2017–The Year in Review

The year 2017 was a good year in terms of disco pants in many respects. First, I can consider it to be my second ‘break out’ year. In 2012 I started wearing spandex jeans although it was to a limited place and with an exclusive audience. But it was significant nonetheless and it fostered not only my passion for these pants but also for wearing them, incorporating them into my style and making them my own. After several years of not wearing them or wearing them very minimally, 2017 became the year I started venturing out in them to places other than my ‘safe place.’ After being encouraged for several years by a fellow spandex jeans enthusiast to ‘just wear them’, I finally did and I have no regrets. From wearing them first to the thrift store then to the mall and then pretty much everywhere else. From wearing longer jackets and then shorter ones to push the limits. I do regret not having worn any other colors besides black and midnight, but that’s what the new year is for. And I’m happy to say that I did not start out with ‘loose’ spandex jeans and slowly progressed to tighter ones. To wear a loose disco pant is to not wear a disco pant. I started with tight and was wearing tighter by year’s end.

2017 marks the year with the most wearings for me. I broke my previous record set in 2012. The years 2013-16 were horrible in terms of wearing disco pants. This past year marks an upward trend which will continue and grow in 2018. Oh, I did not happen to wear any yesterday. I went out instead with a pair of faux leather Kenneth Cole pants which were nice and warm. However I did not like the fact that the hems got wrinkled from being inside my Ugg-like boots.

I could have gotten more wearings out of 2017 but I still suffer from that shyness and self-consciousness issues. Those are aspects I will try hard to overcome in 2018.

2017 also saw me wear American Apparel disco pants for the first time. I never thought I would do that. Of course what helped tremendously was the fact that they were tucked into my tall boots. At least during the winter, I certainly plan to wear AA disco pants some more with my boots. I may have to pick up another color or two. (Thank you very much for bringing back the disco pant!)

I happened to acquire about 37 pairs of spandex disco pants in 2017. From the cheapest Chinese ones to the most expensive, highest quality brands. Included in this count are 7 AA pants and 7 vintage-brand pairs, with the remainder being mainly the Chinese dupes. I love them all, whether I can fit into them or not. Thankfully I can fit into most of them! I added some key colors to my collection and some interesting brands I didn’t have before.

Will I be looking to add that many more in 2018? Probably not. I was able to splurge a bit in ’17 and I don’t see ’18 affording me the same benefit. But I will look to get anything that makes a deep impression on me. If any bargains come my way I’ll scoop them up. I do have my eye on a pair of AA pants which would be an extra pair for me were I to get them. It’s a color I really like and not one they are currently offering. Plus, I may look to get a few brand new pairs of Le’Gambi spandex jeans that are being made, particularly in black and any other interesting color that is available. It may be safe to say though that my first pair of the year will be an AA in royal blue.

Do I feel a need to make 2018 better than 2017? No, not in the same sense as a business that has made record profits and wants to make even bigger ones the following year. Or in the sense of an athlete or sports team that has just won a championship and is already being asked about next year. Remember, I like to live in the moment. I feel my best when I am in disco pants, not so much in thinking about when I was or when I will be. That’s how I look at it. So in order to feel my best more often I have to wear spandex jeans more often, and that’s what it’s all about for me. Doing something I like that makes me feel good. And if it comes from something as harmless as wearing shiny spandex jeans, why not do that as often as possible?

So while a major goal for 2018 includes wearing my spandex jeans more often, additional goals include wearing AA ones during the winter and bringing out the other colors. I have a total of 13 AA disco pants and I really need to start making use out of them. Now that I have jumped the great hurdle of wearing them for the first time, any future wearings should just become easier and easier. Since I’ll be wearing them with UA tights underneath, the AA pants should probably be at least medium in size. Which means I can continue to wear the two-tone and begin to wear the black and the charcoal. Will be very interesting to see what I will accomplish this winter with my AA disco pants. I think working on them early on in the year will make wearing my classic fit ones second nature when spring comes! But of course I don’t plan to just exclusively wear AA ones during this winter. I may start to incorporate some of my other colors of the vintage style pants as well. It should be an exciting year, especially the first few months! Will definitely set the tone for the remainder of the year.

