Tight End Disco Pants & 66th Wearing

I wore spandex disco jeans again today! Although it wasn’t the midnight navy Le’Gambi it was disco pants nonetheless. Last night I was really pumped about wearing disco pants today but there was still some doubt in my mind. My aforementioned midnight navy pair was feeling tighter than normal in the waist and I suspected it was the small size 5 pair I have. I took them off to see and it was my size 6 after all! I don’t remember them fitting that tight in the waist before. That’s not good. So I went with my black Jonden pair. It’s what I call my ‘safe pair.’ While it’s not the first ever pair I wore in public it is the one that got me started wearing such pants on a regular basis earlier this year. If you’ll recall, I had some stomach problems from wearing an old pair of jeans with an exceedingly tight, non-stretch waistband. As a result of that I had to avoid all tight-fitting jeans for quite some time. This Jonden pair of disco jeans has the most forgiving waistband I’ve ever seen in disco pants and, not only did it allow me to start wearing skintight pants again, it actually started this near 4 month period of me wearing spandex disco pants casually in public. So this pair of spandex jeans holds a special place for me, even if it’s not the shiniest or sturdiest pair I own.

I had to take someone to see a doctor today and I tried on the pants for the hell of it. I figured I’ll take them off after seeing how I looked and at best put on my disco pant cutoffs, at worst just put on some slim jeans. But when I looked at the clock I realized I had no time to change into anything else as the appointment time was quickly approaching. So I had to swiftly decided what shirt to wear with them. I prefer the button shirts that are not made to be tucked in, as they have that nice straight-across-cut bottom hem. So I grabbed a dark green one and went out the door. And of course I wore my white Converse high tops.

It was surely warmer and sunnier today. So even though these Jonden’s don’t shine as much as some of my others, when the sunlight hits them there is no denying they are spandex pants. First stop was the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, the girl I was hoping to see at the desk was not there today. Bummer. That makes the last two times I go there that she’s not there. Spent over two hours there. It was kinda dead and nothing eventful happened. After there I went to Walmart where I knew it would be packed since it’s a weekend before school starts. And it was packed but not just with children. The main that happened there was a young woman whose eyes darted to my pants right when I looked her in the face. That was rather funny to see her eyes looking down at my pants. Would love to know what went through her mind. And then there was also a little girl who turned around to look at me in 2 different areas of the store. Kids don’t usually judge you on stuff like that unless they come from an environment where judgment and negativity are constantly flying about. Some kids I know that were about her age were fascinated by the pants. So perhaps she was, too.

After that it was off to Subway for some takeout. Their parking lot was full so I had to park on the busy street right next to it and walk a bit to the store. There was someone already in there eating and then a woman who came in after me. I don’t know if they looked at me or whatever. But that was all for today. I spent about 5 hours in disco jeans today.

I don’t know what today’s official high temp was here but it certainly in the mid 70’s and does prove that I can wear disco pants in this kind of weather and feel comfortable. This 70ish weather is going to continue for the rest of the week so don’t be surprised if write additional posts about several more wearings. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly cooler than today, but even if I do go somewhere tomorrow I don’t think I’ll go for 3 wearings in a row. I may wait until Monday or later.

One of the colors I am getting really eager to wear is that greyish color with the blue tint. I have two pairs of those, a Frederick’s and a Le’Gambi, and I do prefer the Le’Gambi. Both pairs are pretty tight and shiny, but the Le’Gambi is even tighter and a little shinier. I wish it were more of a solid grey color without the blue tint, but it is a great color nonetheless and in some photos it does come out as solid grey. The day I finally wear those in public will be a pretty special day. And it may not be that far away!

I did receive the Tight End pair today. It’s that really shiny, silky type material similar to some Jonden pants I have and some of the later Frederick’s ones that were made. Unfortunately, the pants are very tight and do not fit at this time. Mind you, I did try to hurriedly get them on after arriving home and taking off the Jonden. I will try again but the waistband has no stretch to it whatsoever and the material in general has very little side-to-side stretch. In my initial attempt to get them on I could not get them past the midpoint of my upper legs. But they really are a gorgeous pair of spandex jeans. I may have to try again but lying down.

