low top Converse. The shirt is very nice and a perfect match for spandex jeans–not too big or long, not too small and short. I thrifted it some months ago. And of course I toted my messenger bag.

I wasn’t sure about wearing disco pants today. I knew I had several places to go and I still feel a bit awkward wearing them at banks and drugstores. But today is my thrift store day and I love wearing them there. I feel that’s a kind of store where I can wear anything and not feel like an odd man out. I’ve seen people there wearing some very wild clothing with out-of-this-world hairstyles and even face paint. But still no one wearing disco pants. I lament. So I try to make it a point to always wear spandex jeans whenever I go thrifting.

I felt very good and relaxed today. Sometimes I can be a bit skittish in disco pants but today I was perfectly fine. But I lament again–I found no pairs at the store. However, I did come across some other interesting finds.

I bought two pairs of Levi’s 510 Super Skinny jeans of the rigid stretch variety both in very good condition with only some heavier fading around the knees. Both fit nice and snug. I imagine they are each about five years old or more. “Rigid Stretch” used to be a very popular color/wash and I frequently run into them at various second-hand stores. I think too many wearers of this particular type made the mistake of drying their jeans in the dryer which inevitably led to shrinkage horizontally and vertically. The rigid stretch model has since been replaced with the “Rigid Dragon” one, and I also come across solid-looking pairs of these which have been donated due to dryer shrinkage.

I also found a couple of thin, warm-weather track pants that were both on women’s ‘active’ apparel racks. I didn’t see anything particularly feminine about them other than one being a bit more glossy than the other. But who says glossy is only for women? I grabbed them both as I had already looked through the men’s active apparel section and found nothing cheap enough, cool enough for warm weather or in a size I could work with. No baggy junk for me!

The two most exciting finds I came across today also happened to be in the women’s active apparel section. First there was a Hanes Her Way pair of shiny blue spandex capris for only $3.49. They fit pretty perfect on me. Capris are a new thing for me but I think I can rock them. Second, I found a pair of Topshop semi-shiny leggings which I quickly snatched up. I’m not a huge fan of Topshop (or Topman) clothing but these leggings looked and felt good. They are really tiny and while they do fit me, the polyester material is stretched to the max and makes them a bit sheer. Still, they do have a nice sheen to them and I would totally wear them as leggings once I get to the leggings-wearing phase of my personal style.

It’s about to get excessively hot around here with high heat and humidity. I was strongly considering wearing disco pants on Sunday and I still may, but I might also opt to go with something lighter-weight. The next several days I may be wearing my two pairs of disco pant cutoff shorts frequently. That makes me wish I already had a few other colors available to wear. I could go ahead and cut some up on my own but I really love the job my tailor did on that one pair and I’d like to keep them neat and professional looking. If it ends up not costing to much I will ask her to use the material she cuts off from the legs to make five belt loops on the shorts as well.

And speaking of leggings……why would I buy ones made specifically for men? They are also known as meggings, by the way. First of all, the ones I’ve seen online are very loud. They either have gawdy patterns on them or very high shine. Second, they are so expensive! I am not fond of the idea of paying high prices for pants that don’t have a button and zipper or any sort of pockets. Third, they tend to have seams in areas not traditionally found on pants or even tights for that matter. I read many complaints about seams that go through the crotch area and as a result these seams have been ‘relocated.’ Personally I don’t like the look of them. I have no problem with the crotch seam. So I will stick with the cheapy Chinese disco pants which resemble leggings or any shiny ones I find thrifting. And of course there are American Apparel disco pants of which I have many. Again I ask, why would I even consider buying meggings? If their prices dropped, their designs quieted and their shine made more subtle, I would consider a pair. Add two back pockets and I’m in for sure!

Finally, I received a new pair of vintage Le’Gambi spandex jeans yesterday. They are steel blue in color. I already have two in this color but the price was so good I couldn’t pass it up. It is a size one and fits skintight. Another great find!