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Size Small Disco Pants A Perfect Fit!

I tried on my brand new H&M Divided size-small disco pants last night and they fit! The lower legs are super tight and I don’t believe I have ever tried on a pair of disco pants that required as much effort to pull them through my lower legs as these. Very little side-to-side stretch in that area. That’s is one difference I have noted between these and AA’s disco pants. Beyond that however, the I got the pants up and on and fastened so I was thrilled. They are super shiny and tight, and with their belt loops, small rivets and faux front pockets they do resemble a pair of jeans (or jeggings if you will). Only problem is that right below the zipper the seam started coming apart. I don’t know if that was already unstitched before I put them on or if it happened as a result of my wearing them. Either way it’s an easy fix. I am very happy with them and I will be looking around for a pair in black.

Also, I tried on the midnight navy AA disco pants I bought at the thrift store yesterday and they fit, too! A size small as well. This is the 2nd pair of AA disco pants in small that I have now been able to fit into. I remember not being able to get this kind of pants in small through my lower legs. Maybe these fit because they are pre-worn and have stretched a little. I’m just pleased that I now have two pairs of AA disco pants in small that I can fit into and didn’t cost a great deal.

Thinking a bit more about wearing those 2-tone AA disco pants yesterday……it was really enjoyable and I was pretty confident in them. I’m looking forward to the next time I wear them. Due to their leggings-like nature I feel they have an even more casual edge that the classic-cut disco pants don’t necessarily have. As I wrote in the past, I wouldn’t exactly put on my Le’Gambi spandex jeans just to go fill up on gas or make a trip to the post office. Yet with the AA disco pants, I feel I could do that. They’re basically leggings and leggings have become the epitome of casual clothing (for women at least). But I would feel totally comfortable and justified in putting on some AA disco pants to go get gas or drop off a package at the post office. So I have come to believe that, if not during the remainder of the year, I can totally wear AA disco pants with my tall Ugg-like boots during the winter season and be fine with it.

The next things to consider are:
1. Will I wear my other colors of AA disco pants?
2. Will I wear some of my other, shorter jackets with them?

I now have black, charcoal, brown, 2-tone black/pearl, purple, caramel, menthe, dark green & midnight navy AA disco pants. Will I wear all these colors this winter? If I am completely honest I have to say no. But I can see myself wearing the solid black and the charcoal ones. Midnight navy as well. But even though I mentioned earlier that I can fit into those size small midnight navy pants, I don’t think I can fit into them wearing Under Armour underneath. So I’d probably have to get a medium. I could probably also wear the brown one but since it is my only brown pair and it’s a hard color to find I may want to preserve them. Same is true with the charcoal. So I may just stick with wearing the two-tone and the solid black this winter. I’ll certainly look around for an inexpensive new or perhaps even a pre-owned pair. Not on eBay though. There is some serious price gouging on AA disco pants going on there!

This is certainly not to say that I will not be wearing any of my classic-fit spandex jeans this winter. In fact, with the new boots I received yesterday and an Uggs pair I bought last year, I have more options to pair them with. These two shorter boots will go better with the vintage style disco pants, while the tall boots will go great with the AA disco pants.

As far as wearing some of my shorter puffer jackets with the AA pants, yes, I think I should and I will. But I’ll admit I feel more comfortable with the longer jacket. But no progress is ever made if we just stay in our comfort zones, eh? I accomplished a lot in terms of disco pants in 2017 and it would not have happened had I just stayed in my comfort zone. By the way, I have several colors of puffer jackets as well, including, several in black, navy, gray and red/black. So I can create some nice pairings.

I like to live in the moment (and in the past) so I’m not crazy about trying to set goals. But I would like to make 2018 the best year yet in terms of disco pants. I’ll be staring off the year with my new look and new-found confidence so I think disco pants will play a large part for me. Thus, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect about 4-6 wearings per month when it’s not too hot. My two best months were October of ’12 and May of ’17 with 6 wearings each. So I’m aiming for at least 4 wearings per month up to a potential of 2 wearings per week. I believe those are very reasonable expectations. I will even try to start the year off right as I strive for 6 wearings in January. That month and February are dreadful months around here so doing this would bring a little pleasure into the dark of winter.