You know what’s weird? I still don’t see anyone anywhere I go wearing disco pants. Perhaps the places I go aren’t really the norm for seeing that. But didn’t we establish that disco pants were a casual item now? Aren’t tight-fitting pants of all kinds now the norm for guys and gals? So what’s the deal? Though I would love to see more people, someone, anyone wearing disco pants wherever I go, I am perfectly content being the only one wearing them. I love clothing but I’m not going to be someone who keeps up with all the trends. If something I like is in style I’ll wear it. When it goes out of style I’ll keep wearing it. I kinda wish I were in college now. Actually I really wish I were. Would love to show up to classes wearing disco pants. It’s a bit different living on campus versus commuting to school. Living on campus is almost like a sanctuary where you can dress how you want and only have to deal with that university community. But yeah, it would be interesting to see reactions from young college students.

Finally, as promised here is another clip I came across of plenty of spandex disco pants. It’s from Cher’s “Take Me Home” tour from 1980. Features tons of both male and female dancers, singer, musicians all in disco pants. This is just a clip but you can find the entire show in the video below it. Why watch just a clip and stop there when you can see more, more, more disco pants? You’ll even see Bette Midler sporting bright green ones in the complete video. That’s exactly the color I’ve been wanting for a long time!

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Wore a Vintage Le’Gambi Pair Today

As expected and planned I did wear spandex disco jeans today. And I went with my old black Le’ Gambi pair size 2 that I wrote about yesterday. It felt really great being in those pants out & about today. I want to wear them all the time!

It did turn out to be cool as forecasted. In fact, when I go up it was 61° in my backyard. That is an absolutely ideal temperature for wearing disco pants. It was cloudy and even sprinkled a bit but I did feel it warm up slightly and there was even some sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds by the time my errands were done.

I wore a black Rolling Stones hoodie with the pants and white Converse high tops. I really felt like a bit of a rock star wearing all that. The hoodie was something I came into a few months ago and this was the first time I wore it. Absolutely a great item to wear with disco pants. My only beef with this hoodie is that it fits me a bit large and long. I tried shrinking it a bit by putting it in the dryer but it remains large. It completely covers the crotch and back pockets which I suppose I can live with. The fact that it is a Stones hoodie gives it such an edge that I can overlook any faults it may have. But were it not a Stones hoodie I would not wear it with disco pants. I would look for something just a bit snugger fitting and definitely shorter.

I went to a 7/11, my usual thrift store, a supermarket, another 7/11 and finally Domino’s Pizza. And I felt completely comfortable and at ease. It’s funny how you can become so acclimated to certain things–things you may have been much afraid or unsure of initially. Yes, we all must get used to doing things that must be done even though at first we may be afraid, hesitant or unsure of. But here in this context I speak not of doing something that needs to be done but something you want to do. Something that you may face resistance or criticism for doing. For me it was first wearing skintight jeans. I received resistance for it and succumbed to the fears it created in me. Thus I rarely wore them. But many years later I tried again and I received resistance once more. This time I stuck with it though and forced my critics to accept my choices. As time passed my jeans got tighter and tighter and my critics became more and more used to it and realized it was a part of who I am. Then came the spandex disco pants. This was definitely different territory but the whole tight jeans thing made it easier by building the foundation I needed to cruise through the resistance.

So today was really great. Except at the pizza place. I was sitting there by the window and trying to take some pics of myself but there was this annoying woman there who probably thought I was trying to get photos of her. I was positioning the camera as far away from me as possible so I could get all of me and especially the pants in the photo. From her perspective it probably looked as though I was trying to get a Kodak moment of her which I assure you was absolutely not the case. As far as the girl from the doctor’s office whom I will be seeing tomorrow–I wouldn’t mind a photo of her. Even more so if she wore disco pants.