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1st Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoff Shorts 2018

Today I wore my disco pant cutoff shorts for the first time this year. It was pretty warm today and I figured I would give them a go. (By the way, the one I wore is the pair I had professionally made). I still feel a bit more relaxed in shiny spandex shorts than I do in shiny spandex pants. Not sure why but it probably has to do something with the shorts giving the impression of exercise, compression or just complete comfort and casualness. The pants on the other hand give a look of choosing a more purposeful outfit rather than taking a break between exercise sessions to run some errands.

Anyway, being in those shorts today has revived those past desires to have more of these disco shorts made. They are still available on Aliexpress.com. But I have extra pairs at hand and I’m thinking I’d like a navy blue one and a gray one. In reality I ‘d love to have a pair in each color but I probably wouldn’t wear most. I am envisioning wearing these a lot this summer. Things didn’t quite pan out last year. I’m not sure I remember why.

But I am thinking I will want to wear these ‘disco shorts’ more often and perhaps even on back-to-back days. That means I need to have a few other colors so no one thinks I am wearing the same one everyday. I’m not a fan of wearing  anything everyday, except shoes maybe, so if there’s a particular article of clothing I really like I try to keep more than one of it.

The things I am seeing on Aliexpress right now as I look there are the following:
1. There are not as many sellers of those Chinese disco pants as there were before.
2. The prices have gone up to about $16-18 shipping included. Still cheap, yes.
3. One of the sellers has prices under $10 but a lot less available in terms of sizing.
4. There are a few other sellers charging over $25 for them.

Basically for me I’d have to pay about $16 for a navy blue pair size large. But this seller doesn’t have them in gray. The other seller does and it would cost me $18 to get a gray size large from them. I do already have two pairs each of the navy blue and gray. Am I willing to sacrifice one of each for shorts? Perhaps. But I’m not sure.

A few sellers on Aliexpress are also selling disco leggings which are basically the same Chinese disco pants without zippers & buttons. Even have the back pockets! Those cost $6-$8 each and I think they would make nice leggings or even shorts. They don’t have but four colors and I’m thinking I may pick up a black and a gray or two. Not being used to leggings I am not sure how they would fit on my waist. But they are nice, tight & shiny.

For now I will decide whether to buy more disco pants to make shorts out of or just use some of the ones I already have.

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Not Quite 100 Yet!

Since the post I wrote and thought was published yesterday wasn’t really, I re-published it today. So to avoid two long posts in a single day I will make this one a quickie.

I had the opportunity to make today my 100th wearing of disco pants. I didn’t do it. I sort of regret it but it’s not a great big deal. Turned out to have been a good day for it even though it was raining most of the time. But I wasn’t going to be outdoors anyway. My 100th wearing will have to come some other day this week and it will. Lately I feel like wearing spandex jeans more often than usual–more often than I have been–and I do envision a solid two wearings this week. And if I should go to my place of worship next week again I think there is a strong chance I will wear them then.

I had planned to wear black, jean-style dressy pants today with some brown loafers but after I saw it was raining I changed into black coated Nudie jeans and white Converse high tops. The pants I should have changed into were my new size 5 black Le’Gambi spandex jeans. There was a guy there wearing jogger-style cropped pants and that sort of inspired me to start getting more bold with my outfit choices. Everyone dresses very casually there. Skintight jeans, leggings, skinny pants, track pants, shorts & sneakers is all you mainly see. They’re all younger people so it makes sense. The older people are in their pretentious suits and dresses. And it’s not like by wearing disco pants I am doing something they’ve never seen before. Many or even most of them have.

So now I’m thinking next Sunday will be a definite disco pants day. But it does depend on the weather (somewhat but not really since I’ll be indoors) and my mood/mental state. The weather at this point is forecast to be sunny and near 90°. That means no-sweater weather. It also means I’ll have to wear a top that will not be tucked in and cannot be too large. The oversized top & disco pants look on women is great but I don’t like it so much on me. And of course I will not be wearing any of my super tight disco pants. To start off with it will have to be my size 5 Le’Gambi that I have yet to turn from new to used.