I may go out tomorrow but I’m not sure. Will I wear disco pants if I do? Again, not sure. If I do I may grab a vintage pair of black spandex jeans and wear them with my new brown boots. If I were going out for New Year’s celebrations I would definitely wear them. But I have no plans for that so it’s a moot point. I may just go shopping for some groceries for the festivities at night.

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I Wore AA Disco Pants Today For the First Time!

I’m very glad to say that today, for the first time ever in the 9 years of their existence, I wore American Apparel disco pants out in public. Not only that, but in case you didn’t read my last post, today’s wearing of disco pants was my record-setting 30th of the year which beats 2012 as the year with the most wearings. Two milestones in one day!

Of the two milestones I can’t help but be more enthralled with the AA disco pants debut. As planned I did wear the two-tone pair, and I wore them with my tall, black Ugg-like boots and a slightly longer black puffer jacket.

I went to two stores in them–my favorite local thrift store and then off to a large retail discount store, Burlington. It was a cold and gray day and later started to snow. No sunshine today.

So I went about my business of shopping and I didn’t really stop to notice any observations of me. Undoubtedly people noticed the skintight, shiny spandex pants on me along with the tall sheepskin boots. But I wasn’t looking for any attention or approval. I needed to be in my AA disco pants today and that’s all that mattered. Even if only 50% percent of the pants were actually visible to anyone including myself. It just felt right being in them and I tried catching glimpses of myself in mirrors without being too obvious.

So two major accomplishments in one day. There is a very important third aspect of today’s feat. I discovered that I can (and will) wear spandex jeans when it’s frigid cold outside. I wasn’t bothered by it leg-wise. I had my Under Armour tights on underneath and felt warm enough. Of course, my walking in the 15 degree weather was limited to going from the car to the store and back. If I had to spend significant amounts of time being outdoors perhaps the cold may have affected my legs. But the good news is that I spend very little time doing anything outdoors in this weather. So wearing disco pants in this weather is a very real option for me now. In fact, should I happen to go anywhere on Sunday, New Year’s Eve, I will wear a pair of disco pants!

Today just keeps getting better and better. While at the thrift store my radar eyes caught sight of a pair of midnight navy AA disco pants hanging there among all sorts of other kinds of women’s pants. I quickly snatched them up. They seem to be in pretty good shape–much better than the green one I found recently. This one also is a small and I’m hoping to try it on later.

Also today I received a brand new pair of H&M Divided disco pants in dark grey. It’s a small also and I hope to fit in it. This is my very first H&M disco pant so I have no experience with this brand’s sizing. But it is an incredible-looking pair. Very shiny, faux front pockets and belt loops give it a unique touch. I believe I once had a pair of H&M disco pants before but it had no back pockets. This one does.

Today I also received a brand new pair of Ugg-like boots. The one I already had is a tall in black. The new one is a short in chocolate. I really like this color and they will look great with disco pants.

In other news I have noticed that AA has eliminated the option of charcoal disco pants from its website. I would have imagined that was an in-demand color and now it is gone altogether. Hopefully they will bring it back. I still want to have a pair in that color modified. That is a great color.

I guess I could say today was a superb day. Between setting a new record and wearing AA disco pants and finding a pair while thrifting and getting a new one in the mail and receiving some new boots and other shoes, what more could I ask for? Maybe I’ll even win the lottery today!

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AA Disco Pants Debut to Wrap Up the Year?

I have one more spandex disco pants wearing to go for this year in order to make 2017 my record year. And only 3 days to go. Wouldn’t it be great if not only did I set that record but I set another at the same time? Yes, it would and so I’m strongly considering–call it planning even–to make my American Apparel disco pants public debut tomorrow!

It is extremely cold here lately. Teens and single digit high temps. Tomorrow will be no different. But tomorrow is my thrift store day and what better place to debut my AA disco pants at? It would be great to end 2017 with a bang!