The official temperature was about 67° and that was well after I got home. And I’m even entertaining the idea of wearing disco pants again tomorrow. Not only because I felt so good in them today but because of that girl I just mentioned. I would like to see if she notices my pants and what sort of reaction she has. But tomorrow is not going to be like today. They’re already forecasting nearly 80° for then. I mean, I don’t really mind wearing spandex disco jeans in 80° weather but the difficulty lies in finding the right top to wear with them. I’m still not all that keen on wearing them without some kind of hoodie or jacket on top . Oh well. Who knows, if the mood strikes me in the morning I may just put on my midnight navy pair and not take them off until I come back home!

Now for those of you who have stuck around this far I have a treat. I came across this video (one of several) called “Raquel Welch’s Subway Fantasy” from 1980. It starts with one guy in black disco jeans but as the musical progresses to other songs more and more men appear in shiny disco jeans and in various colors. It’s a great watch from a different time and I’ll have more videos on my next post.

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Disco Pants Tomorrow & Tight End Disco Pants on the Way

So tomorrow is still looking like a relatively cool day and I am getting excited about wearing spandex disco jeans. I get that butterflies-in-the-stomach feel. Not sure why I don’t get this feeling when I wear my disco pant cutoffs. I guess there’s just something more exciting about wearing more of this material as opposed to less. I’m even considering wearing one of my old, vintage pairs. In particular, my very first pair of the small label black Le’ Gambi. Even 5 years later it remains one of my favorites and one I would never travel far without. Since it’s a size 2 it has a bit lower rise which is great for me because it means the top of the waist won’t fold down. And it has an inseam just long enough that I don’t have to fold the hems inward. I need to start wearing these old pairs out and leave the newer ones for more grandiose occasions. Oh yeah, another reason I like this pair is that it’s skintight. Yes, it loosens up a bit after wearing them for a while but not to the point where anyone would consider them anything short of absolutely skintight. And I do mean from the knees on up. Beliow the knees they fit like a modern pair of slim jeans or pants.

The forecast temperature for tomorrow keeps dipping a few degrees and then creeping up a few degrees. Yesterday they were saying it was going to be cooler. Today they raised the temp a few. But it will be mostly cloudy so that should help keep it feeling cooler. But without sun there won’t be too much of a shine to see from my pants. But that’s okay because disco pants are just awesome to wear even in the dark.

But I’m not completely sure I’ll wear the old Le’ Gambi pair. I might just go with the brand new pair I bought last November and wore often during the spring. Or I may go with the black Jonden pair. I know for sure I’ll be going to my usual thrift store tomorrow. That’ll be the first stop. After there it’ll be off to either Aldi or Walmart, both of which I have already worn disco pants to.

While some of the weathermen here have been saying it will be ‘jacket weather’ tomorrow I’m sure I will not be wearing any kind of jacket. At worst I may wear a long-sleeve button up shirt and roll up the sleeves if it starts feeling warm. But more than likely I’ll just wear a short-sleeve button up shirt. This reminds me that I need to dig out my hoodies because I have some which I would really like to wear with disco pants when that time comes.

By the way, I bought another vintage pair today. This one is a Tight End brand and it will be my first pair of that brand name. It’s black and I know I don’t really need any more black ones but they just looked so good and shiny and the price was right so I bought them. Their nylon to spandex ratio is similar to some of the really shiny & silky Jonden pairs I have so I’m thinking they will be like those. And it does look so in one of the photos. Basically the range of nylon in spandex disco pants is 85-90% while the spandex itself goes from 10-15%. I have noticed that the shinier pairs are usually the ones that have only 85% or 87% nylon. But even with some of the newly made pairs I have seen that they are quite shiny and they are 90% nylon. So it probably does have more to do with some other factors than just the ratio of nylon to spandex. But I am excited about this Tight End pair. The photos show a very trim woman in the pants with a skintight ft. That does worry me a bit in terms of whether they will fit me. On the other hand I have squeezed myself into some very small pairs and I believe that as long as I can fit myself into a vintage size 2 I should be okay.