That is what’s going on with me. Looking forward to my 100th wearing this week. Might be making a trip to the mall to return something. Otherwise may just scour some additional thrift stores this week. If it gets too hot I’ll just have to donning the disco pant cutoff shorts!

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Navy Blue Bojeangles – 99th Wearing


I did wear navy blue spandex jeans yesterday. But it wasn’t the Jonden. It was my Bojeangles which I have now worn for only the second time since I’ve had them. I did feel a little more ‘out there’ in them than I do in black ones. They are more noticeable and I did catch a few people looking at them.

It was perfect disco pants weather yet again. Low 60s, light jacket weather. I still prefer 50s but I’ll take this. I paired the pants with a black v-neck tee and a stretch black American Apparel jacket. I could have gone with my shiny black AA night jacket because it wasn’t cold. People were still only wearing short sleeve tees. But I like to cover up my arms and have somewhere to put hands in when I’m walking around. Someone once told me that walking with your hands in your pockets is a sign of insecurity. Perhaps it is but I just feel more relaxed when I have pockets to keep my hands in. I have always been a ‘keep your hands in your pockets’ type of guy.  Probably because arm movement when I walked is something that never came naturally to me. I think I was very robotic in that way. Even now it seems like a very forced movement to me. I find myself putting my hands behind my back–like old folks do–when I’m walking around inside a store and either don’t have pockets to keep my hands in or I just get tired of keeping them in there.

But maybe I am insecure. Maybe I am uncomfortable around people. Especially when I’m wearing something that speaks louder than I do. But that’s also the nature of being a guy who wears disco pants. I cannot wait till I develop the full confidence of wearing them in public before I start wearing them. I have to build up the confidence in the process of wearing them. Same thing with music. I love to make music but I am a really bad singer. Yet, I cannot wait to become a good singer before I start recording music and putting it out there. If you wait too long to do something you want to do, it may come to a point where that thing you want to do becomes meaningless or less acceptable. If I’m finally at my ideal weight and body shape at the age of 60, it might be more peculiar for me to wear disco pants then. Especially if I look 60. Or if my singing voice significantly improves at that age will my music even be relevant then? Who will be my fan base?

This is why it’s important to keep doing (or even start doing) what you want or like now while things are still not quite perfect or ideal. I regret not having started wearing disco pants in my 20s. I regret not having been interested more in singing in my teens and 20s. The thing with the disco pants is that when I was in my 20s clothing styles for men were horribly baggy. I already felt incredibly self-conscious wearing a few pairs of really tight jeans at that time. I would have stuck out like an even sorer thumb wearing shiny spandex jeans! In addition to that, I was trying to be attractive to ladies then and I don’t think I would have had their approval wearing skintight spandex pants (or even any type of tight jeans). One of my co-workers noticed I used to arrive in the mornings of the summer season wearing skintight spandex compression shorts. I didn’t have air conditioning in the car and this was a convenient way to keep cooler and also, I’ll admit, a way to make use of my shiny spandex shorts. Surely enough, he eventually made a comment about them, calling them “nug huggers” or “ball buster” shorts. That didn’t bother me because it was clearly typical of the times. Nowadays men’s styles have gotten visibly slimmer and tighter and it’s less of a spectacle than it was then. Of course, familiarity breeds a certain kind of sense of freedom in making such comments. There were a lot more people who knew me then and felt comfortable pointing out things about my wardrobe selections than there are now. But the remedy to all this is just wearing the ‘different’ stuff all the time. I’ve written it many times before. When people get used to seeing you wear those things it will become less of a spectacle and start to become an expectation. That is what happened to me with disco pants at the place of worship I used to attend. I wore spandex jeans there so often that when I wouldn’t wear them I’d hear, “You’re not wearing your spandex pants?!” That’s the key to getting acceptance with most anything. And by acceptance I don’t necessarily mean approval; it’s more like an attitude adjustment to “Well, that’s what he wears. It’s not a big deal. Time to move on.” To me that’s acceptance enough. But it’s something you’ll have to deal with every time you meet or face new people.