So which one will I wear? Most likely my 2-tone black/pearl pair. Since it is so cold I will have to wear my Under Armour tights underneath. Yes, that means some of the seams will be seen under the disco pants, but I have already checked it out and it’s nothing too bad. If anything people will probably be more surprised to see me in those pants than they will by any seams visibly looming under the shiny, tight nylon and spandex material. The seams only show up in the pearl area anyway so it’s no biggie.

Since it’s been so frigid I’ve had to pull out my Ugg-like tall boots. And really the main reason I am favoring wearing the AA pants is because they will be tucked inside those boots for most of my lower legs. And with the longer puffer jacket I’ll be wearing there’s actually quite a small section of my disco-pants-clad legs that will be visible. So it’s actually a good way to debut them if one is a bit more self-conscious.

Last night I did compare the look of classic disco pants tucked into my boots vs. the AA pants tucked in. While the AA pants remain skintight on my legs going into the boots, the classic fit pants tend to loosen up right around the knees. So a keen observer may be able to tell which kind I’m wearing. But it would really take a serious fan of spandex pants to know.

I’ve said it before but what I find particularly attractive about these 2-tone disco pants is the sporty look they seem to offer. That alone makes them easier to wear from a male perspective. Someone who observes them from a distance might mistake them for being a pair of adidas tights or slim track pants. Also, they’re so much more comfortable than wearing jeans over my Under Armour tights.

Now I have to be realistic when I admit there’s a chance I will get cold feet tomorrow and not wear them. Even if that should happen I will at the very least wear one of my Le’Gambi pants. But there is another consideration: I tried on my Dr. Denim leather-like jeans with the same boots and jacket and I really like how they look, too. Also stretchier and more comfortable than regular jeans. Besides that, jeans aren’t all that warm anyway.

So the priority list for tomorrow will be:
1. AA 2-tone disco pant
2. Le’Gambi spandex jeans
3. Dr. Denim leather-like jeans

It will be slightly warmer tomorrow but I don’t expect much sunshine as snow is forecast in the early afternoon.

I will probably try on those outfits again later on today so I can make my decision final. I am also curious to see how it feels to wear these Under Armour tights under disco pants. Will my legs be warmer? If so, I won’t have to wait till spring to wear spandex jeans on a regular basis. Also I just may be able to make some good use this winter of all these AA disco pants I have!

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More Disco Pants While Thrifting & On The Goldbergs

Yesterday while thrifting I found a dark green pair of American Apparel disco pants. It was only $5 plus I got a 25% discount so can’t beat that! Only problem was the crotch area was pretty worn and there were many spandex fibers sticking out. I wasn’t sure I should buy the pants because of the heavy wear but finally I decided to do so. My plans for them weren’t clear and ranged from using them as extra material for a future project or reselling them on ebay. Did I mention they were a size small? For those reasons I was certain they were not going to suit me in any way. But in the evening I tried them on and voila! Not only did they fit but the wear on the crotch was not visible to me and probably anyone else who might have seen me in them. So I’m pretty happy with them. I took dozens of pics and am thrilled they fit skintight and look great!

This is the second pair of AA disco pants I have found in thrift stores.

I just saw an episode of “Friends”–the very last episode of 1999–called “The One With the Routine” (season 10, episode 6). It featured some of the cast dancing on The American Bandstand show and there was a female dancer there wearing skintight, shiny, neon green pants. They were clearly not what we would call spandex disco pants/jeans, but they were certainly spandex and had the same kind of fit and shine. These had belt loops, front pockets (probably faxu) and no back pockets. They looked really good. Here are a few blurry stills I found online of them:

sybil azur friends 2

sybil azur friends

I think the pants look great. The actress is Sybil Azur and she was 27 in the photos. She is now 45! Amazing how time slips on by.

Also recently I caught that episode of “The Goldbergs” again where the Goldberg kids hold a party in their house and there are two shots of a girl wearing red spandex jeans. The first shot is a great front-on view while the second is a smaller, off-to-the-side view. Definitely worth seeing the episode though. Additionally, I have seen yet another episode of this show (“Agassi,” season 4 episode 13) where one of the main characters–Erica Goldberg played by Hayley Orrantia–is entering the high school gym wearing black disco pants for an evening of disco dancing. The episode is from 2017 and the pants are clearly American Apparel disco pants. There are plenty of shots of Erica dancing but mostly above her waist. So we only get to see her disco pants when she first enters the gym and then a final shot from above as the scene fades out. Here are the stills from that part of the show I was lucky enough to find online:


There she is entering the gym. And…..


there she is in the middle with her back towards us.