That’s all for now. Will let you what I end up wearing tomorow and how it goes.

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Chinese Disco Pants Price Drop!

I checked last night and discovered that the Aliexpress seller who had raised prices on their disco pants lowered them back to what they were. So I went ahead and placed another order. If the pants in this order turn out as I hope they do I will probably not be buying anymore for a while. But I am curious as to the pants some of the other vendors have and are selling for $15-$20 each. Are they the same? I may have to pick up a few more here and there.

So with last night’s order I now have 2 orders I am waiting on to arrive. I am very eager to receive these because the first one includes grey and wine colored pants while the second one contains ideal fitting navy and white pairs. Their grey is a color I’d really like to have in shorts and of course so is the navy. We’re entering August tomorrow and I’d like to have more of these shiny spandex shorts to sport around as I go about my business during what’s left of summer. I know September will be warm as well but it does tend to be the transition month from warmer to cooler weather. Either way it’s a win-win for me as I get to wear disco pants if it does get cooler all of a sudden. But I am grateful for these disco pant cutoffs I made for it has kept me ‘in the spandex’ during the warm summer months. Winter will be another story altogether so I will have to make the most out of this coming autumn by wearing spandex disco jeans as often as possible. With all the colors I have I am seriously talking 3 or 4 wearings per week every week until it gets too cold.

I’ll have to come up with some idea to ‘stay in spandex’ during the frigid winter months. I know they used to have shiny skintight spandex ski pants in the 1980’s. Their shine was comparable to that of spandex disco pants. That is what I’d like to find. Otherwise I’ll have to look into the possibility of thermalizing disco pants. Would it look good? Would it be practical? I’ve tried wearing Under Armour with disco pants but there were all these visible seam lines from the UA tights. And the disco pants weren’t even that particularly tight. But that turned out to not be a good look. I never made that pairing again.

Even as I write this I am doing Google searches to find something good, but the shiny stuff and the tight stuff is all for women and none of it looks like what I have seen before. I wrote some time ago that in an episode of “Too Close For Comfort” the two young daughters were going on a ski trip and the blonde was wearing a skintight, shiny black pair of pants that was part of her skiing outfit. The pants looked remarkably similar to spandex disco jeans except they had no rear pockets. I would love to find something like that. I’m not wild about no back pockets but I could always have some put on.

Anyway it is early to think of winter. Fall even. But the weatherman said this Friday might be a ‘jacket weather’ day and when I hear that phrase I can’t help but think it may be a ‘disco pants’ day as well. But then he said it’s going to be 73° and I immediately became disappointed as I wondered who wears a jacket when it’s 73°? Friday is still a ways off but it’s not looking like jacket, hence disco pants, weather to me.

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Price Hike on Chinese Disco Pants!

So I was ready to place another order last night with the 3rd vendor I purchased from and to my surprise they raised their price to $19 per pair! OK, it’s still cheap compared to American Apparel but it makes ordering 5 or 6 pairs not as painless as before. I had to stop myself from ordering them. Hopefully they will bring the price back down. I have to order from this particular seller because they are the only ones who have the pants in navy. I will check again later today.

Twenty dollars per pair is really not bad but their sizing is so bad that it’s totally hit-or-miss when you buy a pair. And being in China makes it unfeasible to send back for a refund. I guess that is the price you pay for something like this.