So while I feel and look rather young I will continue to wear shiny spandex disco jeans. Since I’m not on the market for a relationship I feel even more free to do so. I’m getting to the point where it will actually be a requirement to accept this as a staple of my wardrobe if a girl wants to be in a relationship with me. If any of you guys out there are in a relationship with a girl who not only accepts your wearing of disco pants but also loves that you wear them and wears them herself, cherish it! I believe this is extremely rare. Personally, I have never seen or read about a disco pants couple anywhere ever.

Yesterday’s wearing was my 99th time wearing spandex jeans. My milestone 100th wearing could come as early as tomorrow. I’m going to my place of worship tomorrow and what could be more fitting than my 100th wearing coming at the place where I started wearing them in the first place? I’m not certain I will wear them though. I’m still a little skittish at the thought of wearing them there, even though it’s virtually the place I wore them the first 47 times. If I do wear any it will be my brand new black Le’Gambi size 5 which are slightly looser than my ideal fit. Or I may go with a tighter fit and wear the midnight Le’Gambi size 6. Or might I debut my brand new royal blue Le’Gambi size 5? I’m not sure but I am really leaning towards the black ones. But I also have other outfit ideas that don’t include disco pants or skinny jeans.

Another factor is that the forecast for tomorrow is 77° which means an appropriate top will be challenging. Will have to contemplate deeply an outfit for tomorrow.

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June 2018 – A Record Month in the Works?

Tomorrow is only the eighth day of the new month and it will already be the third time I wear disco pants in June! I wore them yesterday on a whim. Was going to Walmart and decided to put on my black Jonden pair just to see how they looked on me. Well, once I had them on there was no turning back. I was not going to take them off for another few hours.

I paired the pants with my white low Converse and a lightweight John Vavatos purple checked long-sleeve button shirt. Not exactly the top I really prefer with disco pants but I didn’t know how the weather was. I saw that it was in the low 70s. I figured this thin shirt would keep me cool and keep my arms from sun exposure. This shirt is also a bit tight on me so tight pants and a tight shirt was going to be my OOTD. Of course, that left me a bit self-conscious but c’est la vie.

When I stepped outside my house it was cloudy and dark even and with a cool breeze. Immediately I regretted my top of choice and wished I had worn my Rolling Stones hoodie. But by the end of the trip it was sunny and getting warm so I would have felt worse in the hoodie.

After Walmart I stopped by a nearby goodwill store that I’ve gone to several  times before. It was at this store that I found a dark green pair of AA disco pants once. No such luck yesterday. But I was standing in an area where a mirror was at the end of the aisle. I kept looking at myself in that mirror from this distance and the pants were looking really good. Definitely need to wear these Jonden’s more often.

I may have mentioned this before, but one of the things I really like about Jonden spandex jeans is that its zipper flap comes a long way down the front of the pants, whereas some of the other brands’  flaps end a lot higher up. So if you’re wearing a longer shirt with some of the others brands the whole flap can be covered up and lead some people to think you’re wearing tights or yoga pants , both of which I have been accused of. It’s a minor detail of course but something I would consider if I were to ever design a version of these awesome pants myself!

Furthermore, this black Jonden I wore has a very forgiving waist and I figured it would help lessen the obvious extra weight I have on top, made especially visible when I wear pants with very tight waists. I think it succeeded in doing that and as a result I need to keep this pair in heavier rotation this summer. As much as I adore my very first small label, black Le’Gambi pair, it is one of those ‘waist squeezers’ and gives me a muffin top. While not a problem when the weather is chilly enough for jackets or coats, in warm weather a mere t-shirt is not enough to hide this problem. But I am grateful that I have options. I have some that are perfect for warmer weather and others that are perfect for cooler weather.