So there have been at least 3 instances now of spandex disco pants on this television show. Mind you this show is only in it’s fifth season now. Again it may be worth picking up this show on dvd. It is pretty funny and the characters tend to be rather cartoonish.

Not too long ago I picked up season 2 of “Magnum P.I.” on dvd and I’m hoping to find an episode or 12 with disco pants in them. Wish me luck!

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AA Disco Pant – No Longer USA Made!

I now have two pairs of the new American Apparel disco pants and I was surprised to learn something that totally flew right past me–they are now being made in Mexico! And while I am disappointed that they are no longer made in America I am grateful they are being made once again and the quality, at least for now, seems to be just as good.

I think we all know that the disco pant, a.k.a. spandex disco pants, a.k.a. spandex jeans, etc. is truly an American creation. Not only the first time around in back in 1978 but also when American Apparel decided to revive them in 2008. So it is sad to have to say they are no longer being made here. At least not AA’s. Again, I do want to remind you the reader that brand new pairs of Le’Gambi and Bojeangles are still being made in the USA and are now the final vestiges of this iconic and most glorious garment of clothing. Thankfully, that lives on and hopefully for a long, long time. I figure I have probably another 10 years or so to wear these pants, depending on how long I can keep my youthful looks and a somewhat decent figure.

So does the fact that the AA disco pants are no longer being made in America deter me from buying them? Not at all! The quality seems to be equally good as before. The only difference I have noticed is that these seem to fit looser. I may be able to fit into size small of these new ones. I have yet to get my small in black. Now I can get royal, too! And I’m still waiting for the charcoal to become available.

How do you all feel about disco pants not being made in the US anymore? I also recently purchased their denim shirt and noticed it was made in China. Safe to say that it’s no longer American apparel? I know there are plenty of women in the UK who want to be able to buy these disco pants but for the time being AA does not have an online presence there. So I am thankful I can still buy these pants for a relatively reasonable price and with a greater selection of colors now.

I tried on for the first time last night my brown pair of AA disco pants that I bought a few months ago on Poshmark. It was brand new with tags and I got it for a very good price. The pants fit amazingly snug, are quite shiny and look great! I’m hoping to find another just like it and then a used third pair to modify the second one with. I’m also hoping to find a cranberry red pair or several so I can modify one as well.

Lately I’ve also been enjoying my two-tone AA disco pants. This one I also bought some months ago and, albeit used, they are pretty darn awesome. That pearl white stripe down the sides gives them a sporty look and gives them a touch more versatility when choosing what to wear with them.

Also lately on eBay there are a ton of vintage spandex jeans being sold, particularly of the Frederick’s of Hollywood brand. Looks like someone’s personal collection is being sold. I am interested in a couple of them but I have spent quite a bit lately and I’m not sure it would be wise continue on that path. We’ll see what happens though.

Finally, I wore a vintage pair of black Le’Gambi spandex jeans today. This made it the 29th day this year I wore shiny, spandex jeans and it ties the 29 days I wore them in 2012. And this of course means that one more wearing and I will have set a new record year. Now here’s the deal: I have until Friday to wear them because it’s going to become miserably cold after Friday and for the remainder of the year. I’m talking highs in the 20s. I could probably still try to wear them when the temperature drops but I don’t want to take the chance that I don’t. I’m a bit more sensitive to the cold and heat now. And I really want 2017 to be the year of progress for me so even if I end up with just 30 wearings–only one more than 2012–I will feel accomplished. And then 2018 I will have bigger goals and expectations for myself.

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American Apparel Offering More & More Colors of Disco Pants

The year I started wearing spandex disco pants was 2012. I had 29 wearings that year, mostly to the same locale. This year I am currently at 27 wearings and it’s safe to say I will exceed the 2012 total. I don’t intend to just barely exceed it but leave it smoking in the rearview mirror. Now I know it’s already late in the year and the weather can always take a turn for the worst. But I’m going to go for 35 total for the year. It doesn’t sound like much but I’m also trying to be realistic. I never did get around to that 2 or 3 wearings per week I was planning and if it gets really cold I am certain that will not happen. So 35 is a good number to shoot for though I’ll be completely satisfied with 32.