I don’t see myself placing too many more orders. But there are more colors & fits I need to get just right before I completely stop. Here is what I have thus far:

  • Red: I have 2 pairs both XL and both fit skintight. Not sure if I will want this color for shorts
  • Purple: I have 2 pairs both XL and both fit skintight. Most likely will not have shorts made in this color
  • Turquoise: I have one pair XL and it fits skintight. Most likely will not have shorts made in this color
  • Gold: I have 2 pairs both XL. One fits skintight, the other loose. Probably no shorts made
  • Royal blue: I have 3 pairs all XL. One fits skintight, the other 2 loose. Definitely want shorts made in this color
  • Gray: I have 2 pairs. One is XL and is loose. The other is L and is from an order I placed about 2 years ago. It is skintight. Definitely want shorts in this color
  • White: I have one pair XL and fits loose. Not sure if I want white shorts but it does go with everything
  • Black: I have 2 most recent pairs both XL and both on the loose side. I have several pair from previous years’ orders which are L & XL and all fit skintight. I want at least one more pair of shorts made in black.

So we’re looking at navy, royal blue, gray & black being the key colors I need the right fit for in order to make shorts. You might say since I already have skintight pairs of royal blue and grey I could go ahead and make shorts out of them. Well, since they are my only pairs in those colors with a skintight fit I don’t want to go cutting them up. Only when I have a 2nd pair of royal blue that fits skintight will I make the shorts. Ditto for the gray. This is because I would like to believe that someday I will yet wear these skintight Chinese pairs out in public. And if not in public then at the very least at home all day everyday.

Getting back to the colors–other than the ones I mentioned above there aren’t too many other offerings available. I did order a couple of wine-colored pairs recently. And I have noticed some of the vendors offer a color they call “lavender” and others call “light purple.” I haven’t seen any silver or greens or pinks. Some vendors show photos of colors they don’t even have for sale! I’ve seen photos of the mint green and baby pink on their listings but you can’t buy them.

I don’t know if any of you readers are buying these pants AND having success with the sizing. I’m sure all of you want them to fit as they are meant to fit–skintight. My success rate with the most recent 3 orders is 7/14 or 50%. There is still that one black pair I have yet to receive from the 2nd order but I’m not holding my breath in terms of it fitting skintight. I can still work with the other ones if they don’t fit to my liking but I don’t want to end up with too many that are very loose. The loose pairs might not even make good shorts. That’s something I should consider trying though before making a final verdict.

Anyway, midway through writing this I had to go out so I put on my disco pant cutoffs. I also did yesterday so it was the 2nd day in a row that I wore them out. I’m up to 11 wearings now since I’ve made this thing. And they are still holding up pretty well. I believe the reason is that they are not so tight that they are squeezing me. You’ve seen the pictures. They are form-fitting and look skintight but they are not restrictive at all. If they were as tight as my size large pairs from my orders from two years ago, they might start showing clear signs of stretching.

At one of the stores I went to today there was a dude there doing some shopping and wearing a pair of printed black leggings. I thought that was really cool! Especially since he was listening to music privately and jamming out. That was a guy totally comfortable with himself and his clothing choices. I’m not really into printed leggings but it was inspiring nonetheless to see him in that. I had to do a double take at first because I needed to confirm it was a man, not  a woman. I’m sure he saw my shorts too and I can’t help but wonder what he thought of them.

On a final note, there are still sellers on ebay–and especially on Etsy–who are trying to get hundreds of dollars for old vintage pairs of shiny spandex jeans. At this point I would not pay $100 for any old pair unless it happens to be one of the few colors I am still seeking. But these sellers are asking $100+ for colors as common as black and red. And some are brand names that weren’t exactly known for making these pants. If you’re going to spend this much you might as well buy the brand new pairs I have written about. I remember that on some social media site one time I found an old vintage pair that a person was trying to sell for more than a brand new pair! After commenting twice that you could buy new ones for less and seeing those comments removed, I was blocked from that person’s account. LOL! I understand you have something rare there and you want to make some money off it but, for crying out loud, it’s not a $20 Double Eagle gold coin! Take a look sometime at disco pants on Etsy.com. Rarely will you find a pair that is not heavily defective for less than $100. Then take a look at completed sales on Ebay and you’ll see that most sold between $20 and $80.