As for tomorrow, I am thinking I could really wear my navy blue Jonden for the first time. It’s my usual thrift store day and who knows where else I may end up going. But it is time to get into that navy blue color—be it the Jonden or my new Bojeangles which I have only worn once. Yes, I am pretty sure I will wear the navy blue Jonden tomorrow.

With my third wearing for the month coming in eight days this could be a record month. October 2012 and May 2017 both featured six wearings each. It’s a bit early to think about but I am placing myself in position to have my best month ever. After May 19 of last year I hadn’t worn disco pants for almost two months, but I did start wearing my disco pant cutoff shorts–more on that later. This year after May 19 I already have three more wearings with a possible fourth tomorrow. But it is impressive to think that after nineteen days of last year’s May I already had six wearings. Probably would have had even more if it weren’t for the heat. (I imagine it was the heat that kept me from wearing disco pants for nearly two months then).

Getting back to my disco pant cutoff shorts–will I be wearing them this year? My thoughts on wearing shorts at all this summer have been that I would wear them much less than before. I’m kind of not into shorts much anymore. I don’t spend a lot of time outdoors when it’s so hot that you would normally wear shorts. And I don’t like the feeling of my legs sticking to the leather seats in my car. Truth be told, when it’s burning hot in your car it doesn’t really matter whether you’re wearing shorts or pants. But I will not completely rule out wearing shorts this summer. I do remember how good those shiny, skintight disco cutoff shorts looked on me last summer. I did wear the two pairs I have a total of seventeen times last summer from June to August. And the pair I had professionally tailored looks and feels great on, moreso than the one I cut myself.

Well, it’s almost tomorrow. Looking forward to another disco pants Friday and hopefully a day of great finds at the thrift store.

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Starting Off June in Disco Pants

I fall in love with disco pants further and deeper every time I wear them. Today is the first of June and what a way to start off the month by wearing a pair!

A bit cooler today than the past several days’ heat spell. When I got up I noticed my backyard temperature station read 59°F. It has not been that cool around here in at least a full week. Knowing that today be Friday and it’s my thrift store day, that temperature reading further served as a sign to wear spandex disco jeans today. And so I did.

I wore my new black Le’Gambi size 4 and paired it with my black Pink Floyd t-shirt and a navy blue nylon bomber jacket. And white Converse high-tops of course. The jacket is from ASOS and it’s my first time pairing it with disco pants. It’s a great jacket. It’s a bit form-fitting, as I imagine most clothing from ASOS tends to be. And it has that elastic waistband which means it stays close to the body for a nice streamlined look. I did find myself constantly pulling down on it in order to not have my groin and bum fully exposed. But it is somewhat of a short jacket–not bad short, rather good short. So as much as I pulled down on it some of the crotch area and the pockets on the bum were still visible. That is absolutely fine with me. Ideally that is how this jacket or any jacket or top that I wear with spandex jeans should fit. I’m not a fan of the long (and loose) tops that cover everything up.

My outfit made me feel like a rockstar today. And it was all the pants. I could have been wearing skinny jeans and I wouldn’t have felt like a rockstar. But the skintight shiny pants is what did it. Does that mean if I wear a sweater or sport jacket with some Chelsea boots and disco pants I would feel like a rock star? No, but those pants do give an edge to any outfit. I may not look like a rocker when wearing a sweater, dress boots and spandex disco pants, but there is an element of ‘celebrity-hood,’ rebellion and sex appeal which those pants alone can bring about. Are those things important to me? Absolutely not! I just love the pants and feel good wearing them. If others think I look like a rockstar or I’m posing as one, it doesn’t matter to me. I am just being who I am. It’s all about authentic self-expression.