Good news is I have lost some weight so some of the disco pants and skinny jeans that used to kill my waist are now a lot more comfortable. I have been wearing some of the skinniest and/or tightest pants I have lately. Still have a few I am hesitant to wear out due to their being so tight or skinny or being women’s. I have a pair of Levi’s 510 I bought at a thrift store earlier this year which are very tight and very nicely worn in. They are a little short however so I can only wear them with Converse high tops or Dr. Martens boots. But everyone is wearing cropped pants now, right? Maybe not such a good idea in the cold. I have worn this jean once only. Need to make better use of them.

Also have some new Lucky Brand skinny jeans which are quite tight as well. I bought this brand of jeans 10 years ago but all were straight (read: loose) bootcut and button-fly and I hated them all! Just recently while at a Burlington clothing store I found a pair of their Rebel super skinny jean which I was impressed with. That pair turned out to be too small for me so I went online and bought a larger one. Also ordered a few directly from Lucky. They are very nice and I am quite happy with them. A few of them are smaller than my normal size because this is a jean they no longer make so I had to settle for whatever was still available. So some are very, very tight and that’s how I like them. Now I just have to wear them out.

Lately I have been wearing mainly Levi’s 519, 510, Cheap Monday, Nudie Jeans & Calvin Klein. Occasionally some American Eagle. Cheap Monday’s are absolutely great in terms of fit and look. I have a pair in “Dark Unwash” which I purchased 10 years ago from Urban Outfitters and have only occasionally worn up to last year because I thought they looked so tight on me. But ever since fall arrived this year I have been wearing them at least once a week. Totally love them. I would not travel anywhere far without them! Recently happened to find a used pair at a thrift store. For whatever reason Cheap Monday has a low resale price at thrift stores–about $5–so I quickly picked this one up. It has some nice light fadingĀ  and is two sizes smaller than mine. I still managed to squeeze into them but they look like jeggings on me. Love them anyway!

Also picked up a few pairs of Dr. Denim shiny, super skinny women’s jeans. Haven’t quite yet worn these out due to their very skinny nature all the way down to the ankles. They are even tighter down there than the Levi’s 519 I frequently wear. I wish they made them in a slightly wider hem version. They are great looking pants. Look like leather when they’re on. Very comfortable too.

And of course, I have an old favorite, the Bettina Liano Ace High skinny jean which I have only worn out once. Even after all this time I still that pair. They continue to fit albeit tight as ever! This particular model is getting harder to find, even on ebay. There are several on ebay at the moment but since most are in Australia you will pay a pretty penny for shipping from there. So I won’t be parting with it anytime soon, probably ever!

In terms of goals for the remainder of the year I’d like to wear a different color of spandex disco jeans. At least one. As you know I’ve been wearing mostly black and midnight navy and hunter green once. But the one I really want to wear is the steel blue. Also waiting on having my AA brown and charcoal pairs made. Those are 2 colors I really want to wear also.

Speaking of AA their website has new colors of their disco pant! This includes royal blue, menthe, red, deep peacock and ivory. Just like the charcoal not all these colors are immediately available, but menthe and deep peacock are. I went ahead and ordered myself a menthe in medium. I still need to get that black in small though! But this is a very good sign that disco pants are “back” as some fickle fashionistas might say. I’m just hoping they bring back the brown and the cranberry red.

Will I buy all the other colors? I should but I fear I would never wear most unless I continue to lose weight and feel absolutely confident in them. And I have no one telling me not to wear them. I guess that’s one of the advantages of being single. I believe most women want to dress up their guys and forbid them to wear certain things. That’s fine if a guy wants to dress like a slob. But if a guy has a unique, personal style his significant other should encourage and support that in him. If any of you have S.O.’s that support your disco pants style consider yourselves fortunate. I don’t think anything would bring me more joy than to have a lovely female partner who loves to wear disco pants and loves me to wear them, too!

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