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3rd Disco Pants Order Fit Pics

As promised, here are some fit pics of my latest Chinese disco pants order. This order took 13 days to arrive from the date of placement. Unfortunately, the results are just like the first two orders. The best news is that the blue pair fits skintight while the black and navy pairs fit a little more like I expect size XL to fit.

So let’s start with the best of the bunch. Here is the blue:

Disco Pants Mine27

This is my first of 3 pairs in this color to fit tight. The first two were disappointly loose. I would like to make a pair of shorts in this color. I will try ordering another pair from this same seller and hopefully it will fit similar to this or just slightly looser.

Here is the black:

Disco Pants Mine26

Not as loose as the black pair from my first order–still waiting on the black from my 2nd order–but looser than the XL pair I made shorts from. However, this is a more comparable fit to the XL American Apparel pair I had a while ago. This one is okay but not how I like them.

Here is the navy:

Disco Pants Mine25

Ditto on this pair. More of what I expect from an XL pair but still not to my liking. The good thing is since this is XL I can size down for a better fit (hopefully). It’s a great color and I definitely want to make shorts out of this color as well.

Next up is my first pair of white ones:

Disco Pants Mine23

This is a very nice, bright white. It’s whiter than the more ivory-colored vintage pants and the AA version. However, as you can see, the pants are quite loose. Again, good thing is I can size down and hope for a better fit. Wouldn’t mind having a pair of shorts made out of this color as well.

Finally, here is the gold:

Disco Pants Mine24

This one turned out to be qutie loose as well. My gold pair from the 2nd order was skintight. This one not so much. I don’t think I’ll be getting more in this color. If this pair had turned out to fit like the first one I might have made shorts out of them. But as it is, I probably would not wear this color in shorts. So I think I’m done with this color.

Hopefully, these pics and info here help anyone interested in ordering some of these panst. This particular seller on Aliexpress is called Yomsong Store and, unlike the other sellers I have purchased from, this one is still selling these pants. The quick shipping is nice, too. I will be ordering several colors from them again.

I did order another few pairs from yet another seller yesterday. Got a couple of gray and wine-colored ones. Might seem ridiculous to buy so many, especially when many are turning out to be lemons. But I’ll find uses for them and if not I will just resell them. At these prices, you could even resell for $15 or $20 and make a small profit. Believe me, if their sizing were more consistent, I would buy loads of these and sell them on ebay. There are plenty of women who don’t know about these pants and are lamenting the passing of AA’s version. I may even try selling a few of my loosest ones just to see if there’s any interest. The key is to be sure to provide actual measurements. Can’t go by the labelled size since there is no standardization.

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Received 3rd Order of Chinese Disco Pants

Today I received my 3rd order of Chinese disco pants. Again, I ordered all XL and the colors are black, blue, navy, white & gold. There is some good news and some bad news.  Here is the good news:

  • The blue pair fits skintight. This is the first of 3 pairs that fit skintight
  • The black pair fit a bit tighter than the one from the first order. It fits about how I expect an XL to fit on me and quite similar to the XL AA pair I once had
  • The navy pair also fit about how an XL should fit
  • This means I can size down on the black & navy to get better fits

The bad news is that:

  • The gold pair fits super loose
  • The white pair fits super loose
  • The blue pair fits skintight as an XL so I can’t size down any further for a looser fit
  • There are still some horrible sizing inconsistencies not matter the seller

I will provide fit pics on my next post.

One final bit of good news is that I can size down on the white and gold as well to get better (tighter) fits. I’m going to order from the same seller and get size large in black, navy and white. And grey if they have it. I really like the navy color. They would make great shorts. And I’ll probably get another blue in XL and make shorts out of them as well. As far as gold goes, I don’t think I’ll get anymore of that color. I’ve got a tight pair and a loose pair. Red, I’ve got two tight pairs. Purple, I’ve got two tight pairs. Turquoise, I have one tight pair.

Stay tuned for photos.

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