There is a very good chance I may wear spandex jeans in the next day or two again. I need to make a trip to a Kohl’s store and redeem my Kohl’s cash which expires after Sunday. But I want to go to a different Kohl’s store than the one I usually go to. Will I dare wear shiny disco pants to a less-than-familiar store on a weekend? It’s not a certainty, but I was thinking today that it wouldn’t be troubling to me if I wore disco pants everyday. Actually that would be a dream come true. What wouldn’t necessarily be troubling is if I were known around these parts as the guy who always wore them.

Previously I mentioned the desire to debut white disco pants this summer. I’m still intent on doing that but I’d like to find some flesh-colored briefs first. Dark underwear and even white underwear is very noticeable under white disco pants. And the tighter the pants fit the more noticeable they become. Thus the only way to go is with some skin-colored underwear which I do not recall ever seeing. The next best option would be to go with something lighter, not darker.

This past Memorial Day weekend featured an American Apparel sale of 30% everything. I did not make a purchase. I had considered getting a black disco pant and a pearl one but it didn’t happen. Just didn’t feel like a priority at this time. I am still awaiting the charcoal one. I’d like to have the charcoal straight-leg pair for this summer, fall at the latest. But I am also still having a hard time finding an affordable pre-owned pair on the various e-commerce websites. All I can do is keep looking.


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Disco Pants in 90° Weather? No Problem!

I didn’t wear disco pants on my usual Friday trek to the local thrift store. It was hot yesterday–hotter than it has been all year, seemingly. But that’s no excuse since I wore them today which was even hotter than yesterday. Let’s just say that my mood was ruined early on in the day yesterday and when that happens I lose my desire to–yes– even wear disco pants.

As the rest of the month of May is being forecast to be in the 80s and 90s I figured I was going to finish it off with a mere three disco pant wearings again. Since it was so hot yesterday and my mood was afflicted I wore some very lightweight Nike track pants. They are great summer pants and super comfortable but they have a delimma similar to spandex disco jeans–they lack in pocketry. Where the beloved disco pants only have rear pockets good for wallets and phones, the track pants have only front pockets good for keys and wallet. So I toted my messenger bag along. And I felt okay with the bag, though still largely unaccustomed to it.

Today was not planning to go anywhere until a household member suggested Kohl’s to which my thoughts immediately turned to shiny spandex jeans. There was no doubt I’d wear them today. Since I had done the bit with the messenger bag yesterday it would be a more natural reflex to reach for it again today. And I did. So I wore a pair of black Le’Gambi pants and a Calvin Klein short-sleeve button shirt along with my white Converse high tops. I have to stick with looser-fitting, dark tops when wearing spandex jeans. Anything else makes me look too large on top. Another tip for myself is to avoid the pants that are super tight on the waist as they do create a muffin top which even a loose, dark top has difficulty concealing. So the disco pants I should devote to summer wearing would include the Le’Gambi size 4 I wore today; the brand new black Le’Gambi size 5 I have yet to wear; my black Jonden pair; and the brand new royal blue Le’Gambi size 5. Basically any of them that have a looser waist or are just overall a larger size. I guess my Chinese modified pairs would be candidates, too.

What I am thinking about starting to wear this summer is my white Le’Gambi spandex jeans. White is a great color for hot weather. I tried them on this evening with some button shirts and it looked great as long as the shirt is long and loose enough. Also, even though the top part of the pants will be covered by the shirt, it is a good idea to wear lighter colored underwear. I was wearing black and it’s completely see-through. Other than that, white is not a loud color as some of the others are and there should be no issues wearing them. I am looking forward to my first time in them.

Today’s wearing was my 18th for the year and 96th overall since 2012. It is looking like June or July will have my historic 100th wearing. I am shooting for June.

Finally, there is a Memorial Day sale going on at American Apparel and everything is 30% off, including their disco pants. I am planning to order a black and a pearl in medium. Don’t miss out! It’s not often disco pants are part of any sales anymore at that store.

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